Endrick Shines as Palmeiras Takes the Lead in Brazil

Endrick showcased his best performance in the victory that propelled Palmeiras to the top spot in Brazil. The 17-year-old prodigy scored a powerful left-footed strike, marking his fourth goal in the last four matches. With this win, Palmeiras maintains its chances of defending the title.

Endrick’s Impressive Goal Record

Endrick scored his ninth goal in Brazil in the 59th minute of the game and was substituted in the 64th minute. Ferreira, aiming to add freshness to the attack and maintain the high-pressure strategy, decided to rest the young football player who will soon join Real Madrid. Endrick’s exceptional performance increases his chances of being called up for the Brazilian national team.

Endrick’s Precocious Talent

Endrick’s precocity has already broken records, making him the youngest player since 2009 to score goals in Brazil. He follows in the footsteps of great talents like Neymar. During his time at Santos, he scored 10 goals.

Palmeiras’ Preparations for Upcoming Matches

The new Palmeiras team will travel from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, where they will conduct training sessions before their trip to Barranquilla, Colombia. After returning home, they will face Argentina on Tuesday, the 21st.

Palmeiras’ Resilient Performance

Palmeiras faced International under pressure after a 3-0 defeat against Flamengo and the absence of their captain, Gustavo Gomez. The opponent started strongly, creating several clear opportunities, but failed to convert them into goals. However, Endrick’s goal changed the game’s dynamics, giving Palmeiras the advantage.

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Before halftime, Palmeiras extended their lead through Zé Rafael, who displayed composure and precision. In the second half, thanks to Veiga’s impeccable pressure, the ball was passed to Endrick, who confidently scored his second goal. Rony, who replaced Endrick, sealed the victory with a fantastic goal.

This win is significant for Palmeiras, a club with a rich history and a strong presence across the country.

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  • Nicolás Hernandez (32′, Dalbert)
  • Romulo (45′, Charles Aránguiz)
  • Kaiky Naves (45′, Luan Garcia)
  • Rony (63′, Endrick)
  • Luiz Adriano (63′, Enner Valencia)
  • Vanderlan (63′, Breno Lopes)
  • Carlos de Pena (78′, Johnny Cardoso)
  • Pedro Henrique (78′, Mauricio)
  • Fabinho (85′, Richard Ríos)
  • Arthur (89′, Raphael Veiga)


  • 1-0, 37′: Ze Rafael
  • 2-0, 58′: Endrick
  • 3-0, 87′: Rony

Yellow Cards:

  • Aránguiz (13′, Amarilla)
  • Dalbert (32′, Amarilla)
  • Murilo Cerqueira (36′, Amarilla)
  • Alan Patrick (67′, Amarilla)

Referee: Paulo Cezar Zanovelli Da Silva

Referee VAR: Marco Aurélio Fazekas Ferreira, Cleriston Clay Barreto Rios


Classification P.T. PJ PG PE PP

Performance Analysis of PAL and BOT

Rank Player Score Assists Rebounds Steals Blocks



62 34 18 8 8



59 32 18 5 9


Player 3

55 28 16 7 6

Student Performance Report

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The Grade Point Average (GPA) is an important indicator of a student’s academic performance. It is calculated by assigning a numerical value to each grade and then averaging them. In our recent assessment, the average GPA for the students was 3.5, which is considered above average.

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Subject-wise Performance

Let’s take a closer look at the performance of students in different subjects:

Subject Top Score High Score Average Score Low Score Bottom Score
Mathematics 95 85 75 60 50
Science 92 80 70 55 45
English 88 75 65 50 40
History 85 70 60 45 35
Geography 80 65 55 40 30


From the above data, it is evident that the students have performed exceptionally well in Mathematics, with a top score of 95. Science and English also show commendable performance, with top scores of 92 and 88, respectively. However, there is room for improvement in History and Geography, where the top scores are comparatively lower.

Overall, the students have shown a strong academic performance, with a GPA of 3.5. This indicates their dedication and hard work towards their studies. With targeted efforts and support, we believe they can further enhance their performance in all subjects.

Football League Analysis

Team Performance

Classification P.T. PJ PG PE PP
FLA 57 33 16 9 8

Team Comparison

Classification P.T. PJ PG PE PP
CUI 44 33 12 8 13

Latest Statistics

Category Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 Number 4 Number 5


43 31 12 7 12


43 34 11 10 13

Stock Market Performance

The following table displays the performance of two stocks, SNT and HORN, in the stock market:

Stock Price Volume Revenue Profit Loss


SNT is a stock that has shown consistent growth in the market. With a price of $41, it has attracted a high volume of investors. The company has reported a revenue of $33, with a profit of $11 and a loss of $8. Overall, SNT has performed well in the market.

$41 $33 $11 $8 $14


HORN is another stock that has gained attention in the market. Priced at $14, it has attracted investors with its potential. The company has reported a revenue of $33, with a profit of $9 and a loss of $14. Although HORN has faced some challenges, it has managed to maintain a stable position in the market.

$14 $33 $9 $14 $10
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