Exciting Match Between Athletic and Celta: LaLiga EA Sports

Great game in San Mamés

The neutral spectator is thoroughly enjoying this match. Athletic started posing a threat to Celta. In the 25th minute, they were rewarded with a goal, something they hadn’t achieved since March.

Athletic woke up and Sancet, playing as a striker, took advantage of a poorly cleared ball from Starfelt. However, Bamba quickly put Celta ahead again with a powerful volley from outside the area.

Just when it seemed like the first half would end with a victory for the visitors, Guruzeta scored Athletic’s second goal with a shot at the near post.


Statistics at Half-Time

Here are the statistics at half-time:

Number of disputed balls resulting in possession loss

Number of possession recoveries


Tie in San Mamés

The match in San Mamés is currently tied.


Half-Time Break in San Mamés


With Guruzeta’s goal right at the end, the players head towards the locker room. What an exciting first half!


Athletic Equalizes!

Athletic scores!

Nico Williams leaves Kevin behind and delivers a cross to the near post, which is finished off by Guruzeta with the help of Starfelt and Guaita.




Goooooal from Guruzeta!


Unai Simon acts like a libero and prevents the pass from Bamba reaching Blades.



Inaki Williams makes an impressive individual play, but his shot from inside the area is too central and Guaita saves it in two attempts.


Unai Núñez comes to the rescue after Guaita’s false start, dealing with the threat posed by Nico Williams.


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Bamba scores a fantastic goal for Celta.

Posted at: 21:41 CET, 10/11/2023

Controversy Surrounding Aspas

Celta’s number 10, Aspas, protests for a foul that was not called by the referee. Larsen and Iñaki Williams take advantage of the situation.

Posted at: 21:41 CET, 10/11/2023

Yellow Card for Blades

Blades receives a yellow card for protesting the goal conceded by Athletic.

Posted at: 21:39 CET, 10/11/2023

Athletic Equalizes!

Nico Williams’ shot is deflected by a rival, but Sancet is there to finish it off.

Posted at: 21:39 CET, 10/11/2023


Sancet scores a brilliant goal for Athletic.

Posted at: 21:37 CET, 10/11/2023

Lekue beats Mingueza, but Kevin clears the ball for a corner kick.

Posted at: 21:37 CET, 10/11/2023

Sancet Scores with a Header

Sancet scores with a header after a cross from Lekue. Guaita fails to save it.

Posted at: 21:33 CET, 10/11/2023

Unai Simon comes out to prevent the opposing team’s top scorer from reaching the ball.

Posted at: 21:33 CET, 10/11/2023

Unai Núñez makes a crucial interception to deny Guruzeta a shot on goal.

Posted at: 21:32 CET, 10/11/2023

Inaki Williams is closely marked by Manu Sanchez. Corner kick for Athletic.

Posted at: 21:30 CET, 10/11/2023

Athletic 0-1 Celta

Posted at: 21:29 CET, 10/11/2023

Celta takes the lead with a stunning goal!

In an impressive display of skill, Mingueza of Celta overlooked Blades and with his back to the goal, he leaves Walls stunned as he puts the ball into the post stump from outside the area. Unai Simon, the goalkeeper, was unable to reach the ball in time.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:28 CET, 10/11/2023


Iago Aspas scores a fantastic goal for Celta!

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Posted at: 21:27 CET, 10/11/2023

Lack of Vesga gives an opportunity to Blades

Vesga commits a foul against Blades in front of Polished Santana. The resulting free kick will be taken by Blades himself.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:25 CET, 10/11/2023

Bamba’s shot misses the target

Bamba takes a shot that goes to the left of the goal defended by Unai Simon. The Celtic number 17 appeals for a corner.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:23 CET, 10/11/2023

Athletic misses a clear chance

Nico Williams manages to get past his marker and crosses the ball into the box, but Guruzeta’s header is too wide. This was the best opportunity for Athletic so far.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:21 CET, 10/11/2023

Aspas comes close to scoring

Aspas makes a dangerous attempt at goal.

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Posted at: 21:19 CET, 10/11/2023

Aspas misses a chance with a lob

Aspas tries to score with a lob, but the ball goes over the top of the goal.

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Posted at: 21:18 CET, 10/11/2023

Goal disallowed for Celta

A goal scored by Larsen is disallowed as he was offside. Unai Simon saves the initial shot, but Blades manages to score from the rebound.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:17 CET, 10/11/2023

Unai Simon denies Aspas a goal

Unai Simon makes a great save to deny Aspas, the captain of Celta, from scoring.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:15 CET, 10/11/2023

First chance of the match

Guruzeta attempts a header from inside the area, but Guaita easily catches the ball.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:15 CET, 10/11/2023

Sancet’s pass intercepted by Marcos

Sancet tries to pass the ball to Marcos inside the area, but the visiting defense clears the danger.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:14 CET, 10/11/2023

Inaki Williams denied by Sancet

Inaki Williams takes a shot from inside the area, but his own teammate Sancet blocks the attempt.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:12 CET, 10/11/2023

Blades’ Missed Opportunity

During the match, Moana attempted a goal from the center of the field but unfortunately failed to find the back of the net.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:10 CET, 10/11/2023

Poorly Executed Center by Blades

Blades made a poorly executed center in an attempt to find Larsen.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:08 CET, 10/11/2023

Celtic’s Failed Fast Attack

Celtic tried to launch a fast attack through Larsen and Mingueza, but it did not result in a goal. The ball went back to Athletic.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:07 CET, 10/11/2023

Bamba’s Opportunity

They passed the ball to Bamba after a well-executed pass from Doctor.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:05 CET, 10/11/2023

Inaki Williams’ Close Call

Inaki Williams almost scored with a low pass into the small area.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 21:03 CET, 10/11/2023

The Match Begins!

Pulido Santana blows the whistle to start the match. Celtic takes the first possession.

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Posted at: 21:01 CET, 10/11/2023

Celta’s Lineup

Here is a final look at Celta’s starting eleven.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 20:59 CET, 10/11/2023

Athletic’s Lineup

Here is a final review of Athletic’s starting eleven.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 20:58 CET, 10/11/2023

Team Leaders

Check out the leaders of both teams.

Possession Repossessions

Source: as.com

Posted at: 20:56 CET, 10/11/2023

Get Ready!

Are you ready for the match?

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Posted at: 20:55 CET, 10/11/2023

Team Comparison

Take a look at how both teams are prepared for the match.

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Nothing Left!

There is nothing left to do now.

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Valverde and Benítez Speak

Read what both coaches, Valverde and Benítez, said in the press conference prior to the match.

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Posted at: 20:52 CET, 10/11/2023

Presidential Replacement

The replacement of the presidency of the…

Celtic: New Era Under Marian Mourino

Posted at: 20:49 CET, 10/11/2023

Since Marian Mourino took charge of Celtic at the end of last season, the club has undergone significant changes in various aspects, including sports, finances, and structure. His influence has been evident in the decisions made by the club.

Celtic President’s Faith in Coach Remains Strong

Posted at: 20:46 CET, 10/11/2023

Despite Celtic’s recent struggles, with only seven points in twelve games, the club’s president continues to have unwavering faith in the coach. The president’s trust in the coach remains intact despite the team’s poor performance.

Williams Brothers’ Goal Highlights Synchronicity

Posted at: 20:43 CET, 10/11/2023

In a match against Villarreal, brothers Nico and Iñaki Williams scored a goal with the same ball, symbolizing the continued merging of their destinies. The incident showcased the unique connection between the two players.

Unai Núñez: A Rising Star from Lezama

Posted at: 20:40 CET, 10/11/2023

Unai Núñez, who was developed in Lezama from a young age, has emerged as a promising talent for Athletic. Competing for a position alongside Iñigo Martínez and Yeray Alvarez, Núñez represents the future of the club.

Kevin Vazquez’s Patience Pays Off

Posted at: 20:37 CET, 10/11/2023

After enduring another year of patience, Kevin Vazquez has finally been rewarded for his dedication and perseverance. His hard work and commitment have paid off, leading to positive outcomes for the player.

Athletic Repeats Last Season’s Success

Posted at: 20:34 CET, 10/11/2023

Athletic has replicated the same performance as last season, securing a position in the Champions League. This achievement is a testament to the team’s consistency and ability to maintain their high standards.

“Prince of the Bateas” Apologizes for VAR Incident

Posted at: 20:31 CET, 10/11/2023

Following a controversial incident involving the VAR, the frustrated “Prince of the Bateas” expressed his apologies through social media. The incident sparked a wave of emotions among fans and players alike.

Athletic’s Historic Achievement

Posted at: 20:28 CET, 10/11/2023

For the first time in 64 years, Athletic has achieved a historic milestone. According to the statistics provided by Adurizpedia, this accomplishment is unprecedented in the club’s history.

Celtic’s Sotelo Absent Due to Inconvenience

Posted at: 20:25 CET, 10/11/2023

Celtic’s youth squad player, Sotelo, was unable to participate in the game due to unforeseen circumstances. The club cited some inconvenience as the reason for his absence.

Controversial Ending in Celtic vs Sevilla Match

Posted at: 20:22 CET, 10/11/2023

The match between Celtic and Sevilla ended in controversy as referee Hernandez Hernandez initially awarded a penalty to Jesus Navas for a foul on Douvikas. However, after VAR intervention, the decision was reversed, leading to immense frustration among Celtic fans.

Athletic and Celtic’s Contrasting Results

Posted at: 20:17 CET, 10/11/2023

Athletic secured a 2-3 victory against Villarreal, showcasing an excellent performance in the first half. In contrast, Celtic faced a 1-1 draw against Sevilla, with a controversial ending that left fans disappointed.

Light Blue Costume Prepared in the Cathedral

Posted at: 20:14 CET 10/11/2023

Celta Alignment!

Starting XI: Guaita; Kevin, Starfelt, Unai Núñez, Manu Sánchez; Mingueza, Fran Beltrán, Dotor, Bamba; Larsen and Aspas.

Substitutes: Marchesín, Villar, Javi Rodríguez, Carlos Domínguez, Damián, Williot, De la Torre, Douvikas, Hugo Álvarez, Carles Pérez, Miguel Rodríguez and Cervi.

Posted at: 20:10 CET 10/11/2023

Athletic Lineup!

Starting XI: Unai Simón; De Marcos, Vivian, Paredes, Lekue; Galarreta, Vesga; Iñaki Williams, Sancet, Nico Williams; and Guruzeta.

Substitutes: Agirrezabala, Berenguer, Muniain, Dani García, Imanol, Villalibre, Raúl García, Nolaskoain, Prados, Adu Ares and Unai Gómez.

Posted at: 20:07 CET 10/11/2023

We Already Have Alignments!!!

These are the elevens chosen by Ernesto Valverde and Rafa Benitez for the duel in the “Cathedral”…

Posted at: 20:02 CET 10/11/2023

The Best Preview of the Match, From the Hand of Alfonso Herran

Posted at: 19:53 CET 10/11/2023

Inside Preview!!!

Posted at: 19:52 CET 10/11/2023

Hello, Hello, Hoolaa!!!

Welcome to the story of this Athletic Club – Real Club Celta de Vigo! Match that opens matchday 13 in which the locals want to stay in Europe while the visitors get out of relegation. From now on, all the information about the match here. Let’s start!

Posted at: 19:52 CET 10/11/2023

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