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David Haggerty right in his boots. DENIS BALIBOUSE / REUTERS

INTERVIEW – The President of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) Defends Overhaul of Davis Cup

The president of the International Tennis Federation (ITF), David Haggerty, defends his project to completely overhaul the Davis Cup and its women’s equivalent, the Billie Jean King, in an exclusive interview with The Figaro.

Staying Firm in the Face of Criticism

After the abrupt end of the partnership with Kosmos, led by Spaniard Gerard Piqué, the ITF remains resolute. Despite criticisms and limited popular enthusiasm, Haggerty, who was largely re-elected in September, is optimistic about the future of these team competitions, considering them to be tennis world cups. The new format, featuring phases played in a single venue, will culminate in the final taking place in Malaga from November 21 to 26.

Embracing a New Concept

LE FIGARO: The principle of home and away matches was the foundation of the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup. Is it not possible to return to this?

David HAGGERTY: I firmly believe in the viability of our concept. While we can still make improvements, let’s not dwell on the past. The principle of “home and away”…

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