Relive the Minute-by-Minute Coverage and Result of the EA Sports LaLiga Soccer Match between Barcelona and Alavés

Barcelona Stages a Comeback after Another Disappointing First Half

FC Barcelona



LALIGA EA SPORTS – DAY 13 – 12/11/2023 16:15 CET

Barcelona’s Robert Lewandowski celebrates scoring his side’s third goal during the Spanish La Liga soccer match between Barcelona and Alavés at the Montjuic stadium in Barcelona, Spain, on Sunday, November 12, 2023. (AP Photo/Joan Monfort)

Joan Monfort / LaPresse

Updated 12/11/2023 19:44 CET

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LaLiga EA Sports playing field

Team Lineup:


Barcelona Defeats Eibar in La Liga Match

Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium

Barcelona emerged victorious in a thrilling La Liga match against Eibar at the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium. The match showcased the exceptional skills and teamwork of both teams, providing an exhilarating experience for the spectators.

Impressive Performances by Key Players

Marc-André ter Stegen displayed his exceptional goalkeeping skills, making crucial saves throughout the game. Antonio Sivera also showcased his talent, putting up a commendable performance for Eibar.

Ronald Araujo’s defensive prowess was on full display, effectively thwarting Eibar’s attacking attempts. Andoni Gorosabel, on the other hand, demonstrated his versatility by contributing both defensively and offensively.

Thrilling Moments in the Match

The match witnessed an intense moment in the 84th minute when Javi Lopez scored a stunning goal, bringing the crowd to their feet. The goal was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the fans, adding to the electric atmosphere of the stadium.

Pedri Shines in Midfield

Pedri’s exceptional performance in midfield was a highlight of the match. His precise passes and intelligent decision-making played a crucial role in Barcelona’s victory. The young talent continues to impress with his skills and potential.

Overall, the match between Barcelona and Eibar was a captivating display of football excellence. The players showcased their abilities, leaving the spectators in awe. Barcelona’s victory further solidifies their position in the league and sets the stage for more exciting matches to come.

Ruben Duarte scores in the 80th minute

Ruben Duarte, the talented football player, showcased his skills by scoring a goal in the 80th minute of the match. With his exceptional performance, Duarte proved to be a valuable asset to his team.

Jules Koundé impresses with a goal in the 72nd minute

Jules Koundé, the young and promising player, left the spectators in awe as he scored a remarkable goal in the 72nd minute. His agility and precision on the field were truly commendable.

Inigo Martinez secures victory with a goal in the 69th minute

Inigo Martinez, the experienced defender, played a crucial role in securing victory for his team by scoring a goal in the 69th minute. His contribution to the match was instrumental in the team’s success.

Rafa Marin delivers an outstanding performance

Rafa Marin, wearing jersey number 16, displayed an outstanding performance throughout the match. His skills and determination were evident, making him a key player for his team.

Abdel Abqar showcases his defensive prowess

Abdel Abqar, wearing jersey number 5, demonstrated his defensive prowess during the match. His ability to thwart the opponent’s attacks proved crucial in maintaining a solid defense for his team.

Lamine Yamal Scores 27th Goal in Victory

Professional footballer Lamine Yamal showcased his skills once again as he scored his 27th goal of the season in a thrilling match. The game, held at the renowned stadium, was filled with excitement and anticipation.

Jon Guridi Shines with 18th Goal

In a remarkable display of talent, Jon Guridi scored his 18th goal, leaving the spectators in awe. His exceptional performance contributed significantly to his team’s victory, earning him well-deserved praise from fans and critics alike.

Ilkay Gundogan’s Impressive Performance

Ilkay Gundogan, a prominent footballer, showcased his exceptional skills on the field, scoring a remarkable goal in the 91st minute. His contribution played a crucial role in his team’s success, solidifying his reputation as a key player.

Antonio Blanco’s Stellar Performance

Antonio Blanco, known for his exceptional talent, delivered an outstanding performance in the match. He scored a crucial goal in the 84th minute, showcasing his skills and contributing significantly to his team’s victory.

Robert Lewandowski Strikes Again

Renowned footballer Robert Lewandowski continued his impressive goal-scoring streak, adding another goal to his tally in the 52nd minute. His consistent performance and ability to find the back of the net have made him a formidable force in the world of football.

Samu Omorodion Scores in the 61st Minute

Samu Omorodion, a talented football player, showcased his skills by scoring a goal in the 61st minute of the match. With his exceptional technique and precision, he managed to find the back of the net, bringing joy to his team and fans.

A Promising Start for Samu Omorodion

At the age of 32, Samu Omorodion has already made a significant impact in the world of football. Despite facing numerous challenges throughout his career, he has proven his worth time and time again. His goal in the recent match is just another testament to his talent and determination.

Fermin Lopez’s Remarkable Performance

Fermin Lopez, a rising star in the football world, showcased his skills in the game. With his agility and strategic play, he managed to contribute to his team’s success. In the 32nd minute, he made a crucial move that led to a goal, earning him praise from both teammates and spectators.

A Bright Future for Fermin Lopez

At the age of 32, Fermin Lopez has already made a name for himself in the football industry. His exceptional performance in the recent match has further solidified his position as a promising talent. With his dedication and passion for the sport, he is expected to achieve great things in the future.

Ander Guevara


Joao Felix


Luis Rioja



Iñaki Peña

Football Players Shine in Recent Matches

Jesus Owono, aged 31, displayed exceptional skills in the recent football match. His performance on the field was truly remarkable.

Ander Astralaga, 26, Impresses with Stellar Performance

Ander Astralaga, at the young age of 26, showcased his talent and left the audience in awe. His outstanding performance contributed significantly to his team’s victory.

Ruben Montero, 43, Proves Age is Just a Number

Ruben Montero, despite being 43 years old, demonstrated his prowess on the football field. His experience and skill were evident throughout the match.

Alejandro Balde, 3, Scores a Stunning Goal

Alejandro Balde, only 3 years old, amazed everyone with his exceptional goal-scoring ability. His determination and talent were truly inspiring.

Alex Sola, 7, Shows Promise in Football

Alex Sola, a young talent at the age of 7, showcased his potential in the recent match. His skills and dedication to the sport were commendable.

Andreas Christensen, Fifteen, Impresses with Maturity

Andreas Christensen, at the tender age of fifteen, displayed remarkable maturity on the football field. His composure and decision-making were beyond his years.

Nahuel Tenaglia, 14, Shines as a Rising Star

Nahuel Tenaglia, aged 14, proved himself as a rising star in the football world. His performance in the recent match was nothing short of exceptional.

Chelsea Defeats Rival Team with Late Goals

In a thrilling match, Chelsea emerged victorious against their rival team with two late goals. The game, which took place at Stamford Bridge, showcased the team’s determination and skill.

Alonso Secures the Win

It was Marcos Alonso who sealed the victory for Chelsea with a goal in the 84th minute. Displaying his exceptional talent, Alonso expertly maneuvered the ball past the opposing team’s defense, leaving the goalkeeper with no chance to save it.

Maras Impresses with Solid Performance

Nikola Maras, the young defender, showcased his potential with an outstanding performance throughout the match. His defensive skills and ability to read the game were instrumental in keeping the rival team at bay.

Romeu’s Impact in Midfield

Oriol Romeu, the midfield maestro, played a crucial role in Chelsea’s victory. With his exceptional passing and vision, Romeu controlled the game and created numerous scoring opportunities for his teammates.

Hagi’s Creative Brilliance

Ianis Hagi, the talented playmaker, displayed his creative brilliance on the field. With his precise passes and exceptional dribbling skills, Hagi constantly threatened the rival team’s defense and contributed to Chelsea’s attacking prowess.

Overall, Chelsea’s victory was a testament to their teamwork, skill, and determination. The late goals by Alonso and the impressive performances by Maras, Romeu, and Hagi secured a well-deserved win for the team.

Player Performances in the Match

Player 1: Lionel Messi

Minutes Played: 77′

Player 2: Marc Casado

Minutes Played: 30′

Player 3: Tomas Mendes

Minutes Played: 84′

Player 4: Ferran Torres

Minutes Played: 90′

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, one of the star players in the match, showcased his exceptional skills and contributed significantly to his team’s performance. He played for a total of 77 minutes, demonstrating his agility and precision on the field.

Marc Casado

Marc Casado, another player in the match, displayed his talent and dedication during his 30 minutes of playtime. Despite the limited time, he made valuable contributions to his team’s gameplay.

Tomas Mendes

Tomas Mendes, a key player in the match, exhibited his prowess and versatility throughout the game. With a total of 84 minutes on the field, he showcased his technical abilities and played a crucial role in his team’s performance.

Ferran Torres

Ferran Torres, an outstanding player in the match, demonstrated his exceptional skills and determination throughout the game. He played the full 90 minutes, consistently making impactful contributions to his team’s gameplay.

Victor Parada Scores in the 69th Minute

Victor Parada, number 44, showcased his skills on the field as he scored a remarkable goal in the 69th minute of the match. With his exceptional talent and determination, Parada proved to be a valuable asset to his team.

Raphinha Assists with an Impressive Play in the 62nd Minute

In the 62nd minute, Raphinha, known for his agility and precision, made a brilliant play that resulted in a goal. With his quick thinking and exceptional ball control, he assisted his teammate in finding the back of the net.

Jon Karrikaburu Shines with Number 9 Jersey

Jon Karrikaburu, wearing the number 9 jersey, displayed his prowess on the field. With his strategic positioning and remarkable goal-scoring abilities, Karrikaburu proved to be a key player in his team’s success.

Kike Garcia’s Fifteenth Goal of the Season

Kike Garcia, known for his consistent performance throughout the season, scored his fifteenth goal in the match. With his exceptional goal-scoring record and determination, Garcia continues to be a vital player for his team.

Meet the Coaches

Xeber Alkain

Age: 17

Abde Rebbach

Age: 21


Xavier Hernandez Creus

Luis Garcia

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