The Qatar Grand Prix is taking place today, November 19, with a thrilling MotoGP race at the Lusail International Circuit.

SPORT brings you live updates and commentary on all the action from the MotoGP Qatar GP.


And that concludes another exciting weekend of MotoGP 2023. Thank you for joining us in Qatar. We will reconvene in six days for the final Grand Prix of the season here on Sport.es. Goodbye!

That’s all for today’s MotoGP action in Qatar. A fantastic performance by ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia, who secured P2 in the race, while Jorge Martin, unfortunately, suffered a serious injury due to a defective tire and finished in P10.


Here is the updated MotoGP general classification after the 19th Grand Prix of 2023. Qatar has left the title race wide open: ‘Pecco’s 20 points put pressure on Martín to take risks at Ricardo Tormo. In six days, all doubts will be cleared.


Here is the podium for the MotoGP Qatar Grand Prix! A historic moment as all three riders and their respective factories share the same nationality – Italian. This is the first time in the MotoGP era that such a feat has been achieved.


A victory that will be remembered for a lifetime. Fabio Di Giannantonio displayed exceptional skill and claimed a well-deserved win in Qatar, with ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia and Luca Marini finishing in second and third place respectively. Jorge Martin secured the tenth position.


“What can I say? It has been an incredible weekend. I had a good pace and when I saw ‘Pecco’ in front of me, I knew I had a chance. I felt confident, and it paid off. I want to thank everyone who believed in me. We did it together. Thank you all.”


“I am extremely happy. We had a great start and tried to build a gap from the beginning. I couldn’t secure the win, but it wasn’t my fault… Di Giannantonio was exceptional today. We decided to conserve our tires, secure P2, and now we head to Valencia with a significant advantage. I am already satisfied with the result.”


“Fantastic. An incredible weekend. It’s unfortunate that I spent too much time with Alex and Brad. I believe I could have competed for the victory, but we didn’t make it. Nevertheless, I’m extremely pleased with how everything unfolded and eagerly looking forward to Valencia. Hopefully, we can secure more podium finishes there.”

‘Pecco’ and Martin are separated by 21 points, with 37 points up for grabs. The final verdict will be delivered at Ricardo Tormo, although the current champion has a firm grip on the title after today’s race in Lusail.


How close is Diggia? He is on the verge of claiming his first victory as a MotoGP rider. Meanwhile, ‘Pecco’ is on the brink of securing his second title in the category.

ROUND 21/22

Enea Bastianini continues to make progress, currently in 8th position with a quick lap from Rimini. If he had gone further ahead, he could have achieved an even better result.

ROUND 20/22

‘Pecco’ narrowly avoids a collision! Miraculously, the rider from Turin manages to avoid contact with his fellow countryman. ‘Pecco’ runs wide, allowing Diggia to secure the victory.

ROUND 19/22

Diggia overtakes ‘Pecco’! The Gresini driver is determined to claim his first victory and launches an attack. Only four laps remaining!

ROUND 19/22

The Gresini team sends some mysterious information to Diggia on the blackboard. ‘00.00’ is displayed for the Roman rider.

ROUND 18/22

Enea surpasses Jorge as well! Only Marc Márquez and Johann Zarco are ahead of him.

ROUND 17/22

Marini Secures Third Place in Podium Battle

ROUND 16/22

Bastianini Struggles to Repeat Success in Malaysia

ROUND 15/22

Tense Battle for Bronze as Maverick Makes Contact

ROUND 14/22

Jorge Holds Ninth Position, Miller Closes In

ROUND 13/22

Podium Fight Intensifies with Binder, Marquez, and Marini

ROUND 12/22

‘Pecco’ and Diggia Lead the Race, Extending Their Lead

ROUND 12/22

Jorge Recovers Position, Pramac Takes Eighth Place

ROUND 11/22

Maverick and Marc Overtake Martín, World Cup Hopes Diminish

ROUND 10/22

Marini Dominates with a Significant Lead over Martín

Viñales Overtakes Márquez in Round 9/22

Maverick Viñales outperforms Marc Márquez, securing the 7th and 8th positions respectively. They trail Martin in the second race group.

Diggia Holds On, Binder Trails Behind in Round 8/22

Hold the pull Diggia. And Binder remains in second place, closely following ‘Pecco’. The champion leads calmly but faces a tough competition.

Marini and Martin Maintain 1.5 Seconds Gap in Round 8/22

Marini (P5) and Martin (P6) maintain a 1.5 seconds gap. The World Cup will become challenging for the Madrid native if there is no improvement.

Aleix Espargaro Retires in Round 7/22

Aleix Espargaro retires from the Grand Prix due to a fibula fracture. Despite his efforts, he couldn’t complete the race.

Diggia Sets New Fastest Lap in Round 7/22

Diggia achieves the new fastest lap! The Italian rider is determined to secure his first victory in MotoGP.

Binder Surpasses Alex Márquez in Round 6/22

The ‘coconut’ Binder makes a strong move and overtakes Àlex Márquez, securing a podium position. ‘Pecco’ and Diggia take the lead in the Top5.

Diggia Makes a Bold Move in Round 5/22

Diggia launches an aggressive attack! With determination, the Roman rider overtakes Luca Marini with an impressive maneuver.

Jorge Gains Another Position in Round 5/22

Jorge, the Pramac rider, takes advantage of Marc’s slipstream and secures the 6th position. There is a 1.5 seconds gap between ‘Martinator’ and Binder, who currently holds the fifth position.

ROUND 4/22

‘Pecco’ Bagnaia Commits to Staying. Marini, Di Giannantonio, Àlex Márquez, and Binder follow closely after the leader. Meanwhile, Marc Márquez slips back due to a mistake, finding himself under pressure from Martín.

ROUND 3/22

A 2.2-Second Gap Separates ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia (P1) and Martín (P7). Jorge is still struggling to find his rhythm, possibly due to tire issues.

ROUND 3/22

Zarco Allows Martín to Pass! The Frenchman yields his position to his teammate Martín, who is currently in P7. Martín needs to close the gap with the Top 6, currently occupied by Marc Márquez.

ROUND 2/22

‘Pecco’ Bagnaia Attempts to Extend His Lead! Caution is advised as there is already a half-second gap between the reigning champion and Luca Marini, who could be a strong ally for Bagnaia.

ROUND 1/22

Iker Lecuona Forced to Retire. Technical issues force the Valencian rider to become the first casualty of the Qatar GP.

ROUND 1/22

‘Pecco’ Bagnaia Takes the Lead. The Italian rider makes a bold move to capitalize on his main rival’s poor start.

ROUND 1/22

Clean Start in Qatar. All 21 riders navigate the initial sectors without any issues.


The Traffic Lights Go Out in Lusail! The Qatar Grand Prix commences with a disappointing start from Jorge Martín. It’s time for him to make a comeback!


Engines roar to life! The warm-up lap begins under the dazzling Qatar spotlight!

Choice of Tires

The selected tires for the 21 drivers on the grid today resulted in a unanimous decision in the rear but not in the front.

The medical car departs to survey the Lusail runway. Everything is prepared to commence the penultimate GP of the 2023 season.

The Lusail finish line is starting to clear out, making way for the main contenders. Only three minutes left until the action begins. Gloves, helmet… and action!

MotoGP Start Grid

This is how the MotoGP grid is set up for the long race, the Qatar Grand Prix. Luca Marini secures the Pole Position, with ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia in P4 and Jorge Martin in P5.

Are you on #TeamPecco or #TeamMartin? Both riders have 417 and 410 points respectively. This crucial duel will determine their aspirations. The World Cup will definitely reach Valencia, regardless of what happens today on the Qatari circuit.

It’s time to shift our focus to Moto2 as the 21 pilots, after the inclusion of Aleix Espargaro, are already prepared on the Lusail grid. Unfortunately, Miguel Oliveira will be absent due to yesterday’s multiple accident in the sprint race.

Moto2 General Classification

Here is the updated general table of Moto2 after the 19th race of the 2023 World Championship. Pedro Acosta and Tony Arbolino have secured the first and second positions, but the battle for the bronze medal will be decided in Valencia.

Moto2 Race Results

Check out the complete results of the Moto2 race in Lusail. Fermin Aldeguer on the Boscoscuro, Manu Gonzalez on the Kalex, and Aron Canet also on the Kalex form a new Spanish triplet on the podium of the intermediate category.



In the Moto2 category, Fermin Aldeguer secured his third consecutive victory, despite making a mistake on the first lap of the race. The talented rider from Murcia dominated the competition once again, closing in on Jake Dixon and challenging for the third position in the championship at Ricardo Tormo.


We conclude the Moto3 coverage just as the MotoGP riders head towards the starting grid. The highly anticipated Qatar Grand Prix, the pinnacle of motorcycle racing, is about to begin in twenty minutes.



Here is the updated points table for the Moto3 category. The battle for the silver and bronze positions is still ongoing after Jaume Masia secured the gold.



These are the complete results of the Moto3 race, which determined Jaume Masia as the world champion and Leopard Racing as the winning team.



Jaume Masia showcased an impressive performance to claim the world champion title in Moto3. The Valencian rider surpassed all his competitors in the final laps and capitalized on Ayumu Sasaki’s result to secure the championship. The Moto3 race was marred by controversial incidents involving the two Leopard Racing drivers on the Japanese Husqvarna, but no sanctions were imposed.


Before we delve into the MotoGP action, let’s quickly recap the thrilling events that unfolded in Moto3 and Moto2. It was quite a chaotic affair!



Good afternoon! We are about to commence the penultimate race of the season, the MotoGP Qatar Grand Prix. The highly anticipated showdown between ‘Pecco’ and Martin will determine the world champion.

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