Apple Offers Billions for Exclusive Formula 1 Broadcasting Rights

The Rebirth of Formula 1: Apple’s Interest in Global Rights

The Formula 1 has experienced a remarkable revival in recent years. After a period of declining viewership, the premier category of motorsport has undergone a rejuvenation that has caught the attention of Apple. The American company has expressed its interest in acquiring the global rights to the competition.

An Unprecedented Offer from Apple

According to Carlos Miguel’s report in Game Time, Apple has officially presented an offer to the top leaders of Formula 1 that far exceeds their current earnings. Currently, Formula 1 receives approximately one billion dollars from broadcasting rights. However, Apple’s proposed deal would double this amount, offering around 2 billion dollars annually for the exclusive rights to live broadcast Formula 1 races.

A Complex Agreement

If an agreement is reached, Apple would not immediately secure global rights due to existing contracts with production companies worldwide. Instead, Apple would gradually incorporate territories with expiring contracts into its platform. It is worth noting that all rights from any channel, station, or company will expire by the year 2029.

Formula 1 and Apple TV+

Apple TV+ already features Formula 1 content, including a high-budget film starring Brad Pitt and a documentary about Lewis Hamilton. Although the film’s production has been delayed by the recent strike of scriptwriters and Hollywood workers, glimpses of Brad Pitt preparing scenes at the Silverstone circuit have been witnessed. However, the release of these projects is still pending.

Apple’s Vision for Formula 1 Broadcasting

Whether a deal for live broadcasting of Formula 1 will be reached remains uncertain. Apple’s main idea is to offer Formula 1 content as part of a package, available for a monthly or annual subscription fee, similar to its approach with other sports competitions. A recent example is Apple’s MLS Season Pass, which offers all matches of the Major League Soccer for a monthly price. The innovative aspect of this concept is the ability to customize the package by including other competitions such as the NBA and the Premier League.

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The Potential Impact of Apple’s Acquisition

This move by Apple carries significant implications. Historically, Formula 1 has been stronger in European territories. However, if Apple secures universal rights, the balance of power could shift in favor of the Americans. Additionally, the EU has expressed concerns about the competition’s promotion of electric cars over synthetic fuels as a means to combat climate change. This technology, still in development and costly, is being explored by manufacturers like Porsche in Germany and Repsol in Spain.

While Formula 1 faces an astronomical offer, it remains to be seen if global production companies will easily relinquish the rights to this prestigious competition.


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  1. “Apple’s bid for exclusive Formula 1 broadcasting rights showcases their intent to diversify their offerings. This move could lead to an exciting digital transformation in motorsports broadcasting, bringing the remarkable F1 experience to an even wider audience.”

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