Atlas Considers Ignacio Ambriz as a Potential Coach for Clausura 2024

Atlas Manager José Riestra Makes Important Decisions for Clausura 2024

After a disappointing performance in the Apertura 2023 tournament, José Riestra, the manager of Atlas, has decided to take significant steps to improve the team’s performance in the upcoming Clausura 2024. One of the first decisions made was the dismissal of Benjamín Mora, as the Mexican strategist failed to achieve the set objectives.

New Candidates for the Atlas Coach Position

In recent weeks, several names have emerged as potential candidates for the Atlas coach position. While the possibility of hiring a coach from abroad is not ruled out, there is a new Mexican candidate being considered. Ignacio Ambriz, the former Toluca coach, has entered the race to become the coach for Clausura 2024. He is among the important names on the list, which also includes Gerardo Espinoza and Diego Cocca. There are also rumors of potential candidates from outside the country, such as Paiva and Lavallén.

Ambriz’s Surprising Departure from Toluca

Ambriz left Toluca in a surprising manner during the last days of the tournament. This unexpected departure had a significant impact on the scarlet team, as they were in the Liguilla zone at the time. However, a series of poor performances led to their downfall and another failure.

Ambriz’s Performance in the Last Tournament

In the previous tournament, Ambriz managed the team for 13 matches, achieving a balance of five wins, six draws, and two losses. These numbers were decent, but internal issues within the club and the excessive spending on player signings for specific positions ultimately led to his departure.

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Brian Reyes brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as a sports journalist. His in-depth knowledge of the football world, particularly the European leagues, allows him to provide insightful analysis and commentary. With a critical and analytical approach, he offers a fresh perspective on current events in Mexican soccer and the National Team. As a dedicated fan of Club América and Chelsea, Brian’s passion for the sport shines through in his work. His previous collaboration with the Uno más Uno Newspaper in Mexico City has further honed his skills and understanding of the industry.


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  1. “The potential appointment of Ignacio Ambriz as a coach for Atlas in Clausura 2024 could bring a fresh perspective and new strategies to the team. Exciting times lie ahead for Atlas fans if this decision materializes.”

  2. It’s refreshing to see Atlas considering new and potential coaches like Ignacio Ambriz. With the Clausura 2024 approaching, making this kind of move can shake things up for the team. Looking forward to seeing if Ambriz can bring positive changes and lead Atlas to success in the future.

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