Aragón Dominates IV Spanish Cup A in Judo, Boosts Economy in Barbastro

The Aragonese Judo Team Shines at IV Spanish Cup A

The Aragonese training judo gained significant recognition over the weekend at the Ángel Orús pavilion in Barbastro. The city hosted the IV Spanish Cup A for children and cadets, attracting 747 athletes from across the country. This event not only provided an opportunity for many participants to improve their national ranking, but also showcased the success of the Technification Plans and Technification Classrooms implemented by the Aragonese Federation of Judo and Associated Sports in collaboration with the Government of Aragon and local clubs. Aragón secured first place in the cadet ranking and second place in the children’s ranking.

Economic Impact and Future Goals

Beyond its sporting significance, the competition had a substantial impact on the local economy. Approximately 3,500 people visited Barbastro during the event, resulting in an estimated economic impact of 350,000 euros. With the event’s success, the organizers now aim to qualify for the Spanish Super Cup, the highest distinction in Spanish judo.

Impressive Results in Cadet and Infant Categories

In the cadet category, Aragón fielded 84 participants among a total of 444 athletes from fifteen different regions, including the team from the Principality of Andorra. The Aragonese team secured an impressive haul of six gold medals, three silver medals, and seven bronze medals. Additionally, they achieved two fifth-place and six seventh-place finishes, surpassing the performances of the Valencian Community and Catalonia.

In the infant category, 99 Aragonese participants competed in the preliminary phase, with twenty of them advancing to the final classification. The Aragonese team secured three gold medals, four silver medals, four bronze medals, and six fifth-place finishes. Only Catalonia achieved better results in this category.

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Moussa Macalou Represents Barbados at U23 European Championship

Moussa Macalou, a talented judoka from Barbados, recently participated in the U23 European Championship held in Germany. Unfortunately, he faced an early defeat in the first round against the Swedish athlete Maxlin Miljohn.


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  1. “Congratulations to Aragón for their dominant performance in the IV Spanish Cup A in Judo! Their success not only showcases their athletic prowess but also greatly benefits the economy of Barbastro. Well done!”

  2. Aragón’s dominant performance in IV Spanish Cup A in Judo not only showcases the region’s sporting prowess but also brings a much-needed economic boost to Barbastro. A win-win situation for both sports enthusiasts and the local economy!

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