Belgian Cyclist Eli Iserbyt Wins Third Leg of Superprestige Cyclo-cross Race in Niel



Eli Iserbyt emerged victorious in Niel on Saturday. (J. Jacobs/Belga/Press Sports)

The Belgian Eli Iserbyt and the Dutch Ceylin Alvarado Triumph in Superprestige Round 3

The third round of the Superprestige, held in Niel, Belgium, took place on Saturday. Eli Iserbyt continued his impeccable start to the season, securing his third consecutive victory. Having already won the first two stages in Overijse and Maasmechelen in October, the Belgian rider once again claimed the top spot on the podium. He finished ahead of Dutchman Joris Nieuwenhuis and Spaniard Felip Orts.

Dutch cyclist Ceylin Alvarado also emerged triumphant in Niel. She outperformed her compatriot Aniek van Alphen in a thrilling race, which saw the absence of the reigning world champion, Fem van Empel.

The Niel stage was marred by an injury suffered by Dutch rider Lars van der Haar. However, it was his remarkable resilience that stole the show. Despite dislocating his shoulder, van der Haar managed to put it back in place using the handlebars of his bike. (See image below)

Published on November 12, 2023 at 11:03 a.m.

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  1. Congratulations to Eli Iserbyt on his impressive victory in the third leg of the Superprestige Cyclo-cross Race in Niel! His talent and determination are truly commendable. Well done!

  2. Congratulations to Belgian cyclist Eli Iserbyt on his impressive win in the third leg of the Superprestige Cyclo-cross Race in Niel. Your determination and skill have once again proven you to be a formidable force in the sport. Well done!

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