Álex Mumbrú analyzes Valencia Basket’s defeat in Vitoria

Alex Mumbrú Reflects on Valencia Basket’s Recent Losses

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  • 11/19/2023

Alex Mumbrú held a press conference following Valencia Basket’s third consecutive loss against teams from the Endesa League.

Coach’s Statements

“In the first half, we not only deserved to be ahead, but much more. We lost the lead we had built in 17 minutes due to careless mistakes. We could have performed better towards the end of the game. We will analyze the reasons behind our shortcomings and work on improving those details,” said Mumbrú.

“We came here with two defeats when, perhaps, we could have had one win and one loss. It would have boosted our morale as the team has performed well enough to not be trailing 0-2 before coming to Vitoria. Today, we had a strong first half, but the last two minutes of the first half and the beginning of the third quarter were crucial periods. We conceded a 0-15 run during that time. You can’t afford to give away such large leads in just six or seven minutes when playing away from home,” he added.

“The loss of Jovic was significant. We also missed Harper, who is another scorer and could have helped us as a point guard. Chris Jones was tired at one point, which is understandable considering the demanding schedule. It’s the third game in a short time or the fifth in 10 days. His ankle is still not fully recovered, but since Jovic was absent, we had to rely on him more. We were a bit stretched, and although it’s not an excuse, we lacked clarity at times,” Mumbrú explained.

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  1. Álex Mumbrú’s analysis of Valencia Basket’s defeat in Vitoria is insightful and offers a valuable perspective on the team’s performance. It’s crucial to learn from mistakes and make improvements, and Mumbrú’s breakdown can contribute to Valencia’s future success.

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