Alexis Sánchez Criticizes Chilean Football Establishment and Calls for Change

Alexis Sanchez Expresses Frustration with Chilean Football

In the wake of Eduardo Berizzo’s resignation from the Chilean National Team, Inter Milan star Alexis Sanchez has voiced his complete dissatisfaction with Chilean football.

A Disheartened Response

Following La Roja’s disappointing performance against Ecuador in Quito, the ‘Niño Maravilla’ did not hold back in a press conference, expressing his frustration with the state of Chilean football. Sanchez, who had traveled all the way from Europe to represent the national team, lamented the current situation.

A Call for Change

“We need to listen, study, and live football. We shouldn’t have to learn what football is. I come here and there are players who haven’t played matches in weeks because the national championship is on hold. I can’t change that. As a country, our organization has not been up to par. We need to listen and learn from what has happened,” criticized the Inter Milan star.

Criticism of ANFP and Colo Colo

Sanchez also criticized the decisions made by the Chilean Football Federation (ANFP), led by Pablo Milad, and took aim at Colo Colo, one of the country’s top clubs.

“The Chilean league cannot continue like this indefinitely. The referees are a disaster. Even if there are stadium issues, we should still be able to enjoy national football. At Juan Pinto Durán, there are three areas that don’t work. A national team cannot function like this. And at the Estadio Monumental, the bathrooms don’t function properly, with dirty excrement in the showers. Is this a third-rate stadium?” Sanchez questioned.

A Crisis of Understanding

In response to Milad’s denial of an economic crisis in Chilean football, Sanchez argued, “Crisis is not having money, not having anything. I believe we have resources. However, there is a crisis of understanding and a failure to comprehend the structure of the national team.”

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Praise for Berizzo

While expressing his disappointment over Berizzo’s departure after the goalless draw against Paraguay, Sanchez also praised the former coach as one of the most influential figures in the national team.

“This time, we didn’t have the same connection with the coach as we did with Rueda, for example. Personally, I see a team that plays on equal terms. We were superior to Colombia, and after that, we faced Brazil. We have four points so far. I see the team in a good state… The young players were sad because many of them made their debut under Berizzo. We played well in the Pan American Games. But then, it’s football,” Sanchez concluded.


2 Responses

  1. “Alexis Sánchez’s bold critique of the Chilean football establishment is a necessary wake-up call for change. It’s high time we address the issues stifling our beloved sport and strive for a brighter future. Kudos to Sánchez for voicing his concerns and daring to challenge the status quo.”

  2. It’s refreshing to see a prominent figure like Alexis Sánchez speaking up for change within the Chilean football establishment. It’s about time that constructive criticism is welcomed and necessary steps are taken to address the issues. Hopefully, this will ignite a positive transformation in the country’s football culture.

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