Bastia Supporters Take Matters into Their Own Hands and Remove Controversial Safety Net at Stade Charléty

Controversy Surrounds Safety Net at Stade Charléty

Regularly compared to a “giant mosquito net,” the safety net surrounding the visitor parking lot at Stade Charléty has sparked heated debates among supporters of Paris FC. The main concern revolves around the visibility issues it creates during matches. However, during the 12th day of League 2, Bastia supporters took matters into their own hands and decided to remove the net themselves.

Uninstallation by Bastia Supporters

A group of several dozen SCB fans took hold of the net and initially punctured it with multiple holes. Eventually, they managed to completely dismantle it, as captured in a front-page photo.

Photo ©Dave Winter/FEP/Icon Sport

Previous Criticism from ASSE Supporters

This incident is not the first time the safety net at Stade Charléty has faced criticism. Earlier, supporters of ASSE also expressed their dissatisfaction with the net, highlighting the negative impact it had on their match experience.

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  1. It’s concerning to see supporters taking safety matters into their own hands. Stadium safety should be a top priority for everyone involved.

  2. It’s concerning to see supporters taking matters into their own hands by removing a safety net. The safety of both players and fans should always be a priority, and any issues should be addressed through proper channels rather than risky actions.

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