Alicia Cervantes: The Heroic Savior of Chivas in the Liga MX Femenil Semifinals

Alicia Cervantes: The Heroic Savior of Chivas

Alicia Cervantes in last year's final between Chivas and Pachuca
Alicia Cervantes in last year’s final between Chivas and Pachuca. (Jaime Lopez/Jam Media/Getty Images)

Alicia Cervantes emerged as the savior for Chivas in a crucial match. In the First Leg of the Semifinals of the Liga MX Femenil, the “Sacred Flock” suffered a defeat against América, a dominant force that had previously overwhelmed Pachuca (9-2 overall). Cervantes, a living legend with 106 goals for the red and white team, once again showcased her extraordinary talent. She proved to be more than just an idol or a reference point. Her legacy at Chivas is built on remarkable achievements like the one witnessed yesterday. She became a hero when everything seemed to be heading towards disaster.

A Nightmare Start for Chivas

The match began disastrously for the Guadalajara team. Just two minutes into the game, Katty Martínez scored a header to beat Blanca Félix, the home team’s goalkeeper. Within ten minutes, the lead was extended as Alison González displayed her authority with a goal that left the defense helpless. She effortlessly bypassed Jaqueline González and calmly finished past Félix, tunneling the ball into the net.

A Glimmer of Hope

Chivas found themselves in a situation similar to Pachuca’s, with victory seeming inevitable for América. The visitors were inspired, while Chivas struggled to find their footing. The 24th minute brought a moment of relief when Kimberly Rodríguez’s headed goal, which would have made it 3-0, was disallowed due to offside. However, confidence remained one-sided. Only a miracle could revive Chivas, and that miracle came in the form of Alicia Cervantes.

Cervantes’ Impact

In the 50th minute, Cervantes found herself in the azulcrema area and was brought down by Rubí Soto’s reckless tackle. Initially, the play seemed inconsequential, but it was reviewed by VAR, resulting in a penalty. Cervantes capitalized on her experience and skillfully deceived Itzel González, the azulcrema goalkeeper, with a precise right-hand shot. Her goal breathed new life into Chivas after a first half that appeared to be their downfall.

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The Dramatic Equalizer

The tie came in the 82nd minute, just as América was savoring their advantage for the return leg. A set-piece opportunity led to a dramatic equalizing goal. Carolina Jaramillo’s delivery placed the ball in a dangerous area. América failed to clear it, allowing Cervantes to seize the opportunity. Without facing any resistance, she secured the final 2-2 scoreline. The stage is now set for an enthralling match on Sunday, November 19, which will be broadcast live on Channel 2 at 4:00 p.m.

Alicia Cervantes: A Symbol of Resilience

Cervantes’ timely intervention has left the series in suspense. The striker joined Chivas in 2020 from Rayadas de Monterrey, with a previous stint at Chivas’ regional rival, Atlas. At Atlas, she faced a lack of support, receiving a meager salary and no certainty from the board. In her own words, “Rafa Márquez approached me and said, ‘Alicia, we want you to come back to Atlas. We’ll increase your salary to 3,000 pesos.’ I replied, ‘That’s not enough for us at all. I want an increase for everyone, not just myself.'” In Chivas, she has experienced her best sporting moments, becoming a historic scorer and champion in the Clausura 2022. She is idolized by the red and white fans, who see her as a beacon of hope in their quest for the current competition’s final. Regardless of the outcome, Alicia Cervantes has etched her name in Mexican soccer with golden letters.


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  1. Alicia Cervantes proved to be the ultimate hero for Chivas in the Liga MX Femenil Semifinals. Her remarkable performance played a pivotal role in their victory, showcasing her talent and determination to save her team. Truly, Cervantes is a savior in every sense of the word.

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