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You can find the most comprehensive report on the Granada 1-1 Getafe match, written by our colleague Javir Hernández.


Getafe moves away from relegation

José Bordalás’ team continues to accumulate points, going unbeaten for seven matches. As a result, Getafe now sits in 11th place with 16 points.

P.T. P.J. P.G. PE PP


18 13 5 3 5


18 13 4 6 3


16 13 3 7 3


14 13 4 2 7


12 12 3 3 6


Granada struggles to start

With this draw, Granada remains in 19th place with 7 points, still within the relegation zone.

P.T. P.J. P.G. PE PP


10 12 2 4 6


9 12 1 6 5


7 13 1 4 8


7 13 1 4 8


3 13 0 3 10


Granada encounters difficulties



The Paraguayan power plant launched a dangerous shot at Getafe’s goal, aiming to beat David Soria.


Cleared Corner by Famara

Famara successfully cleared the corner taken by Oscar.


Torrent Injured

Torrent had to leave the field physically stiff due to an injury sustained in the match against Granada. With Torrent’s departure, Granada is left with 10 players for the remaining time.


New Corner for Getafe

Getafe earns a corner after Famara’s clearance on a previous occasion.


Sergio Ruiz Commits Foul

Sergio Ruiz commits a foul on Bush, trying to waste a few seconds for Getafe.


Manafa’s High Shot

Manafa takes a very high shot after receiving a cleared ball from long distance, thanks to Gumbau’s lateral shot.


Four Minutes of Extra Time

The referee adds four minutes of extra time to the match.


Grenade Commits Lateral Foul

Grenade commits a dangerous lateral foul, with Gaston Alvarez fouling Doors.


Alderete’s Clearance

Alderete clears a loose ball on the blue ground, as Grenade intensifies their efforts in the final stretch.


Triple Change in Getafe

Latasa, Mata, and Domingos Duarte enter the field, replacing Mayoral, Greenwood, and Luis Milla.


Double Change in Granada

Famara and Álvaro Carreras come in for Uzuni and Gonzalo Villar.


Oscar Rodriguez Receives Yellow Card

Oscar Rodriguez receives a yellow card for a scuffle with Manafa.


Gonzalo Villar’s Header

Gonzalo Villar had a chance to score the second goal with a header from Doors’ cross.


David Soria Shines in Granada’s Match

Posted on as.com at 20:18 CET, 11/11/2023

During the recent match, David Soria stood out with an exceptional performance, catching the attention of the audience. Despite being practically alone, he displayed remarkable skills and made significant contributions to his team’s performance.

Churches Commits Foul in Attack

Posted on as.com at 20:15 CET, 11/11/2023

In a moment of intense pressure on Snow, Churches committed a foul in attack. This action showcased the aggressive nature of the game and the determination of the players to gain an advantage.

Granada’s Fourth Yellow Card

Posted on as.com at 20:14 CET, 11/11/2023

Manafa received a blow to the face from Oscar, resulting in Granada’s fourth yellow card. This incident highlighted the physicality of the match and the challenges faced by the players on the field.

Churches’ High Shot

Posted on as.com at 20:14 CET, 11/11/2023

Churches took a very high shot, once again demonstrating his ability to capitalize on loose balls from the edge. This showcased his precision and shooting prowess.

Manafa’s Long Ball

Posted on as.com at 20:12 CET, 11/11/2023

Manafa attempted a very long ball to find Doors, but the defense led by Gaston Alvarez prevented the connection. The ball ultimately ended up in the hands of David Soria, highlighting his alertness and goalkeeping skills.

Greenwood’s Excellent Center

Posted on as.com at 20:09 CET, 11/11/2023

Greenwood delivered a superb center with his left foot from the right side, but Foreman failed to connect with the header. This showcased the teamwork and attacking strategies employed by the players.

Double Change in Granada

Posted on as.com at 20:08 CET, 11/11/2023

Callejón and Sergio Ruiz entered the field, replacing Boyé and Bryan Zaragoza. This tactical substitution aimed to bring fresh energy and new dynamics to the team’s gameplay.

Third Yellow Card in Granada

Posted on as.com at 20:06 CET, 11/11/2023

Bryan Zaragoza received a yellow card for protesting against Muñiz Ruiz. The incident involved a push from Damian Suarez within the penalty area, highlighting the intensity and emotions of the match.

Offside Position of Maksimovic

Posted on as.com at 20:04 CET, 11/11/2023

Maksimovic was caught in an offside position during Getafe’s attack. This demonstrated the defensive strategies employed by Granada to prevent their opponents from scoring.

Boyé Commits Foul

Posted on as.com at 20:03 CET, 11/11/2023

Boyé committed a foul after a chance blow to the face of Gaston Alvarez. This showcased the physicality and competitiveness of the game.

Uzuni Called Offside

Posted on as.com at 20:01 CET, 11/11/2023

Uzuni was called offside during his entrance on the right side. His previous center had already been repelled by Gaston Alvarez, highlighting the defensive efforts of the opposing team.

Maksimovic’s Deflected Header

Posted on as.com at 19:59 CET, 11/11/2023

Maksimovic’s header was deflected and went very high after Oscar Rodriguez’s center. This showcased the challenges faced by the players in executing precise and accurate shots.

First Change in Granada

Posted on as.com at 19:58 CET, 11/11/2023

Doors entered the field, replacing Melendo. This substitution aimed to introduce fresh tactics and strategies to enhance the team’s performance.

Gonzalo Villar Attempts Another Shot!

During the match, Gonzalo Villar, the midfielder for Nasrid, made another attempt at scoring. This time, he used his left foot, but David Soria managed to block the shot.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 19:58 CET, 11/11/2023

Diego Rico Stops Bryan Zaragoza’s Attempt

Diego Rico, the defender for the team, was attentive and managed to stop Bryan Zaragoza’s attempt to overflow. He even forced a throw-in for the azulones.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 19:57 CET, 11/11/2023

Torrent Clears Luis Milla’s Corner

Torrent, a player from the opposing team, successfully cleared the new corner taken by Luis Milla.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 19:55 CET, 11/11/2023

Gonzalo Villar Blocks Foreman’s Shot

Gonzalo Villar managed to plug the attempted shooting by Foreman from the edge of the area.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 19:55 CET, 11/11/2023

Ferreira Catches Churches’ Volley Attempt

Ferreira successfully caught Churches’ volley attempt after chasing a rebounded ball from Luis Milla’s corner kick.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 19:53 CET, 11/11/2023

Greenwood’s Direct Shot Hits Barrier

Greenwood attempted a direct shot, but it hit the barrier and resulted in a corner.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 19:52 CET, 11/11/2023

Second Change at Getafe

Precisely, Alena is the player who leaves the playing field to be replaced by Oscar.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 19:51 CET, 11/11/2023

New Yellow Card in Granada

Snow receives a yellow card for a foul on Alena near the right peak of the area.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 19:50 CET, 11/11/2023

Gaston Alvarez Stops Bryan Zaragoza’s Arrival

Gaston Alvarez made a providential move to stop Bryan Zaragoza’s arrival to the crescent of the area.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 19:50 CET, 11/11/2023

David Soria Cuts Snow’s Dangerous Internship

David Soria was attentive and went out to cut a dangerous internship by Snow in the blue area.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 19:49 CET, 11/11/2023

David Soria Catches Snow’s Center

David Soria caught Snow’s center upon arrival to the baseline.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 19:47 CET, 11/11/2023

Uzuni’s Hand in Hand Shot Saved by Getafe’s Goalkeeper

Uzuni had an incredible opportunity to score as he raced against Alderete, but Getafe’s goalkeeper made a fantastic save.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 19:45 CET, 11/11/2023

We’ll See How Getafe Reacts in the Second Half

Getafe will face a tough challenge in the second half as they try to recover from the hard blow they suffered before the break.

Posted at: 19:44 CET, 11/11/2023

Aleñá Attempts a Shot

Aleñá, the blue team’s player, takes a shot from the front of the area that is saved by Ferreira.

Posted at: 19:41 CET, 11/11/2023

The Second Half Begins

The second half of the match has started.

Posted at: 19:41 CET, 11/11/2023

First Change at Getafe

Carmona is substituted by Churches in the Getafe team.

Posted at: 19:41 CET, 11/11/2023

Gonzalo Villar Lifts Granada

The first half ends with a score of 1-1. Getafe took an early lead with a goal from Borja Mayoral, assisted by Greenwood. However, Granada equalized just before halftime with a goal from Gonzalo Villar, assisted by the captain Neva.

Posted at: 19:27 CET, 11/11/2023

Match Rest Time

The match is currently at rest.

Posted at: 19:23 CET, 11/11/2023

Carmona Recovers from Injury

Carmona, who suffered from muscle discomfort, has recovered with the help of the Getafe medical team.

Posted at: 19:22 CET, 11/11/2023

Gonzalo Villar Scores the Equalizer

Granada scores just before halftime with a goal from Gonzalo Villar, assisted by Neva. The shot was unstoppable for David Soria.

Posted at: 19:21 CET, 11/11/2023

Goal for Granada! Gonzalo Villar Scores!

Granada takes the lead with a goal from Gonzalo Villar.

Posted at: 19:20 CET, 11/11/2023

Foul Committed by Carmona

Carmona fouls Snow, hitting him in the face with his arm.

Posted at: 19:19 CET, 11/11/2023

Gonzalo Villar Misses a Chance

Gonzalo Villar had a great opportunity to score, but he chose to control the ball instead of taking a shot.

Posted at: 19:17 CET, 11/11/2023

Extra Time Added

The referee has added five minutes of extra time.

Posted at: 19:16 CET, 11/11/2023


New dangerous sending from the talented Malaga man, Bryan Zaragoza, from the right side, who skillfully evaded defenders and forced David Soria to make a save.



A dangerous cross at mid-height by Bryan Zaragoza, but unfortunately, it failed to find its intended targets, Boyé and Uzuni.



Greenwood found himself in an offside position during an attacking play, which resulted in a shot from the left corner of the area that went over the crossbar.


And Getafe’s first yellow card

Alena received a yellow card for grabbing Gonzalo Villar.


Luis Milla Returns

Luis Milla has recovered after requiring assistance from the medical team.


First Yellow Card of the Match

Boyé receives the first yellow card of the match for a foul on Luis Milla.


Manafa’s Dangerous Center

Manafa delivers a dangerous cross towards the far post, where Foreman was waiting eagerly.


Luis Milla Commits a Foul

Luis Milla accidentally hits Uzuni’s face with his arm, resulting in a foul.


Greenwood Commits a Foul

Greenwood is called for a foul after stomping on Melendo’s left foot near the right corner flag area.


Manafa Wins the Duel

Manafa successfully wins his duel against Greenwood along the left lane in Nasrid’s defensive territory.


Gonzalo Villar Injured

Gonzalo Villar joins the list of injured players after a collision with Alderete, resulting in a blow to his face.


Control Slipped Away for Boyé as Granada Faces Defeat

During the match, Boyé failed to bring down a long ball, resulting in possession for David Soria, the opposing team’s goalkeeper.

Source: as.com

Bryan Zaragoza Misses an Opportunity for Granada

Bryan Zaragoza couldn’t reach an opening created by Uzuni towards the right wing. The Albanian player apologized for the missed chance.

Source: as.com

David Soria Blocks Uzuni’s Shot

Uzuni attempted a shot from outside the area, but David Soria, the Granada goalkeeper, successfully blocked it.

Source: as.com

Greenwood Claims Foul, Referee Disagrees

Greenwood fell near the front of the area and claimed a foul by Ignasi Miguel, but the referee, Muñiz Ruiz, dismissed the Englishman’s appeal.

Source: as.com

Granada Reacts Strongly After Conceding a Goal

Granada responded well to the goal they conceded and created two good opportunities to equalize the score.

Source: as.com

Uzuni Almost Scores the Equalizer

Uzuni received a pass from Boyé inside the area and took a powerful shot that narrowly missed the crossbar.

Source: as.com

Maksimovic Makes a Crucial Save for Granada

Greenwood took a shot that eluded Ferreira, but Maksimovic made a timely intervention to prevent a goal.

Source: as.com

Melendo Recovers After Injury Scare

Melendo required medical assistance after a challenge in which he claimed a penalty, but he has since recovered.

Source: as.com

Granada Appeals for Penalty

Granada players appealed for a penalty after Melendo was brought down inside the area by Alderete while attempting a shot.

Source: as.com

Manafa Sets Up Diego Rico’s Chance

Manafa played a diagonal ball to Gaston Alvarez, who then passed it to Diego Rico near the baseline. Despite pressure from Alena, Rico managed to force a throw-in.

Source: as.com

Gonzalo Villar Commits a Foul

Gonzalo Villar was whistled for a foul in the central area after a challenge on Carmona. The referee, Muñiz Ruiz, urged the Granada players to remain calm.

Source: as.com

Uzuni’s Dangerous Opportunity Denied by David Soria

Uzuni leaked a dangerous ball for Melendo’s entry into the Granada area, but David Soria made a crucial save to deny the chance.

Source: as.com

Defensive Help from Alena Stops Snow’s Attack

Alena intercepts Bryan Zaragoza’s pass, preventing Snow from launching an attack.

Posted at: 18:42 CET, 11/11/2023

Snow’s Attempt on Uzuni Saved by David Soria

Snow tries to find Uzuni, but David Soria makes another save.

Posted at: 18:41 CET, 11/11/2023

Boyé’s Threat on Alderete Cleared by David Soria

Boyé’s dangerous move near the corner flag is stopped by David Soria.

Posted at: 18:40 CET, 11/11/2023

Carmona Loses Control of the Ball

Carmona loses control after receiving a long diagonal ball from Alderete.

Posted at: 18:39 CET, 11/11/2023

Nasrid Defense Foils Alena’s Attempt

The Nasrid defense stops Alena from making a left pass for Greenwood’s quick transition.

Posted at: 18:38 CET, 11/11/2023

Gaston Cuts Uzuni’s Dangerous Counterattack

Gaston prevents Uzuni from launching a dangerous counterattack.

Posted at: 18:36 CET, 11/11/2023

Bryan Zaragoza Called Offside

Bryan Zaragoza is called offside while looking for a ball behind the Azulona defense. Gaston had already intercepted that pass from Malaga.

Posted at: 18:36 CET, 11/11/2023

Ignasi Miguel Stops Greenwood’s Dangerous Move

Ignasi Miguel prevents Greenwood from making another dangerous move in the Nasrid area.

Posted at: 18:35 CET, 11/11/2023

Mayoral Scores, Getafe Takes the Lead!

Greenwood sets up a tremendous play, beating Manafá on the baseline and providing a perfect assist for Mayoral to score his 7th goal.

Posted at: 18:34 CET, 11/11/2023


Posted at: 18:33 CET, 11/11/2023

Carmona Recovers from Injury

Carmona recovers from a blow to the stomach by Snow.

Posted at: 18:32 CET, 11/11/2023

The Game Begins at Nuevo Los Cármenes!

Posted at: 18:31 CET, 11/11/2023

Great Football Atmosphere at Nuevo Los Cármenes

There is a fantastic football atmosphere at Nuevo Los Cármenes.

Fans Singing A Cappella Anthem of Nasrid Club

Posted on as.com at 18:29 CET, 11/11/2023

The 22 Protagonists Are Now Jumping on the Playing Field!!!

Posted on as.com at 18:27 CET, 11/11/2023

Getafe’s Lineup Revealed by José Bordalás in Nuevo Los Cármenes

Posted on as.com at 18:27 CET, 11/11/2023

Last Review of the Elevens!

We Recall Paco López’s Selection for Grenade:

Posted on as.com at 18:26 CET, 11/11/2023

Statistical Leaders of Granada and Getafe in LaLiga EA Sports

Possession Repossessions

Posted on as.com at 18:25 CET, 11/11/2023

The Azulones Seek to Confirm Themselves

Getafe, currently 11th with 15 points, has gone six matches without a defeat. If they continue their successful streak, they will be closer to Europe than the relegation zone.

P.T. P.J. P.G. PE PP
9 18 13 4 6 3
10 17 12 5 2 5
11 15 12 3 6 3
12 13 12 4 1 7
13 12 12 3 3 6

Posted on as.com at 18:16 CET, 11/11/2023

Turning Point Before the Break

Grenade aims to break its poor form and climb up the rankings. Currently 19th with 6 points, a victory would put them level with Mallorca, who are in the safety zone.

P.T. P.J. P.G. PE PP
16 10 12 2 4 6
17 9 12 1 6 5
18 7 13 1 4 8
19 6 12 1 3 8
20 4 13 0 4 9

Posted on as.com at 18:11 CET, 11/11/2023

This is how Granada and Getafe arrive at the 13th matchday of LaLiga EA Sports

Warm-ups underway!

You can now experience the pre-match exercises of this Granada – Getafe through the LaLiga EA Sports YouTube channel.

The Madrid native shines in front of goal

The Madrid native has been in impressive form this season, scoring six goals. He is just one goal behind Morata and Gerard Moreno, who play for the National Team.

Midfielder chosen as a replacement

The midfielder has been selected by José Bordalás to start in place of Djené, who is serving a suspension. The midfielder has a history with Los Cármenes, having made his debut in the First Division and played in Europe.

Portuguese player gets his first start

The Portuguese player made his debut in the league at Mestalla and left a positive impression. Now, he will have his first start in LaLiga EA Sports this afternoon.

Getafe’s aerial threat

Getafe is currently the team with the most headed goals in the top five leagues, with a total of nine goals. Only Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid in the 2014-2015 season have surpassed this figure with 14 and 10 goals, respectively.

No postponement despite player absence

The club has decided not to postpone the match against Getafe, even though Weissman is currently with the Israeli national team. There are ongoing legal disputes with sports justice.

Referee team

Main referee: Muñiz Ruiz (Galician Committee).

VAR referee: Prieto Iglesias (Navarrean Committee).


Granada: Adri López, Álvaro Carreras, Miki Bosch, Víctor Díaz, Ricard, Sergio Ruiz, Petrovic, Perea, Famara, Puertas, and Callejón.

Getafe: Fuzato, Benito, Angileri, Jordi Martín, Mitrovic, Domingos Duarte, Iglesias, Óscar, Mata, Latasa, and Choco Lozano.

Granada’s starting eleven

André Ferreira; Manafá, Ignasi Miquel, Torrente, Neva; Gumbau, Gonzalo Villar, Melendo; Bryan Zaragoza, Boyé, and Uzuni.

Paco López has made only one change, with Manafá starting on the right side in place of Ricard. The rest of the lineup remains the same as the previous match against Mestalla.




David Soria, Damián Suárez, Gastón Álvarez, Alderete, Diego Rico; Luis Milla, Maksimovic; Carmona, Aleñá, Greenwood; Foreman.

José Bordalás makes two changes compared to the previous XI. One of them is the expected entry of Luis Milla, who replaces Djené due to suspension. Aleñá also replaces Mata.





The sole competition judge upheld Arosa’s complaint and disqualified the Granada team due to the irregular alignment of goalkeeper Adri López. The club will appeal the decision.



The G-19 Association of Granada supporters clubs will distribute red cards to express their disagreement with the referee and VAR decisions.



Nearly 500 Azulones fans have traveled to Granada to support their team at the Nuevo Los Cármenes Stadium.



The complete press conferences of Paco López and José Bordalás in the preview of Granada – Getafe.



“It is normal that when things are not going well, if a deep analysis is not done, it is logical that there is a change of coach. I understand, but I don’t agree… Names like Quique Flores and Rubi come up as possible substitutes. We normalize this, but it is still painful, honestly. I feel the same confidence in my work as everyone else. Just because certain things hurt me doesn’t mean they affect me in my work.”

“We were not so bad before, nor are we so good now. The team has had bad and good moments, as is evident, but the general line has been good, positive. It’s just that getting the three points changes the way you see the moment a lot. Granada is a rival with whom we share various objectives, so it will be a very complicated match. In addition, he has fewer points than he deserves because his level of play is good.”


Paco López will not make a revolution because he doesn’t have many options. There might be a possible return of Álvaro Carreras. Bryan is indisputable, but he has four yellow cards. On the other hand, Bordalás will field an eleven in Los Cármenes with only one change compared to the victory against Cádiz: Luis Milla.



The most complete preview of the Granada – Getafe match led by our colleague Carlos Cariño.



For its part, the Getafe team seeks to continue growing and confirm its good form. José Bordalás’s team has gone seven games without tasting defeat, with two wins and five draws. One of those victories was the 12-0 win over Tardienta in the Copa del Rey, and the other, more recent, was the 1-0 win over Cádiz.


Getafe’s Determination Shines Despite Challenges

Getafe FC showcased their resilience in a thrilling match at the Coliseum, where they played with only 10 players throughout the entire second half. Currently positioned in 11th place with 15 points, the team’s determination is evident despite the odds stacked against them.

Player Spotlight: Borja Mayoral

Borja Mayoral, the 26-year-old forward from Parla, has emerged as Getafe’s top scorer this season. With an impressive record of six goals and one assist in LaLiga EA Sports, Mayoral has proven to be a key player for the team. Additionally, he has scored two more goals in the Cup, further solidifying his impact on the field.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 16:32 CET, 11/11/2023

Granada’s Quest for Redemption

Granada faces a crucial match before the national team break, hoping to turn their season around. Currently sitting in 19th place with only 6 points after 12 games in LaLiga EA Sports, Paco López’s men are in dire need of a resurrection. The team has struggled to secure victories, with just one win and a nine-game winless streak. Their elimination from the Copa del Rey against Arosa due to improper alignment has added to their challenges.

Player Spotlight: Bryan Zaragoza

Bryan Zaragoza, the young attacker from Malaga and a rising star in the First Division, has been a standout player for Granada. With five goals and two assists, Zaragoza has become the team’s main hope for success.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 16:32 CET, 11/11/2023

Granada vs Getafe: Live Match Updates

Welcome to the live broadcast of the Granada vs Getafe match! Stay tuned as we provide minute-by-minute updates for this LaLiga EA Sports fixture, taking place today, November 11, at the Nuevo Los Cármenes Stadium, starting at 6:30 p.m.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 16:28 CET, 11/11/2023

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