Alexis Guérin Joins Team Philippe Wagner/Bazin for 2024 Season

Alexis Guérin Signs with Continental Team for 2024 Season

Alexis Guérin, the talented cyclist from Bingoal-WB, has set his sights on the future by signing up for the 2024 season with Philippe Wagner/Bazin, a Continental team resulting from the merger of the renowned French N1 Philippe Wagner Cycling and the esteemed Belgian Conti Materiel.velo.com.

A Promising Track Record

The 31-year-old Girondin showcased his skills this year by winning a stage of the Coppi and Bartali International Week (2.1) through a remarkable solo escape spanning 95 kilometers. Additionally, he achieved a commendable 7th place in the Tropicale Amissa Bongo (2.1), 8th place in the Tour of Turkey (2.1) with notable performances in stages 5 and 8, 16th place in the Tour of Sicily (2.1), and a respectable 19th place in the Pays de la Loire Tour Region (2.1).

A Perfect Fit for the Team

Philippe Wagner, expressing his satisfaction, stated, “It’s a very nice pickaxe.” He further added, “It corresponds to our state of mind. Our slogan is to race in the lead. This is what we want to do next year too. We have no complexes; we will be there to perform.”

Guérin’s inclusion in the team’s training program brings the total number of French runners to seven. Wagner expressed his contentment with the recruitment, stating, “We had good recruitment, with runners who stood out from the crowd.” Looking ahead, Wagner aims to elevate the team to the ProTeam level by 2025, emphasizing the importance of stability and continuity.

A Strong Squad for the Future

Philippe Wagner/Bazin’s squad is set to consist of fifteen riders, exceeding initial expectations. Wagner sees this as an opportunity to have a strong leading rider while allowing others to pursue their own paths, such as competing in Elites races, thereby enhancing the team’s visibility in both France and Belgium. The team’s first race on the Continental calendar will be the Marseille-La Marseillaise GP, scheduled for January 28.

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  1. Exciting news! Looking forward to seeing the dynamic partnership between Alexis Guérin and Team Philippe Wagner/Bazin in the upcoming 2024 season. Wishing them all the best and hoping for great success together! 🏆🚀

  2. Exciting news! Alexis Guérin’s addition to Team Philippe Wagner/Bazin for the 2024 season is a promising move. With Guérin’s skills and the team’s strong lineup, their chances of success look brighter than ever. Looking forward to witnessing their collaboration and achievements on the track!

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