Brahim shines in Champions League with Real Madrid: Second goal and deserving of more playing time

Sin Bellingham, Brahim Shines in Champions League Debut with Real Madrid

Without Bellingham, Brahim stole the spotlight. The absence of the Malaga-born player did not dim the lights on him. Jude’s return against Braga showcased his talent, and the 21-year-old forward did not disappoint. He started as a starter for the second time and, just like in the Las Palmas match, he made the most of his opportunity, lasting for a remarkable 96 minutes. Brahim’s performance was exceptional, scoring the first goal of the night. His Champions League debut with Real Madrid was a shining moment, and it was acknowledged by coach Ancelotti, who praised his goal and defensive work, stating that Brahim deserves more playing time.

Brahim's photo
Brahim’s analytical profile.

Brahim’s Impact in the Game

Brahim was active, daring, involved, and assertive throughout the game. He made 65 interventions, surpassing Kroos (96) and Camavinga (73). In comparison, his attacking partners Vinicius and Rodrygo had 54 and 41 interventions respectively. In terms of offensive contribution, Brahim completed 17 successful dribbles in the final third, surpassing Vinicius and Rodrygo. His performance was a testament to his skills and effectiveness on the field.

The context may have changed, but Brahim proved his worth once again. He was a key player for AC Milan, helping them win the Scudetto and reach the Champions League semifinals. Now, reunited with Ancelotti at Real Madrid, Brahim continues to impress. Ancelotti acknowledged that he may have been unfair to Brahim in the past and apologized for it. Brahim’s versatility and ability to play in different positions make him a valuable asset for the team. Ancelotti has experimented with him as a right forward, a position usually occupied by Rodrygo on big occasions. Brahim’s performance in training sessions in the United States, where he formed a connection with Bellingham, earned him a starting spot in the team.

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Options and Role in the Team

One option for Ancelotti is to switch to a 4-3-3 formation, where Brahim can play on either wing. However, his natural position is on the right flank, where he scored his first goal for Real Madrid against Real Sociedad. Throughout his career, Brahim has played as a winger in 44 matches, both on the field and as an offensive center. Ancelotti rotates his players, but he still values Brahim’s contribution and hopes to see more from him, especially when Bellingham returns.

Total Harmony with Ancelotti

Brahim’s relationship with Ancelotti and the rest of the coaching staff is excellent. He expressed his gratitude for the coach’s trust and support. Brahim understands the complexity of the challenge ahead and is determined to contribute to the team’s success. Despite the limited playing time he has had so far, Brahim has shown his potential and is eager to prove himself. His performance has earned praise not only from Ancelotti but also from his teammates, including Vinicius, Alaba, Rüdiger, Valverde, Joselu, Fran García, Lucas, Courtois, and Bellingham, who congratulated him on social media. Brahim’s steady progress is undeniable, and he is carving out a place for himself in Real Madrid.

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  1. Brahim’s impressive performance in the Champions League for Real Madrid proves he is a talent worth watching. His second goal showcased his immense skill and adds weight to the argument that he should be given more playing time. Keep an eye on this rising star!

  2. Brahim Diaz’s standout performance in the Champions League for Real Madrid proves he deserves more playing time. With his second goal rounding off an impressive display, it’s clear he has the talent and potential to make a significant impact on the team. It’s about time he gets the chances he deserves to shine on the grand stage.

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