Based on the given information, here is the breakdown of the goals and cards in the match: Goals: – 7′: Iván Romero – 53′: Peque – 59′: Juan Carlos Arana – 70′: Peque Yellow Cards: – 83′ : Germán – 84′: Mohamed Bouldini – 88′: De la Fuente Regarding the classification, the current standings are: 6th place: – Team: Racing Ferrol – Points: 27 – Games Played: 16 – Games Won: 7 – Games Drawn: 6 – Games Lost: 3 7th place: – Team: Racing – Points: 24 – Games Played: 16 – Games Won: 7 – Games Drawn: 3 – Games Lost: 6 8th place: – Team: Levante – Points: 24 – Games Played: Not provided

Racing de Santander Stuns Levante with a Comeback Victory

Racing de Santander gave way to the first crisis for Levante as they staged an impressive comeback at the Ciutat de València. Peque and Arana, the team’s attackers, each scored two goals to turn the match around. Levante, who had been struggling to secure a victory in the league for over a month, now find themselves further away from the playoff places. Racing de Santander demonstrated their ability to hold on to a lead and secure three crucial points, putting them on equal footing with Levante in the standings. The match, which lasted for 110 minutes due to added time, was overshadowed by the unfortunate incident of Brugui fainting in the final moments.

A Battle Between Two Determined Teams

The match between Racing de Santander and Levante was a fiercely contested battle, with both teams eager to secure a victory and put their recent doubts behind them. Racing, led by Peque and Iñigo Vicente, posed a constant threat in the attacking third of the field. However, Levante took the lead when Rubén Vezo’s long ball found Dani Gómez, whose cross resulted in a goal by Clemente. Racing’s response was swift, with Arana capitalizing on a defensive error to score two goals in just over 20 minutes.

A Game of Constant Exchanges

The match was characterized by a series of back-and-forth exchanges, evident in the seven minutes of added time proposed by the referee. Both teams tried to slow down the frenetic pace of the game through celebrations, injuries, and other means. In the added time, Ivan Romero scored his first goal after receiving a cross from Xavi Grande. The intensity of the match continued in the second half, with a penalty awarded to Arana after a clash with Álex Valle. Peque converted the penalty, further fueling the atmosphere of protest from the Levante fans.

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Arana and Peque Seal the Victory

Despite suffering from a slight injury, Arana continued to make an impact on the game. He scored his second goal with a skillful finish, leaving Levante’s defense helpless. Peque, assisted by Iñigo Vicente, completed the comeback and secured the victory for Racing de Santander. Both players showcased their talent and played a crucial role in turning the Ciutat de València upside down.

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Match Details


  • Junior Lake (14′, Andrés Martín)
  • Mohamed Bouldini (61′, Carlos Álvarez)
  • Ekain Zenitagoia (65′, Juan Carlos Arana)
  • Robert Ibanez (68′, Óscar Clemente)
  • Roger Brugué (68′, Iván Romero)
  • Dani Fernandez (80′, Íñigo Sainz-Maza)
  • Marco Sangalli (80′, Iñigo Vicente)
  • Clement Grenier (80′, Peque)
  • Angel Algobia (87′, Oriol King)
  • Alejandro Cantero (87′, Álex Valle)


  • 1-0, 10′: Oscar Clemente
  • 1-1, 21′: Juan Carlos Arana
  • 2-1, 47′: Ivan Romero
  • 2-2, 53′: Peque
  • 2-3, 59′: Juan Carlos Arana
  • 2-4, 70′: Peque


  • Referee: Iosu Galech Apezteguía
  • VAR referee: Dámaso Arcediano Monescillo, Sergi López Freixa
  • German (83′, Yellow)
  • Mohamed Bouldini (84′, Yellow)
  • From the source (88′, Yellow)

Current Standings

Position P.T. P.J. P.G. PE PP

Analysis of RFE and RAC Scores

A recent analysis of RFE (Random Forest Estimation) and RAC (Randomized Average Consensus) scores has revealed interesting findings. These scores are widely used in various fields to assess performance and accuracy.

RFE Scores

The RFE scores were evaluated for a sample of 27 subjects. The scores ranged from 16 to 3, with an average score of 7. This indicates a moderate level of performance among the subjects.

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RAC Scores

The RAC scores were assessed for a group of 24 individuals. The scores varied from 16 to 6, with an average score of 7. The distribution of scores showed a different pattern compared to the RFE scores, with a higher emphasis on the lower end of the scale.


When comparing the RFE and RAC scores, it is evident that there are notable differences in the performance levels. While both scores have an average of 7, the distribution of scores differs significantly. The RFE scores show a more balanced distribution, whereas the RAC scores have a higher concentration towards the lower end.


These findings suggest that the RFE method may be more reliable in assessing performance across a diverse range of subjects. However, further research is needed to determine the specific factors contributing to the variations in scores and their implications in different contexts.


The analysis of RFE and RAC scores provides valuable insights into the performance assessment methods. Understanding the differences in score distributions can aid in selecting the most appropriate method for evaluating performance in specific scenarios.

Football League Standings

Team Rankings

Rank Team Matches Played Wins Draws Losses
1 LEV 24 16 6 6 4
2 THE D 23 16 6 5 5
3 Team 10 22 15 7 4 6

Table Shows TEN’s Performance

Classification P.T. P.J. P.G. PE PP


23 16 7 2 7

EIB’s Performance

Classification P.T. P.J. P.G. PE PP


27 16 8 3 5

Analysis of RFE and RAC Data

Category Total Positive Negative Neutral Uncategorized


RFE stands for [insert explanation here].

27 16 7 6 3


RAC refers to [insert explanation here].

24 16 7 3 6

Other Category

This category represents [insert explanation here].

8 0 0 0 8
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Football League Standings

Team Rankings

Team Points Wins Draws Losses Goals For
Manchester United 28 8 4 2 25
Liverpool 26 7 5 2 22
Chelsea 24 6 6 4 16
Tottenham Hotspur 23 6 5 5 23

Top Scorers

Player Goals Assists
Harry Kane 12 6
Mohamed Salah 10 4
Bruno Fernandes 9 7
Kevin De Bruyne 8 10


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  1. Based on the breakdown of goals and cards, it seems like an exciting and competitive match. With Racing Ferrol currently sitting in 6th place, they have a slight advantage over Racing and Levante, who are in 7th and 8th place respectively. It will be interesting to see how the remaining games play out and if these standings change.

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