Real Madrid 7 – Real Sociedad 1: League F live

The match chronicle by Marta Griñán. The Real Madrid team secured a victory against Real Sociedad ahead of their upcoming Champions League match against Chelsea. Athenea scored twice, Olga had an outstanding performance, and Linda Caicedo showed flashes of brilliance.


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Goal Scoring Feast before the Champions League

Real Madrid: The Real Madrid team took the lead with a goal from Athenea. Olga extended the advantage with a cross finished off by Bruun. Athenea scored again after a brilliant pass from Linda Caicedo. Satin and Rocio Galvez also found the net, while Olaya Rodriguez, Maite Oroz, and Feller contributed to the rout. The team, led by Alberto Toril, is currently co-leader in the league.

Real Sociedad: Real Sociedad conceded the first goal due to an error by Etxezarreta. Nerea Eizagirre managed to close the gap before halftime. Despite making substitutions, the team led by Natalia Arroyo couldn’t mount a comeback. They have a lot of room for improvement.


Upcoming Matches:

Real Madrid: The Real Madrid team will face Chelsea in the Champions League match at the Di Stéfano on Wednesday, November 15 at 9:00 p.m.

Real Sociedad: Real Sociedad will play against Sevilla at Zubieta on Saturday, November 18 at 4:00 p.m. in the 9th round of League F.


Real Sociedad Struggles Away from Home

The Basque team currently sits in 9th position with 10 points. Natalia Arroyo’s side has yet to secure a victory in away games, suffering four defeats. They need to improve their performance as visitors.


Real Madrid Gains Confidence with Goal Fest

Real Madrid currently sits in 2nd place with 21 points, tied with Barcelona. They have regained confidence with a memorable victory ahead of their upcoming matches against Chelsea and Barcelona.


Match Statistics:

Real Madrid 50% Possession 50% Real Sociedad

Real Madrid 32 Shots 9 Real Sociedad

Real Madrid 13 Shots on Goal 5 Real Sociedad

Real Madrid 12 Corners 3 Real Sociedad

Real Madrid 3 Offsides 3 Real Sociedad





Avoid the Elene Lete Goal!

Posted at: 21:56 CET 10/11/2023

Shipping to the area of Olaya, which the visiting goalkeeper skillfully saves. The ball is cleared for a corner without finding a finisher.

Providential Ana Tejada!

Posted at: 21:55 CET 10/11/2023

Ana Tejada prevents Feller’s attempt as the Frenchwoman collides with the Basque team’s defense.

Try to Hold the Ball Owuso

Posted at: 21:54 CET 10/11/2023

Owuso attempts to retain possession but is unable to overcome the white team’s defense.

Real Sociedad’s Late Push

Posted at: 21:53 CET 10/11/2023

Real Sociedad is showing determination in the added time, aiming to alter the final result in these closing minutes.

Four Minutes Added!

Posted at: 21:52 CET 10/11/2023

Jensen’s Struggles

Posted at: 21:51 CET 10/11/2023

Jensen’s shot lacks power, failing to make an impact in the match despite having numerous opportunities.

Satin’s Attempt Denied

Posted at: 21:50 CET 10/11/2023

Satin’s shot is intercepted by the defense. Although the Australian player sustains an injury, she can continue playing.

Save by Elene Lete!

Zornoza Encourages!

Posted at: 21:49 CET 10/11/2023

Elena Lete makes a remarkable save from Zornoza’s shot, pushing the ball out for a corner kick.

Feller Extends White Victory

Posted at: 21:48 CET 10/11/2023

The San Sebastian defense’s indecision allows Feller to score the seventh goal of the match, earning Real Madrid 5 points this season, with four in the League.



Posted at: 21:46 CET 10/11/2023

Yellow Card for Vanegas

Posted at: 21:46 CET 10/11/2023

Vanegas receives a yellow card for fouling Raso, cutting off the attack and becoming the first player to be booked in the match.

Catch by Misa!

Posted at: 21:45 CET 10/11/2023

Misa confidently saves Jensen’s shot, displaying great goalkeeping skills except for the previous goal.

Real Madrid Shows Dominance in Match Against White Team

Posted at: 21:45 CET, 10/11/2023

In a match against the white team, Real Madrid displayed their dominance as they kept possession of the ball with ease, despite the efforts of the Canarian goalkeeper.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:44 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Madrid Continues to Impress with Favorable Fouls

Posted at: 21:43 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Madrid received another favorable foul, showcasing their strong performance in the match. The team displayed great comfort and control throughout the game.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:43 CET, 10/11/2023

Ovation for Olga Carmona’s Outstanding Performance

Posted at: 21:42 CET, 10/11/2023

The audience at Di Stéfano stadium cheered for Olga Carmona, who delivered an exceptional performance on the left wing. Her contributions greatly impacted the game.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:42 CET, 10/11/2023

Olga Carmona and Feller’s Collaboration on the Field

Posted at: 21:41 CET, 10/11/2023

Olga Carmona showcased her skills on the left wing, combining well with Feller to create scoring opportunities for the team.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:41 CET, 10/11/2023

Olaya Rodriguez’s Ambitious Debut for Real Madrid

Posted at: 21:40 CET, 10/11/2023

Olaya Rodriguez, the former Sporting player, demonstrated her ambition and determination in her debut with the Real Madrid first team.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:40 CET, 10/11/2023

Maite Oroz Takes Advantage of Olga Carmona’s Assist

Posted at: 21:39 CET, 10/11/2023

Maite Oroz capitalized on a pass from Olga Carmona, scoring a goal from inside the area. This marks Oroz’s third goal of the season.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:39 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Madrid Celebrates Goal by Maite Oroz

Posted at: 21:38 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Madrid fans erupted in celebration as Maite Oroz scored a goal, further solidifying the team’s lead in the match.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:38 CET, 10/11/2023

Freja Siri’s Impressive Ball Stealing

Posted at: 21:37 CET, 10/11/2023

Freja Siri showcased her skills by stealing the ball in the center of the field. Real Madrid continued to dominate the game with ease.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:37 CET, 10/11/2023

Oihane Hernandez’s Center Cleared by San Sebastian Defense

Posted at: 21:37 CET, 10/11/2023

Oihane Hernandez delivered a center, but the San Sebastian defense successfully cleared the ball. The Basque team aimed to prevent further goals and narrow the score gap.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:37 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Madrid Creates Danger with Skillful Ball Movement

Posted at: 21:35 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Madrid showcased their excellent ball movement, attempting to create scoring opportunities. Freja Siri made an attempt inside the area, but failed to find the back of the net.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:35 CET, 10/11/2023

Franssi’s Missed Opportunities to Score

Posted at: 21:34 CET, 10/11/2023

Franssi struggled to find the back of the net, despite having several clear chances to create danger. The Finn’s goal remained elusive.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:34 CET, 10/11/2023

Double Substitution for Real Sociedad

Posted at: 21:33 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Sociedad made a double substitution, with Nerea Eizagirre and Aparicio leaving the field. Iris Arnaiz and Owusu entered the game as replacements.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:33 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Madrid’s Olaya Rodriguez Makes Debut

Posted at: 21:33 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Madrid’s midfielder, Olaya Rodriguez, made her debut with the first team in a match against Sporting. The talented player showcased her skills and contributed to the team’s performance.

Double Substitution for Real Madrid

Posted at: 21:30 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Madrid made a double substitution during the match. Athenea and Tere Abelleira left the field, making way for Freja Siri and Olaya Rodriguez, who made her first appearance with the first team.

Real Madrid Continues to Dominate

Posted at: 21:26 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Madrid maintains a high level of play and shows their determination to score more goals in the match. The team’s attacking front remains intense and focused.

Rocío Galvez Scores Fifth Goal for Real Madrid

Posted at: 21:28 CET, 10/11/2023

Rocío Galvez scored the fifth goal for Real Madrid with a powerful header. The goal was assisted by Zornoza’s direct free-kick. This season, Galvez has already scored two goals.

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Real Madrid’s Offensive Efforts

Posted at: 21:30 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Madrid continues to push for more goals in the match. Despite their efforts, Satin’s finish couldn’t find the back of the net. The team remains determined to increase their lead.

Tere Abelleira Suffers Injury

Posted at: 21:24 CET, 10/11/2023

Tere Abelleira sustained an injury during the game after a collision with Andreia Jacinto. Both players were able to continue after receiving medical attention.

Real Madrid’s Maite Oroz Comes Close to Scoring

Posted at: 21:25 CET, 10/11/2023

Maite Oroz almost scored for Real Madrid with a skillful heel finish. The team displayed their quality and creativity in the attacking play.

Real Madrid’s Dominance on the Left Lane

Posted at: 21:22 CET, 10/11/2023

Olga Carmona, playing on the left lane, showcased her confidence and skill as she recovered the ball from Mirari’s long ball. Real Madrid’s defense remains solid.

Real Madrid Hits the Goalpost

Posted at: 21:27 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Madrid came close to scoring their sixth goal, but Satin’s shot hit the goalpost. The team continues to search for more goals and maintain their attacking momentum.

Substitution for Real Sociedad

Posted at: 21:23 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Sociedad made a substitution during the match. Barnabas was replaced by Izarne as the team looked to make tactical changes.

Auction of Feller’s Shot Ends in Disappointment

The highly anticipated shot by French attacker Feller, aimed at the goal, unfortunately did not find its mark. Despite her efforts, luck was not on her side.

Posted at: 21:21 CET, 10/11/2023

Triple Change in Real Madrid

Out: Bruun, Linda Caicedo, Toletti

In: Zornoza, Maite Oroz, Feller

Real Madrid makes a strategic triple substitution, replacing Bruun, Linda Caicedo, and Toletti with Zornoza, Maite Oroz, and Feller.

Posted at: 21:20 CET, 10/11/2023

Franssi’s Missed Opportunity

Franssi, the Finnish attacker, attempts a shot but fails to find the target. The ball is recovered by the white team.

Posted at: 21:19 CET, 10/11/2023

Bullpen Dominates the Field

The Bullpen team displays a comfortable performance on the field. The Madridistas are actively seeking to create danger and extend their lead.

Posted at: 21:18 CET, 10/11/2023

Raso Adds to Real Madrid’s Score

Raso scores a goal for Real Madrid after a long ball from Mass catches the visiting defense off guard. Satin takes advantage of the opportunity to secure her second goal of the season.

Posted at: 21:17 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Madrid Celebrates a Goal



Posted at: 21:15 CET, 10/11/2023

Kathellen’s Missed Opportunity

Kathellen, the Brazilian central defender, attempts a shot but fails to find the goal. Her effort to score goes unrewarded.

Posted at: 21:15 CET, 10/11/2023

Elene Lete’s Impressive Save

Elene Lete, the visiting goalkeeper, makes a remarkable save with one hand to deny Bruun’s shot and keep the scoreline unchanged.

Posted at: 21:14 CET, 10/11/2023

Barnabas Creates Danger on the Wing

The match remains intense as Barnabas on the left side attempts to create danger for the opposing team.

Posted at: 21:13 CET, 10/11/2023

Toletti’s Shot Denied by Elene Lete

Toletti’s shot is blocked by the Spanish international goalkeeper in a providential manner. The French midfielder was eager to find the back of the net.

Posted at: 21:12 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Sociedad’s Penalty Appeal Denied

Real Sociedad claims a penalty after Franssi falls inside the box, but the referee decides that no foul has occurred and allows the match to continue.

Posted at: 21:11 CET, 10/11/2023

Emma Ramirez’s Great Save

Emma Ramirez makes a fantastic save to deny the white team from scoring a goal from a corner kick. The home team’s hopes are kept alive.

Posted at: 21:09 CET, 10/11/2023

Meeting Attendance

There are 2123 spectators at the Alfredo Di Stéfano enjoying the victory of the white team against the Basque team.

Posted at: 21:08 CET 10/11/2023

Second Half Begins

Posted at: 21:06 CET 10/11/2023

Double Change in Real Society

They leave Lorena Navarro and Etxezarreta.

They enter Vanegas and Mirari.

Posted at: 21:05 CET 10/11/2023

The Players Are Back to the Playing Field

Posted at: 21:04 CET 10/11/2023

Rotation and Goal: Girls Make Their Debut

Rotation and goal are two words that have usually only gone hand in hand in one competition, the Cup. However, girls made their debut last weekend with Real Madrid in the League.

Posted at: 21:03 CET 10/11/2023

Athenea Sends the Di Stéfano to Rest

Real Madrid: The white team took the lead on the scoreboard with a goal from Athenea. The madridistas’ siege led them to score the second, and a cross from Olga finished it off Bruun to extend the advantage. Athenea repeated after a great pass from Linda Caicedo. The Colombian excelled in the first half and was only missing a goal.

Real Society: An error of Etxezarreta caused the first goal for the white team. He could do little Elene Lete in the many fits. Before the break, Jensen had two very clear ones, but the forward was not lucky in front of goal. Nerea Eizagirre did close the gap before the first half ended.

Posted at: 21:01 CET 10/11/2023

First Half Statistics

Real Madrid 47% Possession 53% Real Society

Real Madrid 15 Shots 3 Real Society

Real Madrid 4 Shots on Goal 2 Real Society

Real Madrid 4 Corners 0 Real Society

Real Madrid 3 Offsides 2 Real Society

Posted at: 20:56 CET 10/11/2023

First Half Ends

Real Madrid 0-0 Real Society

Posted at: 20:51 CET 10/11/2023

Real Society Believes in the Second Half

The Real Society took advantage of the white team’s defensive fragility to believe in the difficult comeback in the second half.

Posted at: 20:50 CET 10/11/2023

Nerea Eizagirre Makes Real Sociedad Believe

Loose ball by Misa in the small area. He takes advantage of the ball Nerea Eizagirre to give life to the meeting. Addition 4 goals this season.

Posted at: 20:49 CET 10/11/2023

Real Sociedad Scores a Goal!

Nerea Eizagirre Shines

Real Sociedad celebrates as Nerea Eizagirre scores a fantastic goal, bringing them closer to victory.

Posted at: 20:49 CET, 10/11/2023

Royal Society Misses a Clear Chance

Jensen Fails to Score

Rocio Galvez’s error gives Jensen an opportunity, but the visiting team is let off the hook as Jensen fails to find the back of the net.

Posted at: 20:47 CET, 10/11/2023

Three Minutes Added to the Game

The referee adds three minutes of extra time to the match.

Posted at: 20:46 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Madrid Struggles to Create Scoring Opportunities

Natalia Arroyo’s team maintains possession of the ball but finds it difficult to create space and find scoring opportunities.

Posted at: 20:45 CET, 10/11/2023

Misa Saves the Goal!

Jensen’s Shot Denied

Jensen’s attempt to score is thwarted by the impressive save from Canarian goalkeeper Misa.

Posted at: 20:45 CET, 10/11/2023

Kathellen Makes a Crucial Defensive Cut

Brazilian center Kathellen showcases her defensive prowess, preventing the San Sebastian team from launching a successful attack.

Posted at: 20:43 CET, 10/11/2023

Linda Caicedo Aims for the Goal

Colombian player Linda Caicedo is in top form and only needs to find the back of the net to make a significant impact on the match.

Posted at: 20:43 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Madrid’s Solid Defense

Real Madrid’s defense remains compact, allowing the visiting team to have possession but feeling comfortable in the match.

Posted at: 20:41 CET, 10/11/2023

Natalia Arroyo’s Team Struggles to Break Lines

Real Madrid’s defense successfully prevents Natalia Arroyo’s team from breaking through their lines and gaining an advantage in the match.

Posted at: 20:41 CET, 10/11/2023

Athena Leads Real Madrid’s Attack

Athena continues to be a key player for Real Madrid, showcasing her skills and contributing to the team’s strong start in the match.

Posted at: 20:40 CET, 10/11/2023

Athenea Scores a Double

Athenea impresses with a brilliant goal within the penalty area, securing her second goal of the match. She now has a total of 5 goals this season, with four in the League.

Posted at: 20:39 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Madrid Scores a Spectacular Goal!

Athena Shines Again

Real Madrid celebrates as Athena scores a magnificent goal, adding to their lead in the match.

Posted at: 20:37 CET, 10/11/2023

The White Team’s Attack Unleashed

The white team is displaying a high level of attack, posing a constant threat with every counterattack. Their performance is impressive.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 20:37 CET, 10/11/2023

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Real Sociedad Struggles to Generate Danger

Real Sociedad, led by former Real Madrid player Lorena Navarro, is having difficulty creating scoring opportunities. They are finding it challenging to pose a threat.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 20:36 CET, 10/11/2023

Linda Caicedo’s Spectacular Play

Linda Caicedo showcases her skills with an incredible play. She dribbles past two defenders inside the box and narrowly misses the goal. The action is truly remarkable.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 20:35 CET, 10/11/2023

Satin’s Shot Cleared by Basque Defense

Satin takes a shot that is blocked by the Basque team’s defense. The home team continues to dominate the game, especially in the first half.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 20:34 CET, 10/11/2023

Jensen’s Attempt Falls Short

Jensen attempts a shot but fails to connect with her teammates from the txuri-urdin team. The first half remains challenging for her.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 20:32 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Madrid Takes Advantage of a Broken Game

The game becomes chaotic, and Real Madrid capitalizes on the situation by constantly posing a threat in the attacking third. They are highly intense in the opponent’s field.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 20:32 CET, 10/11/2023

Olga’s Shot Goes Wide

Olga attempts a shot from the wing, but it misses the target. The Madrid player claims that the ball deflected off a visiting player.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 20:30 CET, 10/11/2023

Oihane’s Long Pass Seeks a Companion

Oihane sends a long pass in search of a teammate. The ball goes directly to the Basque team, who are trying to recover from conceding a goal.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 20:29 CET, 10/11/2023

Olga-Bruun Connection Extends the Lead

Olga Carmona delivers a cross from the left, and Bruun extends the team’s advantage by beating the defenders inside the box. This goal adds to Bruun’s tally of 6 goals this season.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 20:28 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Madrid Scores a Goal!

Real Madrid celebrates a fantastic goal! Bruun finds the back of the net with an impressive strike.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 20:27 CET, 10/11/2023

Rocio Galvez Initiates a Possession

Rocio Galvez starts a long possession for the Madridistas. She plays the ball from the back, aiming to create spaces in the attack.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 20:26 CET, 10/11/2023

Bruun Unable to Find a Teammate

Bruun controls the ball inside the box but fails to find any of her teammates in the visiting team’s area.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 20:25 CET, 10/11/2023

Linda Caicedo’s Attempt Falls Short

Linda Caicedo tries her luck, but her shot fails to find the back of the net. However, her skill and determination are evident.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 20:24 CET, 10/11/2023

Attacker Continues to Pose a Threat

Posted at: 20:24 CET, 10/11/2023

The visiting team is facing a persistent danger as they struggle to make progress. Despite the efforts of Emma Ramirez, their attempts to penetrate the defense have been unsuccessful.

Encouragement for the Visiting Team

Posted at: 20:23 CET, 10/11/2023

Emma Ramirez’s performance has provided encouragement for the visiting team. They have been focusing on attacking from the wings, but luck has not been on their side.

Bruun’s Efforts to Control the Ball

Posted at: 20:23 CET, 10/11/2023

Bruun has been actively involved in controlling the ball and supporting her teammates. She has been attempting long passes to connect with her fellow players.

Real Madrid’s Solid Defense

Posted at: 20:21 CET, 10/11/2023

Natalia Arroyo’s team has managed to gain possession of the ball, but they have struggled to create significant threats towards the Madrid goal. Their attacks have been met with a solid defense.

Real Sociedad’s Quest for Control

Posted at: 20:20 CET, 10/11/2023

The Real Sociedad team is determined to gain control of the ball. However, they have been caught off guard by a goal against them, which has dampened their spirits.

Athenea Takes Advantage of Defensive Error

Posted at: 20:19 CET, 10/11/2023

Athenea seizes the opportunity created by a defensive error, specifically by Etxezarreta. Her decisive action allows her to score and open the scoring. This season, she has already scored three goals, two of which were in the League.

Real Madrid Celebrates a Goal!

Posted at: 20:18 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Madrid fans erupt in celebration as Athena scores a goal. The team’s excitement is palpable as they take the lead in the match.

Inaccuracies and Missed Opportunities

Posted at: 20:17 CET, 10/11/2023

A long ball is sent towards Franssi, but unfortunately, the Finn fails to reach it. This section of the match has been marked by numerous inaccuracies and missed opportunities.

Offside Call Denies Athena’s Progress

Posted at: 20:16 CET, 10/11/2023

Athena makes a promising move on the left side, but her progress is halted by an offside call. The dangerous play is annulled, and the ball is returned to the opposing team.

Visitors’ Attempt to Take Control

Posted at: 20:15 CET, 10/11/2023

Andreia Jacinto tries to assert control in the center of the field. The visiting team is determined to dominate the match, but the game remains highly competitive.

Real Sociedad’s Disallowed Goal

Posted at: 20:14 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Sociedad makes an attempt on the left side, but the play is canceled due to an offside position. The ball is returned to the home team.

Bruun’s Missed Opportunity

Posted at: 20:13 CET, 10/11/2023

Bruun attempts a header, but the Danish forward fails to convert it into a goal. Real Sociedad recovers the ball and looks for a counterattack.

Oihane’s Effort on the Right Side

Posted at: 20:12 CET, 10/11/2023

Oihane makes a strong run on the right side. However, her shot is blocked by the defense of the Txuri-Urdin team, resulting in a corner kick.

Real Madrid Dominates Possession

Posted at: 20:11 CET 10/11/2023

Real Madrid maintains long possession of the ball, utilizing a long ball strategy by Misa Rodriguez to break the defense of the opposing team and relieve pressure.

Offside Position for Nerea Eizagirre

Posted at: 20:10 CET 10/11/2023

A long ball is played for Nerea Eizagirre, but she is caught in an offside position, nullifying the attack for the Basque team.

Distant Foul for Real Sociedad

Posted at: 20:09 CET 10/11/2023

A distant foul is awarded in favor of Real Sociedad. Emma Ramirez sends the ball, but the defense of Real Madrid clears it, allowing the visitors to retain possession.

Real Madrid Puts Pressure with Corner

Posted at: 20:08 CET 10/11/2023

A corner kick is awarded to Real Madrid, but the defense of Real Sociedad successfully rejects the attack. The Madridistas continue to dominate the game in the early stages.

Jensen Presses to Regain Possession

Posted at: 20:07 CET 10/11/2023

Jensen from Real Madrid applies pressure to regain possession of the ball. The visiting team pushes forward, aiming to maintain control in the attacking half.

Linda Caicedo Hits the Crossbar

Posted at: 20:06 CET 10/11/2023

Excitement as Linda Caicedo makes a powerful shot inside the penalty area, but unfortunately, it hits the crossbar. A missed opportunity for the Colombian forward.

Bruun Misses a Clear Chance

Posted at: 20:05 CET 10/11/2023

Real Madrid comes close to scoring as Bruun heads the ball outside the goal. Despite being unmarked inside the box, luck is not on her side.

Linda Caicedo Tests the Defense

Posted at: 20:03 CET 10/11/2023

Linda Caicedo takes a shot that is deflected by the defense of Real Sociedad. Real Madrid continues to apply pressure in their attacking plays.

Possession Statistics in the League

Posted at: 20:02 CET 10/11/2023

Real Madrid: The white team maintains an average possession of 64% per game.

Real Sociedad: The visiting team holds an average possession of 52% per match.

Real Madrid Starts with Possession

Posted at: 20:01 CET 10/11/2023

Real Madrid begins the game with the first possession. The visiting team applies pressure in an attempt to regain control, but Real Madrid manages to retain the ball.

The Match Begins at Di Stéfano

Posted at: 20:00 CET 10/11/2023

The highly anticipated match kicks off at Di Stéfano stadium, generating excitement among the fans.

Lineups for Both Teams

Posted at: 20:00 CET 10/11/2023

Real Madrid’s Starting Eleven (1-4-2-3-1): Mass; Oihane, Rocío, Kathellen, Olga; Tere Abelleira, Toletti; Raso, Linda Caicedo, Athenea; Bruun.

The Real Sociedad Starting Lineup

The Real Sociedad starting eleven for the match is as follows:

  • Elene Lete
  • Emma Ramírez
  • Etxezarreta
  • Ana Tejada
  • Bernabé
  • Aparicio
  • Andreia Jacinto
  • Lorena Navarro
  • Franssi
  • Jensen
  • Nerea Eizagirre

Source: as.com

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The 22 Protagonists Jump into the Playing Field!!!

Source: as.com

Previous Confrontations

Both teams have faced each other in 6 occasions with a balance of 3 wins for Real Madrid, 1 draw, and 2 wins for Real Sociedad. The white team has not lost its last three games against the txuri-urdin.

  • Temp. 2020/2021: Real Sociedad 3-1 Real Madrid
  • Temp. 2020/2021: Real Madrid 3-2 Real Sociedad
  • Temp. 2021/2022: Real Madrid 0-1 Real Sociedad
  • Temp. 2021/2022: Real Sociedad 1-3 Real Madrid
  • Temp. 2022/2023: Real Madrid 4-1 Real Sociedad
  • Temp. 2022/2023: Real Sociedad 1-1 Real Madrid

Source: as.com

Warm-up Completed!

The players of both teams have finished their warm-up exercises. Everything is ready for the match to start at the Di Stéfano in just over ten minutes. Real Sociedad has not won away from home this year.

Source: as.com

Paula Party’s Impressive Performance

The winger, Paula Party, has scored two goals and provided six assists in eleven games. Her loan has been a success for Real Madrid, showcasing her great talent for the future.

Source: as.com

Injury Woes for Real Madrid

The star player of Real Madrid, Caroline Weir, underwent surgery in mid-October to repair her anterior cruciate ligament. Carla Camacho also joins the list of injured players after suffering a cruciate ligament injury during the international break.

Source: as.com

Coaches’ Statistics

Here are the statistics of both coaches:

  • Alberto Toril: He joined Real Madrid on November 29, 2021, and has since managed 82 games with 60 victories, 6 draws, and 15 defeats, resulting in a winning percentage of 73%.
  • Natalia Arroyo: The coach of the Basque team has led her team in 109 matches, achieving 54 victories, 20 draws, and 33 defeats, with a winning percentage of 50%.

Source: as.com

Quotes from the Coaches

“We have to go boldly and be our most ambitious version. The challenge is to show our best level away from home. We want to make the opponent feel uncomfortable on the pitch. Winning would mean we are close to them. It is in our hands to feel what team we want to be.”

“We really want to play at home again. With great enthusiasm to face these upcoming games. It’s going to be a very complicated team against a team that plays very good football and has a lot of ball. We are going to try to bring out all our virtues to seek victory. It’s going to be a very nice and very important game for us. ‘We have to give our best version.'”


New program “AREA F” discussing the start of the Copa de la Reina with special attention to Villarreal and Valencia CF. We speak with the protagonists and hear exclusive words from Nerea Eizagirre for AS and Area F. Debate on Area F: What can Salma Paralluelo become?

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Real Sociedad and their struggles away from home

The Basque team enters the match in the 9th position with 10 points, which puts them five points away from the Champions zone. In their last game, they secured a 1-0 victory against Villarreal. However, their performance at home differs significantly from their away games.

Real Sociedad has suffered three defeats on the road this season. They lost 2-1 against Granada, 3-0 against Barcelona, and 2-1 against Athletic.

Posted at: 19:32 CET, 10/11/2023

Real Madrid aims to close the gap

The white team enters the match in the 2nd position with 18 points, just three points behind the league leaders, Barcelona. Under the guidance of Alberto Toril, Real Madrid has recorded six wins and one loss in the league so far. In their previous game, they secured a 0-1 victory against Eibar on the road.

As the home team, Real Madrid has won two matches and suffered one defeat. They will be looking to redeem themselves after their recent home loss in a series of upcoming games.

Posted at: 19:26 CET, 10/11/2023

Key absences for both teams

Real Madrid: The Madrid team will be without Weir and Carla Camacho, both of whom are injured. Paula Comendador, Sara López, and Olaya Rodríguez have been called up from the B team.

Real Sociedad: The San Sebastian team will be missing Amaiur, Cecilia Marcos, Nora, and Elene Viles in their squad.

Posted at: 19:23 CET, 10/11/2023

Substitutes for both teams

The Real Madrid bench: Chavas (ps), Feller, Ivana, Sara López, Moller, Freja Siri, Maite Oroz, Paula Comendador, Kenti Ribles, Olaya Rodríguez, Svava, and Zornoza.

The Real Sociedad bench: Olatz Santana (ps), Iris Arnaiz, Owusu, Sarasola, Vanegas, and Mirari.

Posted at: 19:20 CET, 10/11/2023

The Real Madrid lineup!

Alberto Toril has made seven changes compared to the team that won 0-1 against Eibar. Mass returns as the goalkeeper. Oihane, Kathellen, and Olga replace Kenti Robles, Ivana, and Svava in defense. Tere Abelleira replaces Maite Oroz in midfield, while Athena and Satin replace Zornoza and Feller in the attacking positions.

The eleven (1-4-2-3-1): Mass; Oihane, Rocío, Kathellen, Olga; Tere Abelleira, Toletti; Raso, Linda Caicedo, Athenea; Bruun.

Posted at: 19:13 CET, 10/11/2023

The Real Sociedad lineup!

Natalia Arroyo has made one change compared to the team that won 1-0 against Villarreal. Ana Tejada replaces Iris Arnaiz in defense.

The eleven (1-4-3-3): Elene Lete; Emma Ramírez, Etxezarreta, Ana Tejada, Bernabé; Aparicio, Andreia Jacinto, Lorena Navarro; Franssi, Jensen, and Nerea Eizagirre.

Posted at: 19:06 CET, 10/11/2023

We already have the lineups of both teams!

Posted at: 19:02 CET, 10/11/2023

Interview with Marta Griñán

AS speaks to the captain of the txuri-urdin team before the match

“There are offers from other clubs, just as I can say that the negotiation has already begun with Real,” she says.


Referee Lineup

MAIN REFEREE: Onion Lopez, Paola

ASSISTANT 1: Pine Bridge, Rocío

ASSISTANT 2: Mainer Pardos, Elena

4th REFEREE: Square Couso, Coral

REPORTING OFFICER: Yuste Jiménez, Juan Carlos


Schedule and How to Watch the Game

Schedule: The meeting between Real Madrid and Real Sociedad, matchday 8 of League F, takes place today, November 10 at 8:00 p.m. in peninsular time, one hour earlier in the Canary Islands.

Television: The meeting can be seen through DAZN.


Preview of the Match

Marta Griñán, Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, Linda Caicedo, Manu Vanegas. Teammates in the Colombian team. Rivals in the F League. Coffee for the coffee makers. Di Stéfano hosts the great game on matchday 8.


Real Sociedad

The Txuri-Urdin team is in ninth position, but has suffered three defeats away from home this season. The Catalan coach still cannot count on Amaiur Sarriegi, who has been injured since the last concentration of the Spanish National Team. Jensen and Franssi will maintain their starting positions. In defense, Roof and Vanegas will enter from the beginning. Precisely, the Colombian defense will be in the spotlight one day after her 23rd birthday.

Player to watch: Nerea Eizagirre. The midfielder has scored 3 goals and provided 1 assist so far this season, leading the San Sebastian attack.


Real Madrid

The white team arrives as the second-placed team. The coach will rotate the squad, especially in defense, to save strength for the debut in the Champions League group stage against Chelsea on Wednesday. Athena could be one of the new additions: “I feel good, I am contributing things to the team regardless of the role that I have to assume in each game.” The Cantabrian also highlighted that they have a “busy” month of November with European visits to Barcelona and Hacken. For now, they host Real Sociedad.

Player to watch: Linda Caicedo. The Colombian soccer player has scored 1 goal and provided 4 assists so far this season, showing great progress.


Live Broadcast of Real Madrid – Real Sociedad

We will provide you with minute-by-minute updates of this match from matchday 8 of the F League, which will be played today, November 10 at the Alfredo Di Stéfano stadium starting at 8:00 p.m.!



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