Artix Judo: Highlights from the Tournoi des Vignes in Jurançon

Artix judo: news from October 1
Estéban Biscay, who was making his debut there as a cadet, had a great run in Jurançon (Photo Henri Diez)

Artix Judo

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Artix judo: news from October 1

Judo – Artix

⛩️Tournoi des Vignes in Jurançon ⛩️

1st official competition for Estéban Biscay who made his debut as a cadet where strangulations and arm locks are potential victories. He opens his points counter for black but does not manage to free himself for the rest of the tournament. If the head follows everything follows. To meditate Kyus Jurançon

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⛩️ This Sunday

Laurent Venzac as Senior and Martin Delenclos as Cadet fought to win points for the black belt. Laurent in -100kg pockets 10 points and opens his counter. But the heavy level is very physical so work, work and work…⛩️.?.

As for Martin, the desire is there but we have to be even more aggressive and it will pay off!!! And thank you all the same to these fighters for being present for this judo weekend and a little to Loïc, who came to see his training friends.

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  1. Amazing showcase of talent and skill at the Tournoi des Vignes in Jurançon! Artix Judo truly delivered unforgettable highlights. A remarkable event celebrating the art of judo.

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