ATP Finals 2023: Djokovic Leads Strong Field for Tennis Spectacle in Turin

ATP Finals: Top Eight Tennis Players Gather in Turin for Spectacular Opening

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Nov 10, 2023, 7:18 p.m.

This Sunday​ marks the highly anticipated start of the ATP Finals, as the top eight qualifiers for ‌the 2023 Closing Masters Tournament gathered in Turin for a memorable opening. The players, including Novak Djokovic, Carlos Alcaraz, Daniil Medvedev, Jannik‌ Sinner, Stefanos ⁤Tsitsipas,⁢ Andrey⁤ Rublev, Alexander Zverev, and Holger Rune, enjoyed ⁢a special gala‍ and posed for the traditional ⁢photo ahead of‍ the tournament.

The Royal Palace of Turin served⁣ as the backdrop for ⁢a spectacular official‌ ATP photograph, capturing the essence of this prestigious event. The players, dressed ​in ⁢smart casual attire, took the time to sign autographs and‍ take ⁢selfies with enthusiastic⁢ Italian fans before entering the palace. The grand⁢ staircase of the Musei Reali-Palazzo⁢ Reale ⁢di Torino,‌ a ‌historic and ‌beautiful structure dating back​ to the ⁤16th ⁢century, provided the perfect setting for the ⁣official photo.

“This⁤ palace is truly one⁤ of the most remarkable places I ⁤have encountered in this city; it exudes incredible history and beauty,” ​expressed Djokovic, the⁢ world No. 1 ‌and a six-time champion of the final tournament, a record he shares with Swiss player Roger Federer.

“This is my third ⁢visit to Turin, and ‍I ⁤have thoroughly enjoyed⁣ every ‍moment. The entire‍ city comes alive for tennis during ⁢this ⁤week. You⁤ can sense the ⁣immense interest, attention, and passion for tennis and sports in general,” added ⁢Djokovic, who has triumphed in three out of the four Grand Slam tournaments⁢ this year.

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The visit to‍ the palace followed the tournament ⁢draw, ⁢which determined the groupings⁤ for the competition. Djokovic will lead the Green ⁢Group, joined by⁢ Sinner, Tsitsipas,‍ and Rune. Meanwhile, ⁤Alcaraz, making his debut, ⁣will head the⁣ Red Group, which includes Medvedev,⁤ Rublev, and Zverev.

“I am incredibly happy to be here officially qualifying for the first time,” expressed Italian player Sinner, who previously participated as⁤ a substitute in two matches ​in Turin in 2021. “Playing here ⁢in Turin holds great significance‌ for me,” admitted⁤ the local talent.

The ATP Finals will take place from⁤ November 12​ to‌ 19. Defending champion Djokovic, currently on an impressive ⁣18-match ​winning streak, aims‍ to secure a record-breaking seventh crown at the Nitto ATP Finals. Additionally, ​by winning ‌just one match, the⁤ Serbian superstar will guarantee his ​position as ATP No. 1 for the year, achieving this remarkable feat for⁤ the eighth ‌time.


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  1. I can’t wait to witness the clash of the titans at the ATP Finals in Turin! With Djokovic spearheading an exceptional lineup, tennis fans are in for an incredible spectacle.

  2. I can’t wait to see Djokovic and the rest of the strong field compete in the ATP Finals in Turin! It’s going to be a tennis spectacle like no other.

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