Aston Martin Auctions a Replica of the AMR23 with Components Used by Alonso and Stroll in the Race

Aston Martin Auctions Replica of AMR23 Formula 1 Car

Aston Martin, the renowned British brand, has decided to join the trend of Formula 1 car auctions. They are offering an exact replica of the AMR23, the car that achieved Aston Martin’s best results in the premier category to date. This unique piece will also come equipped with components used by Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll during this season’s races. The auction will be open from today until November 28, and the lucky winner will have the opportunity to collect the car at the 2024 British Grand Prix.

A Piece of Aston Martin’s History

Aston Martin, based in Silverstone, wants to provide a fortunate individual with a chance to own a significant part of the British brand’s history. Although the car being auctioned is an exact replica, it represents the success and achievements of the AMR23. This model has marked Aston Martin’s best performances in Formula 1 so far.

While the replica may resemble the AMR22 more than the AMR23, Aston Martin has confirmed that various components used by Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll in some Grand Prix races this season will be included. These components include the wheels and the drivers’ racing suits, which will be framed and authenticated by Memento Exclusives, a renowned memorabilia authentication company.

The Ultimate Prize

The highest bidder in the auction will not only win the replica car but also have the privilege of receiving the prize at a special event held by Aston Martin at its Silverstone factory during the 2024 British Grand Prix. This unique experience will further enhance the connection between the winner and the Aston Martin team.

Read More:  the power units and the greater reliability of the components. In the 2023 season, that number was reduced to 14 abandonments, showing a notable improvement in the cars' reliability. Furthermore, it can be seen how retirements due to engine problems were significantly reduced compared to previous seasons, demonstrating the greater stability and consistency of the power units. Regarding withdrawals, a decrease can also be seen compared to previous seasons. In the 2023 season, there were 10 withdrawals, while in previous seasons that number was higher. In summary, the 2023 season was characterized by greater stability and reliability in car components, which translated into fewer abandonments and retirements during races. The power units showed great consistency throughout the season, with few issues and component changes.

The auction, hosted by F1 Authentics, will be available from today until November 28. Aston Martin has also hinted that more exciting products will be revealed in the coming months as part of their expanded relationship with Memento Exclusives.

Quotes from Aston Martin and Memento Exclusives

“The opportunity to purchase unique memorabilia items, such as car components, bodies, or racing suits, gives our fans a truly special connection to the team. I am very pleased that we can begin the extension of our relationship with Memento Exclusives by offering fans the opportunity to bid on an absolutely unique piece of memorabilia. I look forward to deepening our relationship and offering fans an even wider variety of exclusives and one-of-a-kind pieces as we work together in the years to come,” said Jefferson Slack, general commercial and marketing director of Aston Martin.

“The Aston Martin team is one of our most valued partners, so I am delighted that we have expanded and deepened the relationship we already enjoy together. The opportunity we have to launch an auction to win a replica car and explore more categories of products means we can offer fans an unprecedented opportunity to own a very special piece of kit. Our team of specialists is already working on new products across all price ranges, and we look forward to introducing this new and expanded range in the very near future,” said Barry Gough, founder and CEO of Memento Exclusives.

About Memento Exclusives

Memento Exclusives is a global sports licensing and retail company that is revolutionizing the world of sports memorabilia. Through innovative partnerships, they enable sports fans to “own the moment” by providing cutting-edge products and services to the market. Their unique position allows them to design, develop, and deliver exceptional sports memorabilia to passionate fans worldwide.

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They have assembled a car with the parts that have not worked and sell it, recovering part (or all) of the investment money in R&D of those that did work. Geniuses.


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  1. “Truly a unique opportunity for motorsport enthusiasts to own a piece of racing history! Aston Martin’s replica of the AMR23 with Alonso and Stroll’s components is a true gem up for auction, showcasing the thrill of speed and prestige in an iconic package.”

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