Alexander Zverev: The Night Owl of Tennis – Breaking Records and Challenging Schedules

Alexander Zverev: A Tennis Player Known for Late Matches

Alexander Zverev, a professional tennis player with 21 titles to his name, has gained a reputation for playing matches at unconventional hours. His confrontations often reach their climax in the early hours of the morning, setting records in tennis history for the latest ending matches.

A Record-Breaking Match in Acapulco

In 2022, during the first round of Acapulco, Zverev faced Jason Brooksby in an exhilarating duel that lasted 3 hours and 19 minutes. The match concluded at 04:55 in the morning, making it the latest ending match in tennis history. The final result was 3-6, 7-6(10), and 6-2.

A Tendency for High-Intensity Matches

Zverev has a tendency to engage in high-intensity and lengthy matches, often leading to playing until the early hours of the morning. This pattern has become particularly noticeable in tournaments like the Mutua Madrid Open and the US Open. In the recent edition of the US Open, Zverev battled against Jannik Sinner until 01:39 in the morning.

Frustration Over Late Night Matches

Last Saturday in Beijing, during his second round match against Alejandro Davidovich, Zverev finished playing at 02:41. This prompted him to express his frustration regarding the scheduling of night matches. “It’s difficult to play tennis at this time. I don’t understand why they haven’t changed our court,” commented the Hamburg-born tennis player.

Adaptations in Tournament Programming

The issue of matches ending at unconventional hours has led to adaptations in the programming of major tournaments, including the Grand Slam. Since the last US Open, only four matches have been scheduled on the center court to avoid overlapping day and night sessions. This allows for better schedule management and reduces the likelihood of players competing at unusual hours.

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Zverev’s Hope for Change

Despite these changes, Alexander Zverev still finds himself playing late matches, something he openly admits to disliking. He hopes that future tournaments will address this issue. The scheduling and timing of matches continue to generate discussions and debates within the tennis community, with both supporters and detractors.

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  1. “Zverev’s relentless drive and exceptional work ethic are truly remarkable. His ability to break records and take on challenging schedules shows his unwavering dedication to the sport. A night owl on and off the court, Zverev continues to leave his mark in the tennis world.”

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