Argentinian Footballer Guido Rodríguez Close to Joining Atlético de Madrid

Argentine Footballer Guido Rodriguez Close to Joining Atlético de Madrid

The Argentine footballer Guido Rodriguez, formerly of Club América in the Liga MX, is reportedly nearing an agreement with the board of Atlético de Madrid in the Spanish League. The midfielder’s representative is said to be in advanced negotiations with the Colchoneros board for a potential move in the upcoming summer transfer market, leaving his current club Real Betis.

Potential Free Transfer for Atlético de Madrid

According to reports from Spanish sports media outlets, including ‘Partidazo de Cope’ and other newspapers, Guido Rodriguez, who currently plays for Real Betis Balompié, is set to leave the club in June as he has not renewed his contract. This presents an opportunity for Atlético de Madrid to acquire the midfielder’s services for free in their quest to strengthen their squad.

Valued at 30 Million Euros

Guido Rodriguez has a market value of approximately 30 million Euros, according to Transfermarkt. This makes his potential free transfer to Atlético de Madrid an attractive proposition for the club, as they aim to bolster their squad under the guidance of coach Diego Simeone.

A Dream Return for Club América Fans

During his time at Club América, Guido Rodriguez established himself as a key player for the team. As a result, fans of the Águilas dream of his return to Mexican soccer. However, with his current level of performance in Spain, a comeback seems unlikely at this point.

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Guido Rodriguez: From America Club to Real Betis

A Rising Star in Football

  • Guido Rodriguez
  • America Club
  • Real Betis
  • Atlético de Madrid
  • Liga MX

Meet Guido Rodriguez, a talented football player who has made a remarkable journey from America Club to Real Betis. Born on May 4, 1990, in the city of Los Mochis, Rodriguez has always had a passion for the sport. He pursued his education in Communication Sciences at the Autonomous University of the West and gained valuable experience in radio and television, particularly in sports programs.

Since 2015, Rodriguez has been an integral part of the reporting team at the prestigious newspaper EL DEBATE. His expertise lies in covering local sports leagues and tournaments, as well as national sports events such as the Mexican Pacific League (LMP), LMP all-star games, the Sub-Child Baseball World Cup -15 Sinaloa 2014, the Pacific Coast Basketball Circuit (CIBACOPA), the Ascenso MX Soccer League, and the Second Division Premier Soccer League.

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With his dedication and passion for sports journalism, Rodriguez continues to excel in his career, providing insightful coverage and analysis to sports enthusiasts. His journey from America Club to Real Betis is a testament to his talent and determination, and he is poised to achieve even greater success in the future.

For more information about Guido Rodriguez and his remarkable career, stay tuned for updates and exclusive interviews.


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  1. Exciting news for Atlético de Madrid! Adding Argentinian footballer Guido Rodríguez to their squad would undoubtedly strengthen their midfield and add depth to their team. Looking forward to seeing how he adapts to the club’s playing style and contributes to their success.

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