Atlético Nacional Clinches Copa BetPlay 2023 Final Spot in Dramatic Penalty Win: Emotional Debut for Emilio Aristizábal

National Athletic Secures Final Spot in BetPlay Cup 2023

In a thrilling match at the Polideportivo Sur stadium in Envigado, National Athletic emerged victorious over Deportivo Pereira in a penalty shootout. The purslane team’s goalkeeper, Kevin Mier, played a crucial role by making a crucial charge and saving the decisive shot, securing their place in the final of the BetPlay Cup 2023.

A Memorable Debut for Emilio Aristizábal

Aside from the result, the match marked the debut of Emilio Aristizábal, the son of former soccer player Víctor Hugo Aristizábal. The 18-year-old player had the opportunity to showcase his skills in the last ten minutes of the semifinal, replacing the scorer Jefferson Duque.

Reflecting on this significant moment, Víctor Hugo Aristizábal shared his advice to his son before his first game wearing the purslane shirt. The emotional moment was captured during an interview on the ESPN F360 program, where Víctor Hugo Aristizábal couldn’t hold back his tears.

“I have only one phrase to share with you, one that I hope will stay with you forever. Mijo, no matter how much food you have in the fridge, play as if your mom is hungry,” expressed Víctor Hugo Aristizábal.

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  1. What a thrilling match! Atlético Nacional displayed incredible determination and skill to secure their spot in the Copa BetPlay 2023 final. Congratulations to Emilio Aristizábal on a memorable debut, his passion and emotions were truly inspiring. Bring on the final! #GoAtlético

  2. What a nail-biting match! Congratulations to Atlético Nacional for securing their spot in the Copa BetPlay 2023 final. And what an emotional debut for Emilio Aristizábal – proving his worth in a memorable penalty win. All eyes will be on the final, can’t wait to see what unfolds!

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