Álex Mumbrú’s Analysis of Valencia Basket’s Defeat in Milan

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  • 11/09/2023

He Valencia Basket They have clearly fallen in their visit to Olimpia Milan by 83 to 52 in what is the second consecutive defeat for the taronjas after losing in the Endesa League against Joventut Badalona.

Álex Mumbrú appeared at a press conference after the match to analyze the result. These were his words:

«We started the game and at the beginning, in the first minutes they grabbed us 5 offensive rebounds and scored easily which was a sign that we were not playing hard. In the second quarter we reacted and got within 10 points, we had a comfortable shot that they didn’t score and they gave us a run of 0-5 and we found ourselves down 15 again. In the third quarter the same. They played better in defense, we congratulate them on their game. With our percentages it is very difficult to win here.

When Jovic started to warm up he started vomiting. He has felt unwell, just like Boubacar Touré. We have a virus and let’s hope that no more fall. Jones has the injury… In the last minute before the game we ran out of bases. It becomes a little more complicated to play the game.

When you come with injuries you have to accept them, but when this happens to you at the last moment the plan changes and it is not easy to adapt. And Milan had a good preparation, they put pressure on our point guards and made us not feel comfortable during the match.”

acb Photo / D. Grau

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