Ansu Fati’s Wise Decision: Bojan Discusses His Loan Move to Brighton

Former Barça Player Bojan Discusses Anxiety and Player Development

Apart from discussing his documentary ‘Bojan, Beyond the Smile’, where the former Barcelona player opens up about his struggles with anxiety, Bojan Krkic, now working as the coordinator of the Barça football area, reveals in an interview with MD the measures he is taking to support loaned players. Specifically, he focuses on Ansu Fati, a talented footballer who faced immense media pressure and the responsibility of inheriting Leo Messi’s iconic ’10’ jersey.

Considering the Future of Loaned Players

While it may be premature to make decisions about the loaned players he is monitoring, Bojan acknowledges the discussions surrounding their potential return before June. He explains that the club is closely following certain players who could be valuable additions to the team next year. The decision to loan them was made with the belief that they would benefit from playing elsewhere temporarily and return as improved players. Bojan emphasizes that these players are currently in favorable environments for their growth.

Ansu Fati’s Journey and Growth

Bojan provides a direct example by discussing Ansu Fati’s situation. He acknowledges the challenges Fati faced, not only physically but also mentally, when taking on the responsibility of Messi’s ’10’ jersey. Bojan praises Fati’s decision to join Brighton, a team known for playing attractive football in one of the most competitive leagues. He expresses his satisfaction with the fact that Fati is in good hands, with a coach who shares a similar football philosophy and a team that prioritizes the development of young talents. Bojan believes that Fati’s time at Brighton will be instrumental in his growth as a player.

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  1. Ansu Fati’s loan move to Brighton is a wise decision as it presents a great opportunity for the young player to gain valuable experience in the Premier League. Bojan’s insights into the decision further highlight the potential benefits of this move for Fati’s development.

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