Axel Torres’s Controversial XI: Carvajal Left Out – The Expert Indignates Antonio Romero


The Expert’s Analysis: Carvajal Absent from Both Lineups


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In the 24th minute of the match, Riga failed to get the ball out and Pito left Catela alone to score under the goalkeeper’s legs. At minute 17:06, Catela managed to score and beat Labuts. In the 23rd minute, Thalles was injured and it seems that he will not be able to continue in the game. In the 23rd minute, Labuts made another great save. In the 22nd minute, there was a great combination between Barça, but Matheus couldn’t finish after a one-two with Pito. In the 22nd minute, Ricardinho misdirected the ball at the far post and Riga came close to scoring the second goal. In the 21st minute, Pito had a scoring opportunity with the first chance of the second half, but it went wide. At minute 16:56, the second half begins and Barça plays everything for everything in these last 20 minutes. At minute 16:45, Labuts is being the hero of Riga, who is resisting Barça’s attacks. At minute 16:42, the first 20 minutes end, where Barça has been besieging Riga’s goal but has not achieved the necessary result for classification. At minute 16:41, the first half ends. In the 19th minute, Labuts is hurt by a collision with Pito


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  1. This article by Axel Torres presents a controversial XI lineup without Dani Carvajal, which has raised eyebrows and sparked debate. The expert, Antonio Romero, expresses his dismay over the exclusion, adding fuel to the fiery discussion surrounding this decision.

  2. While controversial, Axel Torres’s XI sparks debate by leaving out Dani Carvajal. Antonio Romero’s expert opinion adds fuel to the fire.

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