Annual Gers Judo Grand Prix: Two days of competition and conviviality

The Gers Judo Grand Prix: A Weekend of Competition and Conviviality

A fine contingent of judokas from Gers and Occitanie is expected at the Mouzon d’Auch hall this Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 November, on the occasion of the annual Gers Judo Grand Prix.

A Gathering of Judo Enthusiasts

The Gers Judo Grand Prix returns this weekend for two days of competition and conviviality. Organized by the Gers Departmental Judo Committee, in partnership with the Gascon Judo club and the support of the department and the regional league, the event will take place on November 11 and 12 in the Mouzon room in Auch from 9 a.m.

This prestigious event, held at the beginning of the season, attracts not only judo enthusiasts from Gers but also participants from the wider region.

Anticipating a Successful Turnout

The Gers judo committee, led by President Pascal Roustit, aims to welcome more than 500 fighters and an average of 200 spectators each day, resulting in a total of 1000 to 1500 entries over the two days. Roustit expresses his gratitude to the City of Auch for providing the perfect venue for this event.

“Allow all judokas to progress”

The tournament offers a diverse range of competitions, catering to judokas of all ages and skill levels. From the junior category (11 and 12-year-olds) to the senior category (including veterans), participants have the opportunity to challenge themselves and earn points to advance in their grade.

Roustit emphasizes the importance of this event in facilitating the progress of all judokas. He hopes that fighters not only gain points but also enjoy the experience. Additionally, a Kata cup, showcasing the codified movements of judo, will take place on Sunday morning.

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This year, the judo event collaborates with the gentlemen’s operation, in partnership with the Gers Cancer League, to raise awareness and promote prevention of male cancers.

President Roustit concludes by expressing his gratitude to the numerous volunteers, organizers, referees, and commissioners who make this event possible. Their dedication ensures the success and joy of all participants.


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  1. “The Annual Gers Judo Grand Prix encapsulates the perfect blend of intense competition and warm camaraderie. Two action-packed days that showcase the true spirit of judo, where athletes push their limits and come together to celebrate the sport they love. A phenomenal event that brings out the best in athletes and leaves lasting memories of conviviality.”

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the Annual Gers Judo Grand Prix. It’s wonderful to see how this event combines fierce competition with a lively atmosphere of conviviality. Looking forward to witnessing the skill and sportsmanship showcased in the two days of action-packed judo!

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