Finished: Copenhagen 4-3 M. United, live

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This is the live broadcast of the match between Copenhagen and Manchester United.


United’s infinite agony

Dramatic match in Copenhagen. Manchester United started dominating and took the lead with two goals from Hojlund. However, everything changed in the 41st minute after Rashford was shown a straight red card.

Copenhagen managed to equalize in the final stretch of the first half. With the break, United regrouped and regained the lead with a penalty goal from Bruno.

In the last ten minutes, Neesdrup’s team launched an all-out attack. They made a comeback with goals from Lerager and Bardghji. Manchester United remains at the bottom of the group.


United complicates life

Group A P.T. P.J. P.G. PE PP


12 4 4 0 0


4 4 1 1 2


4 4 1 1 2


3 4 1 0 3


Final! United defeated

Copenhagen wins 4-3 and Manchester United finds itself at the bottom of its group.


Bruno hangs her up in desperation

The defense cleared the ball, but possession remains with Manchester United.


Yellow for Maguire

Maguire receives a yellow card for protesting the aforementioned foul.


Maguire, hits the crossbar!

Maguire’s volley from outside the area hits the crossbar. He had previously called for a foul.


Five minutes left for United

If they

Varane Clears as Best He Can

Manchester United is putting up a strong defense against Copenhagen, narrowing the waters and harassing their opponents. Raphael Varane is doing his best to clear the ball and prevent any scoring opportunities for the Danish team.

Posted at: 16:57 ITS T 11/08/2023

Hojlund Leaves, Mount Comes In

There has been a substitution in the Copenhagen team. Hojlund has been replaced by Mount.

Posted at: 16:56 ITS T 11/08/2023

Copenhagen Scores a Goal!

Copenhagen’s Lerager has successfully tied the game with a goal. He finished off Falk’s pass with precision, leaving the goalkeeper helpless.

Posted at: 16:54 ITS T 11/08/2023

Throwing Objects at Bruno

During a corner kick, Bruno Fernandes faced a shower of objects thrown by the opposing fans. Despite the distraction, he remained focused on the game.

Posted at: 16:53 ITS T 11/08/2023

Garnacho Forces a Foul

Garnacho, the Argentine player, managed to draw a foul from two defenders while trying to make a play. His skill and determination are evident in his performance.

Posted at: 16:51 ITS T 11/08/2023

Latest Changes in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has made some substitutions. Boilesen has come in for Vavro, and Larsson has replaced Achouri.

Posted at: 16:49 ITS T 11/08/2023

Garnacho Extracts Oil

Garnacho, the talented Argentine player, managed to win a throw-in in his favor despite being tightly marked by two defenders. His skill and agility are commendable.

Posted at: 16:47 ITS T 11/08/2023

United Retreats to Secure the Lead

As the match nears its end, the United team is focused on maintaining their lead and preventing any gaps in their defense. They are determined to secure the victory.

Posted at: 16:45 ITS T 11/08/2023

New Changes at Copenhagen

Copenhagen has made further substitutions. Ankersen and Diogo have been replaced by Sorensen and Oskarssonn, respectively.

Posted at: 16:44 ITS T 11/08/2023

Bruno Fernandes Scores a Goal!

Bruno Fernandes successfully converts a penalty kick, placing the ball in the top corner of the net and giving United the lead once again.

Posted at: 16:40 ITS T 11/08/2023

Penalty for United!

The referee has awarded a penalty to United after spotting a handball by Jelert inside the penalty area. The decision has caused controversy among the players and fans.

Posted at: 16:39 ITS T 11/08/2023

Referee Reviews the Incident

The referee has decided to review the penalty incident using the monitor. This decision aims to ensure fairness and accuracy in the game.

Posted at: 16:38 ITS T 11/08/2023

Maguire Calls for a Penalty

Manchester United’s captain, Harry Maguire, claims a penalty after Jelert’s handball inside the penalty area. The decision rests with the referee.

Posted at: 16:38 ITS T 11/08/2023

Hojlund suffers facial injury

The Danish player receives a blow to the face during the match.

Posted at: 16:36 ITS T, November 8, 2023

Neestrup makes his first substitution

Elyounoussi is replaced by Bardghji in the game.

Posted at: 16:35 ITS T, November 8, 2023

Elyounoussi’s advance is ruled offside

Falk delivers a great pass between defenders, but Elyounoussi is caught offside.

Posted at: 16:33 ITS T, November 8, 2023

Diogo’s powerful shot saved by Onana

Despite the strength of the shot, Onana manages to make the save.

Posted at: 16:31 ITS T, November 8, 2023

Copenhagen adopts a defensive approach

Despite having a numerical advantage, Copenhagen does not press too high.

Posted at: 16:29 ITS T, November 8, 2023

Referee warns Onana against time-wasting

The referee advises the goalkeeper not to waste time during the match.

Posted at: 16:28 ITS T, November 8, 2023

Opportunities at both ends of the field

Dalot hits the post with a shot, and Copenhagen responds with a chance of their own.

Posted at: 16:25 ITS T, November 8, 2023

Onana denies Vavro’s shot

Neestrup’s team executes an elaborate play, but Onana makes a crucial save.

Posted at: 16:23 ITS T, November 8, 2023

Maguire clears the danger for United

Copenhagen attempts to create a scoring opportunity in the penalty area, but Maguire intervenes.

Posted at: 16:22 ITS T, November 8, 2023

United maintains possession

Ten Hag’s team aims to control the game in the opening minutes.

Posted at: 16:19 ITS T, November 8, 2023

The second half kicks off

United starts the second half by playing from the back.

Posted at: 16:17 ITS T, November 8, 2023

Amrabat replaces Eriksen

Eriksen remains in the locker room as Amrabat enters the field.

Posted at: 16:16 ITS T, November 8, 2023

The players return to the field

Both teams’ players are back on the pitch, and there will be a change in the game.

Posted at: 16:16 ITS T, November 8, 2023

Match Scoreboard

Current score and match details.

Posted at: 16:15 ITS T, November 8, 2023

Rashford’s Dismissal Overshadows Hojlund’s Performance

First Half Drama at Parken Stadion

Manchester United initially dominated the game, taking the lead with a brace from Hojlund.

However, everything changed in the 41st minute when Rashford was shown a red card for a dangerous tackle. From that point on, Manchester United’s performance deteriorated, allowing Copenhagen to equalize with goals from Elyounoussi and Diogo, the latter from a penalty.

As if the events on the pitch weren’t enough, the first half was extended by 13 minutes due to a health issue in the stands, an injury to Evans, and VAR reviews.

Restless First Half Ends in a Draw

Exciting Moments at Parken

Vavro’s Tactical Foul

Copenhagen Defender Prevents United’s Counterattack

Copenhagen Equalizes with Diogo’s Goal

Portuguese Forward Outsmarts Onana

Penalty Awarded to Copenhagen

Maguire’s Handball Leads to Spot Kick

Danish Team’s Long Shot Misses the Target

Vavro’s Attempt Goes Wide

United Struggles to Convert Crosses

Multiple Crosses into the Box Remain Unfinished

Diks’ Ambitious Shot from Distance

Diks’ Powerful Strike Misses the Mark

Extended First Half with Numerous Interruptions

VAR Reviews, Injuries, and Other Delays

Elyounoussi Scores to Narrow the Gap

Norwegian Forward Finds the Net with His Left Foot

Copenhagen Hits the Crossbar

Diogo’s Free Kick and Bruno’s Effort Denied by the Woodwork

Rashford Receives a Red Card

English Striker Sent Off for Dangerous Challenge on Jelebert

VAR Reviewing Possible Expulsion

The incident involving Rashford’s strong stomp on Jelert is under review by the VAR.

Posted at: 15:42 ITS T 11/08/2023

Copenhagen’s Prolonged Possession

The Danish team maintained possession for several minutes, but Achouri lost the ball when they attempted to launch an attack.

Posted at: 15:41 ITS T 11/08/2023

Achouri Offside

Upon reviewing the replay, it appears evident that Achouri was offside due to a rushed line.

Posted at: 15:38 ITS T 11/08/2023

Diogo Goncalves’ Attempt to Create Danger

Diogo Goncalves aimed to pose a threat by delivering the ball into the area, but his teammate failed to connect with the header.

Posted at: 15:36 ITS T 11/08/2023

Maguire’s Mistake in Ball Retrieval

Maguire, the center back, made an error while attempting to retrieve the ball, allowing Copenhagen to regain possession and deliver a cross into the area, albeit without success.

Posted at: 15:34 ITS T 11/08/2023

Grabara Prevents Third Goal

Maguire surpassed everyone in the area and took a shot that was saved by the goalkeeper’s hands.

Posted at: 15:31 ITS T 11/08/2023

Goal by Hojlund!

Hojlund skillfully pushed the ball into the net, capitalizing on Grabara’s rebound from Garnacho’s shot.

Posted at: 15:29 ITS T 11/08/2023

Game Temporarily Halted

Another issue arises in the Copenhagen stands, leading to a temporary stoppage in the game.

Posted at: 15:28 ITS T 11/08/2023

Onana Prevents Equalizer

Elyounoussi delivered a challenging ball, but the Cameroonian goalkeeper, Onana, made a remarkable save.

Posted at: 15:26 ITS T 11/08/2023

Hojlund Unable to Reach the Ball

Dalot crossed the ball with his left foot, but it was hit too hard, causing Hojlund to miss the opportunity.

Posted at: 15:25 ITS T 11/08/2023

Garnacho’s Unfortunate Fall

While attempting to tackle, Garnacho, the Argentine player, fell to the ground, but the referee instructed him to get back up.

Posted at: 15:23 ITS T 11/08/2023

Game Resumes After Delay

Following a game stoppage lasting over five minutes, play resumes once again.

Posted at: 15:21 ITS T 11/08/2023

Match Halted Temporarily

The game remains paused for more than three minutes, as it appears that an incident involving a fan in the stands has occurred.

Posted at: 15:18 ITS T 11/08/2023

Evans Forced to Leave the Game

The experienced 35-year-old central defender, Evans, was unable to continue playing due to an injury and was replaced by Varane.

Posted at: 15:16 ITS T 11/08/2023

Evans Suffers Muscular Discomfort

The central veteran, Evans, experienced muscular discomfort during the match, forcing him to leave the field.

Posted at: 15:15 ITS T 11/08/2023

Copenhagen’s First Attempt

Falk made an attempt from the edge of the area, but Onana made a crucial block to deny the goal.

Posted at: 15:14 ITS T 11/08/2023

Controversial Foul by Hojlund

Hojlund’s foul sparked bitter complaints as it denied Manchester United a clear counter-attacking opportunity.

Posted at: 15:12 ITS T 11/08/2023

Spontaneous Interruption in the Game

A spontaneous interference disrupted the play, leading to a temporary halt in the game.

Posted at: 15:11 ITS T 11/08/2023

Eriksen’s Mistake

Eriksen’s attempted long pass went over the baseline, resulting in a goal kick for the opposing team.

Posted at: 15:09 ITS T 11/08/2023

Copenhagen Applies High Pressure

The Danish team is putting high pressure on Manchester United, attempting to steal the ball from advanced positions.

Posted at: 15:07 ITS T 11/08/2023

Hojlund Scores a Goal!

McTominay made a pass from the right wing to Hojlund, who successfully pushed the ball into the net.

Posted at: 15:06 ITS T 11/08/2023

Copenhagen Appeals for a Penalty

Copenhagen players claimed a penalty after the ball hit Maguire’s hand, but it was deemed unintentional as it came from McTominay’s clearance.

Posted at: 15:03 ITS T 11/08/2023

The Match Begins!

Copenhagen starts the match by putting the ball into play after a change of field.

Posted at: 15:01 ITS T 11/08/2023

The Champions League Anthem Resonates

The players have taken the field as the iconic Champions League anthem fills the stadium.

Posted at: 14:59 ITS T 11/08/2023

Pre-Match Preparations Complete

The players are waiting in the locker room tunnel, ready to step onto the field as soon as the referee gives the signal.

Posted at: 14:56 ITS T 11/08/2023

Spectacular Light Show at the Parken

The stadium lights are turned off, and fans illuminate the stands with their cell phone flashes before the players make their entrance.

In the background, a banner reads: “Your Theater of Nightmares“, paying homage to the 2006 victory.

Posted at: 14:54 ITS T 11/08/2023

Players Prepare in Locker Rooms

Posted at: 14:58 ITS T 11/08/2023

There are only ten minutes left until the start of the game. The players have already finished warming up and are finalizing the final details before kickoff.

Two Reborn at Old Trafford

Posted at: 14:50 ITS T 11/08/2023

Onana and Maguire had been the two most criticized players at Manchester United. However, everything changed in the previous day’s match against the Danish team. Maguire scored the goal that advanced his team, and Onana certified the victory by saving a penalty in the last minute.

Hojlund Top Scorer; Bruno the Brain

Posted at: 14:45 ITS T 11/08/2023

The Dane and the Portuguese are two key players for Ten Hag, both on a statistical level and because of their influence on the game.

Hojlund’s Brother, Goalscorer in the Youth League

Posted at: 14:35 ITS T 11/08/2023

The match between the youth teams of both teams ended in a 2-2 tie. One of the protagonists was Emil Hojlund, brother of Rasmus United player, who scored the goal that started the path to the tie. Williams and Wheatley by United and Amin Chiakha for the Danes were the other scorers of the match.

Half an Hour Until the Start!

Posted at: 14:31 ITS T 11/08/2023

The players of both teams are already warming up on the grass of the Parken Stadion. The Danish fans are already practically filling the stadium despite there still being time before the opening whistle.

Both Fight to Win Positions

Posted at: 14:25 ITS T 11/08/2023

Both United and Copenhagen are at the bottom of the group. Their first round has not been good, and they are forced to start winning if they want to be in the round of 16.

Group A P.T. P.J. P.G. P.E. P.P.
1 BAY 9 3 3 0 0
2 GAL 4 3 1 1 1
3 MNU 3 3 1 0 2
4 CPN 1 3 0 1 2

Hojlund Returns Home

Posted at: 14:20 ITS T 11/08/2023

Manchester United’s star signing this summer grew up in the youth ranks of Copenhagen. He scored five goals with the first team.

The Danes Fit in and Score Less

Posted at: 14:15 ITS T 11/08/2023

United have scored twice as many goals as Copenhagen in this edition.

Many Casualties at United

The English team will be without several key players for their upcoming match. Casemiro, Lisandro, Malacia, Shaw, and Traoré are all sidelined due to injuries, while Sancho is suspended.

Copenhagen will also have some absentees, with Klem, Meling, and Kchocholava unavailable for selection.

Source: as.com

The Players Are Ready

All the players have arrived at the Parken Stadion and are preparing for their warm-up exercises before the game.

Source: as.com

Copenhagen’s Starting Lineup

Copenhagen will be playing in their usual 4-3-3 formation. Falk will be the key player in midfield, while Diogo will lead the offensive line, aiming to trouble the United defense.

Source: as.com

The Venue: Parken Stadion

The Parken Stadion has a capacity of 42,305 spectators. The match is expected to be a low-scoring affair.

Source: as.com

United’s Gratitude to Copenhagen

Manchester United has expressed their gratitude to Copenhagen for their respectful behavior during the tribute to Sir Bobby in the first leg of the match.

Source: as.com

Garnacho Gets the Nod

Garnacho will be starting for Manchester United. Ten Hag has chosen Maguire and Evans in defense, ahead of Varane and Lindelof.

Source: as.com

Copenhagen’s Chance to Dream

Copenhagen enters this match as the bottom-placed team in the group, with only one point. However, a victory tonight would revive their hopes of advancing to the next round, as they would level with Galatasaray for the second spot, unless they cause an upset in Germany.

They will rely on their home advantage at the Parken Stadion, where they have already scored against the Turkish team in their previous home game.

Diogo Goncalves and Bardghji pose the main offensive threats for Neestrup’s side.

Source: as.com

A Decisive Match for United

Ten Hag’s team must secure a victory to avoid further complications in their quest to qualify for the round of 16. Manchester United has only won one out of their three group stage matches so far.

Interestingly, their sole victory came against Copenhagen in a thrilling encounter at Old Trafford, with Onana saving a penalty in the final minutes to secure the win.

Manchester United will aim to replicate their recent away success against Fulham and regain their momentum in the competition.

Source: as.com

Welcome to the Match!

Good afternoon! Welcome to the live coverage of the Copenhagen vs. Manchester United match, which is part of the Champions League group stage.

Source: as.com

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