Beaches of Castellón Dominates XXIX International Cross of Soria

Burundian Athlete Rodrigue Kwizera Wins XXIX Soria International Cross

Rodrigue Kwizera, an athlete from the Playas de Castelln club, emerged victorious in the XXIX Soria International Cross. Kwizera, who had previously secured third place in the Atapuerca and Itlica races, clinched the title in a thrilling final sprint against Kenyan athlete Hillary Chepkwoni. This mirrored the intense finish witnessed in the women’s event, where Ethiopian runner Likina Amebaw, also from the Playas de Castelln club, emerged as the winner.

Playas de Castelln Club Dominates Spanish Cross Country Championship

The Playas de Castelln club showcased their dominance in the Spanish Cross Country Championship, securing a triple victory. They emerged victorious in both the men’s and women’s absolute categories, as well as the mixed relay. With a narrow one-point lead over Bilbao Atletismo, Playas de Castelln claimed their second title. Likina Amebaw’s individual triumph played a crucial role in their success.

Valonsadero Hosts Spanish Cross Country Championship

The Valonsadero mountain in Soria served as the venue for a remarkable Spanish Cross Country Championship for clubs. This prestigious event coincided with the XXIX International Cross of Soria, which is part of the World Athletics Cross Country Tour and holds a Gold category status. Over 2,600 athletes participated, transforming the sunny and hot morning in Soria into a vibrant cross-country festival.

Rodrigue Kwizera Emerges Victorious in Men’s Race

Rodrigue Kwizera replicated his success on the Valonsadero meadow, securing victory in the men’s race. In a thrilling finish, he outpaced Kenyan athlete Hillary Chepkwoni, with both recording a time of 25:36 on the 8,801-meter circuit. The race witnessed a tightly contested leading group, gradually reducing in size as the meters were covered.

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Spanish Athlete Ouassim Oumaiz Impresses

Ouassim Oumaiz, the first Spaniard to cross the finish line, claimed the third position with a time of 25:40. He showcased remarkable determination throughout the race. Ugandan athlete Martin Kiprotich secured fourth place, followed by Eritrean runner Filmon Kibron and Kenyan athlete Peter Kariuki from Atletismo Albacete, who finished fifth and sixth, respectively.

European Preselection for Spanish Athletes

Ouassim Oumaiz, Nassim Hassaous from Bikila Athletics, and Sergio Paniagua from Playas de Castelln secured the European preselection for the Spanish team in the European cross country competition. Fernando Carro from Nike Running, Thierry Ndikumwenayo from Playas de Castelln, and Andreu Blanes from Hoka also delivered commendable performances.

Playas de Castelln Clinches Team Title

Playas de Castelln emerged as the clear winners of the team title, accumulating a total of 19 points. The team’s success was attributed to the outstanding performances of Kwizera, Paniagua, Ndikumwenayo, and Abderrahman El Khayami. Bikila Athletics secured the second position with 43 points, while Crónicas Serrano, last year’s winners, claimed the third position with a total of 70 points.

Ethiopian Duel in Women’s Race

The women’s absolute race witnessed a captivating battle between Spanish and Ethiopian athletes. Likina Amebaw, representing Playas de Castelln, emerged victorious in a thrilling sprint against Asayech Ayichew. Valentina Gemetto from Italy secured the third position. Spanish athletes Marta Garca, Carolina Robles, and Irene Sánchez-Escribano showcased their talent and secured preselection for the European cross country event.

Impressive Performances by Spanish Women

Marta Garca from Leon delivered an exceptional performance, finishing fourth ahead of Carolina Robles from Seville and Snchez-Escribano from Toledo. Cristina Espejo from Castelln Beaches secured the seventh position, while Soriana Marta Perez from Adidas claimed the eighth position. Lucy Meiwa and Micheline Niyamahoro, who initially led the race, unfortunately retired.

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Playas de Castelln Triumphs in Mixed Relay

Playas de Castelln dominated the mixed relay event, securing a clear victory. The team, consisting of Judith Otazua, Jorge David Torre, Mireya Arnedillo, and Vctor Ruiz, crossed the finish line in 17:30. Alcampo Scorpio 71 from Zaragoza secured the second position, followed by the GoFit Athletics team from Madrid.

Playas de Castelln and Scorpio will represent Spain in the European club cross country event in Albufeira.


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  1. The beaches of Castellón truly showcased their beauty and dominance at the XXIX International Cross of Soria. Congratulations to all the participants and organizers for a successful event!

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