Barcelona’s Technical Team Prioritizes Interior Signings over Vitor Roque

The Barcelona team has been hit hard by the long-term injury of Gavi, disrupting their plans. While a technical analysis is underway, the priority for the team is to find a suitable replacement, considering the delicate economic situation and the loss of such an important player. Vitor Roque seems to be the main candidate for now.

Ideally, the team would like to sign a Brazilian forward and a midfielder. However, the financial constraints imposed by the fair play regulations will determine the feasibility of such signings. Nevertheless, the need for a second attacking midfielder with good goal-scoring ability makes it a priority to find a suitable replacement for Gavi.

No rush to make signings

The technical secretariat is aware that rushing into signings during the transfer window may lead to acquiring players who do not fit the team’s requirements. Therefore, careful consideration will be given at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper to avoid making hasty decisions.

Sources within the club emphasize that top players are currently playing for successful teams and are unlikely to leave mid-season. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as players who are unhappy at their current clubs and actively seeking a transfer, it is unlikely that major signings will be made.

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  1. While Vitor Roque may offer potential, Barcelona’s technical team seems to have wisely recognized the need to prioritize interior signings. Strengthening the core of the team will ensure a stronger midfield and defense, setting them up for success in the long run.

  2. It seems Barcelona’s technical team understands the importance of strengthening their interior positions. While Vitor Roque may be a talented player, addressing the team’s interior needs should be the priority for long-term success.

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