Attack on Liverpool supporters in Toulouse before the match against Téfécé


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The Toulouse supporters set the mood in Liverpool. MOLLY DARLINGTON / REUTERS

Violence Erupts Ahead of Toulouse vs Liverpool Match

While Toulouse hosts Liverpool on Thursday evening in the Cup, English supporters were attacked the day before in the streets of the pink city.

Scuffles Break Out Before Toulouse vs Liverpool Match

Thursday evening at 6:45 p.m., Téfécé hosts Liverpool at the Toulouse Stadium, after losing the first confrontation on English soil. However, the peaceful behavior displayed by supporters from both sides during the Reds’ victory (5-1) at Anfield two weeks ago was marred by a violent incident that occurred during the night from Wednesday to Thursday, as reported by The Dispatch.

At around two a.m., three unidentified individuals wearing hoods attacked Liverpool supporters. Witnesses and video surveillance footage revealed that they brandished a knife and made Nazi salutes towards their opponents. A brawl ensued, forcing the English supporters to flee. The three assailants were later apprehended with a Liverpool flag in their possession. With 1000 Reds supporters having made the journey to Toulouse, hopes are now pinned on ensuring that the second match maintains the same positive atmosphere as the first.

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  1. This disgusting attack on Liverpool supporters in Toulouse highlights the need for increased security measures and zero tolerance for violence in football. Such incidents have no place in the beautiful game. Thoughts are with those affected, hoping for a swift recovery.

  2. This is absolutely shocking and unacceptable. The safety of football fans should always be a priority. Hoping all the affected Liverpool supporters recover quickly and justice is served!

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