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Luis Campos responded to students at La Sorbonne this Friday. Le Figaro.

REPORTING – The Transfer Market According to Luis Campos

The PSG sports advisor had the opportunity, this Friday, to speak on the transfer market in front of students, particularly in economics.

Luis Campos takes a chalk and draws a diagram on the board. A scale appears with different price ranges: 0-5 M€, 5-10 M€, and 10-15 M€. The PSG sports advisor, invited this Friday by the School of Economics of the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne to discuss the transfer market in the world of football, takes the time to decipher it. He explains (in essence) that when it comes to recruitment, one must know how to adapt to a given budget. This serves as an illustration of his initial statement, which emphasizes that a sporting project must always align with an economic project.

The atmosphere is studious. Just under 300 students sit on the wooden benches of the Descartes amphitheater, all attentive, trying to absorb the Portuguese’s presentation. They are delighted to have the chance to listen to one of the most influential figures in football. “In my first year, Leonardo came. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend it. So, I’m happy that he…”

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