An open-air exhibition to see good photos

Photographic‌ Circuit in Medellín⁢ showcases outstanding⁢ photographers

Medellín’s Cundinamarca Street ​is currently⁢ adorned with captivating photographs, thanks to the efforts of the ⁤Fundación Universitaria Bellas Artes. The foundation’s ‌V Photographic Circuit aims‌ to not ​only showcase the work of exceptional photographers but also ⁢enhance the city’s urban⁣ landscape and ‌foster a‌ deeper appreciation for the art of photography.

Re – Existencias: ​A Collective Journey

The latest edition of the Photographic Circuit, ⁤titled “Re – Existencias,” is a collaborative initiative that promotes collective, academic, and cultural development. This year, ‍the event ‌will feature Brazil ​as the guest country, with a focus on exploring photography’s⁤ role ⁣in shaping identity.

Event Details

Duration: ⁣ The exhibition will run until ⁣November 20.

Location: ‍ Cundinamarca Street, Medellín.

For more information: Please contact​ [email protected]

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  1. “This open-air exhibition brings a refreshing twist to photography, allowing us to appreciate beautiful images amidst nature’s embrace. A perfect blend of art and scenery, it opens up new perspectives and offers a serene escape from the monotony of indoor galleries.”

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