Baskonia achieves an outstanding victory in the Euroleague under the direction of Dusko Ivanovic

Baskonia Secures Second Consecutive Euroleague Victory Under Dusko Ivanovic

Baskonia has clinched its second consecutive victory in the Euroleague following the appointment of Dusko Ivanovic as head coach. Despite the team’s impressive win in Piraeus, the Montenegrin coach, known for his high expectations, offered self-criticism regarding his players’ performance. Ivanovic recalled, “In the beginning, we didn’t start well and lacked creativity.”

Acknowledging Room for Improvement

Ivanovic further expressed his dissatisfaction with the team’s performance in the third quarter, stating, “We played a style of basketball that I don’t appreciate, and it doesn’t lead to winning important matches.” Despite this, the coach commended his team’s patience and resilience, emphasizing, “We deserved this victory. The players believed in victory and fought until the end.”

Miller-McIntyre’s Miraculous Basket

The decisive victory was sealed by a remarkable basket from Miller-McIntyre, who has seamlessly adapted to Ivanovic’s strategic approach. Ivanovic expressed his hope that this shot would boost Miller-McIntyre’s confidence, stating, “From day one, Miller has been performing exceptionally well. It’s crucial to have talented players who are determined to win.”

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  1. Wow, what a stellar performance by Baskonia! Dusko Ivanovic’s leadership truly shone through in this remarkable Euroleague victory. Congratulations to the team on their outstanding achievement.

  2. Fantastic win for Baskonia! Dusko Ivanovic’s leadership has truly propelled the team to greatness in the Euroleague. Well done to the players and coaching staff for this outstanding victory.

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