Alianza Lima faces changes after recent defeat in Liga 1 Betsson title match

Alianza Lima Faces Changes After Recent Incident

After the unfortunate events that took place on Wednesday, November 8th, where Alianza Lima lost the title of the Liga 1 Betsson to Universitario de Deportes, significant changes have occurred within the club. One of the first changes is the departure of Jose Manuel Sabogal, who served as the club’s administrator. This decision was made during a late-night meeting with members of the Fondo Blanquiazul.

Following the incident at the Alejandro Villanueva stadium, where the lights went out during the match, causing confusion and putting everyone at risk, the White Fund’s decision will be reviewed by the National Institute of Defense of Competence and Protection of Intellectual Property (Indecopi).

Changes in the Club’s Management and Team

In addition to Jose Sabogal’s departure, Diego Montoya, the marketing manager of Alianza Lima, has also been held responsible for the incident. The creditors have determined that Montoya was responsible for the faulty installation of the stadium’s reflectors, which has led to international repercussions and an investigation by the Public Ministry.

The National Commission against Sports Violence (CNCVED) has also requested detailed information from Sabogal regarding the blackout at the Alejandro Villanueva stadium and the potential danger it posed to the more than 30,000 spectators present. Alianza Lima still has many questions to answer before the authorities.

On the sporting side, there have been changes in the team’s management as well. Mauricio Larriera, who had a contract until 2024, will no longer be the technical manager. Despite only losing one match during the Torneo Clausura 2023, the team’s performance and tactics have been called into question.

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Aside from the results, the team’s playing style and decision to experiment with unfamiliar tactics in the final match against Universitario de Deportes have been heavily criticized.

Matute Stadium blackout
The blackout at Matute Stadium continues to have consequences for Alianza Lima. (Photo: Leonardo Fernández / GEC)

The Explanations of Alianza Lima

Alianza Lima has stated that the decision to turn off the stadium lights during the final moments of the match was made to ensure the safe evacuation of the spectators due to the deteriorating security situation. They emphasize that their primary concern was to avoid any tragic incidents.

“The decision to turn off the lights at Alejandro Villanueva Stadium, which concluded the final of La Liga 1, was solely motivated by the need to facilitate the rapid evacuation of the stands and ensure the safety of the public and sports delegations,” stated the club.

Alianza Lima also defended their actions against various interpretations, stating that their main motivation was to prevent any unfortunate situations given the deteriorating security guarantees in the final minutes of the match.

They further emphasized that the safety of their fans was ensured through the intervention of the National Police of Peru and private security personnel, who facilitated the orderly evacuation of the spectators.

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  1. It’s clear that Alianza Lima needs to make some changes after their recent defeat in the Liga 1 Betsson title match. It’s a tough loss, but it presents an opportunity for the team to reflect, regroup, and come back stronger. New strategies, fresh talent, and a renewed focus will be crucial in bouncing back and reclaiming their place at the top.

  2. This recent defeat will certainly shake things up for Alianza Lima. Changes are inevitable as they reflect on their performance and strategize to regain their winning form in the Liga 1 Betsson title match.

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