This is it for the Brazilian Formula 1 GP

The Great Circus returns in two weeks with the new Las Vegas circuit, located in the most emblematic streets of the city. Thank you very much for joining us!

Posted at: 21:46 CET 11/05/2023

Unexpected Turn of Events

“It was unexpected because I thought I had everything under control, but when he passed me I realized that he had the same strategy. We have been losing benefits for months, especially the last two, which had put a bit of pressure, but the team remained focused and very united. You go with a different spirit to Las Vegas and Abu Dhabi, because I was a little worried. With five laps to go he thought it was an easy podium.”

Frustration and Missed Opportunities

“It was frustrating, because we were focused on the long race and Charles was out on the formation lap. Even so we have taken points from the Mercedes. Carlos has managed to overtake them and score more than them. The problem has been one in the system that shut down the engine and lost the hydraulics and power steering, we still don’t know why. We must also understand what happened in Carlos’s first outing. In this business you can’t miss opportunities and today we lost.”

Achieving What We Deserved

“We have finished where we deserved. This weekend Red Bull, McLaren and Aston Martin went a little faster in the race, but we managed to beat the Mercedes, who had degradation problems, like us. Sixth position doesn’t feel like much because we expected to go faster. I think in Las Vegas we will do it. This track reminded me of Zandvoort, because Aston was fast and Alpine was not far away.”

A Good Weekend

“It was quite calm. The first laps I managed the tires a lot and I think Lando has pushed harder. After that I kept myself in suspense but at the end of the runs I was able to widen the difference. It’s been a good weekend, I didn’t have much confidence before.”

A Surprising Turn of Events

“It was a little calmer than what would be seen from the outside, because I had to save a little gas in the last ‘stint’ and a little the tires. I thought I was under control, I thought Checo was going to be ten laps behind me and then he was going to open up the gap, but when there were 5 or 6 laps left I started pulling and I saw that instead of going back he was getting closer. When he overtook me with two laps to go I said ‘fourth, that’s what it is’. I resigned because I went wide in the 6th, but he went a little long in the 1st and gave me that opportunity. I didn’t know if there was one lap or two left so when I saw the flag I was surprised.”

A Thrilling Battle

“It was a fight from start to finish, especially in the final laps. Fernando has had a great career. He is a pilot with whom you can fight so evenly. There are few with whom you can do this type of maneuver. It was fun, he deserved it when he won. The last races have been positive, excluding Mexico.”

A Magical Race

“It has been magic. It was the culmination of a fantastic race that had been built many laps before. Lance was catching up to them, which shows that they had a good machine today. For us, it is more important to check everything that can happen in a race, although I didn’t do it on the last lap. You have to be brave or pragmatic to break the parc ferme: we have learned for the future, and we are not ashamed of having done so.”

Fans Cheering for Alonso

The fans who have come to the Interlagos circuit, cheering Fernando Alonso on the podium.

Posted at: 20:30 CET 11/05/2023

Celebrating with the Team

This is how Fernando Alonso celebrated with his team this new podium. Overflowing joy among team members.

Posted at: 20:25 CET 11/05/2023

Alonso Equals Prost’s Record

With this podium, Fernando Alonso reaches 106 podiums in Formula 1, equaling Alain Prost as the 4th driver in history who has climbed into the box the most times.

Posted at: 20:23 CET 11/05/2023

Complete Classification of the Brazilian GP

This is the complete classification of the Brazilian GP, with another victory for Max Verstappen and up to six abandonments.

Posted at: 20:21 CET 11/05/2023

Fernando Alonso and Checo Pérez Shine in Spectacular Brazilian GP

Posted at: 20:18 CET, 11/05/2023

Fernando Alonso and Checo Pérez delivered an exhilarating performance in the Brazilian GP, securing a well-deserved podium finish. Despite facing challenges, Alonso’s determination and Pérez’s late braking maneuver in the final laps allowed them to clinch the third position. This achievement holds special significance for the team, especially after enduring two previous retirements. The race served as a valuable learning experience for the team, as they continue to explore the complexities of their car and make preparations for the upcoming season.

Fernando Alonso expressed his satisfaction with the race, stating that he maintained a good rhythm throughout and was content with securing second place. However, he acknowledged the formidable skills of Max Verstappen, who always seemed to have an answer for every challenge.

The start of the race played a crucial role in determining the outcome, and both Alonso and Pérez executed it flawlessly. From there, it was a matter of tire management. Alonso managed to maintain a strong pace with all his competitors, but it was his skillful use of the medium tires that allowed him to create a significant gap.

Fernando Alonso’s remarkable defensive skills will be remembered as one of the highlights of the race. For over 20 laps, he successfully fended off Checo Pérez, who was driving a much faster Red Bull car. Although Alonso lost the podium position two laps before the end, he made a stunning comeback in the final lap, with both drivers crossing the finish line mere centimeters apart. This achievement marks Alonso’s return to the podium after seven races. Carlos Sainz also had a solid performance, finishing sixth and being the only Ferrari driver to complete the race following Leclerc’s accident on the formation lap. The race concluded with Verstappen securing victory and Norris finishing second.

Posted at: 20:05 CET, 11/05/2023

The Brazilian GP came to an exhilarating end, with Max Verstappen emerging as the winner, closely followed by Norris. However, the true star of the race was Fernando Alonso, who secured a podium finish with a mere 0.053-second lead over his competitors. Alonso’s exceptional performance showcased his extraordinary talent and determination.

Posted at: 20:01 CET, 11/05/2023

Fernando Alonso’s remarkable overtaking move in turn 4 left spectators in awe. With impressive traction, Alonso skillfully maneuvered past Checo Pérez on the outside, securing a crucial position that brought him closer to the podium.

Posted at: 20:00 CET, 11/05/2023

Checo Pérez managed to overtake Fernando Alonso, temporarily securing a podium position with only three laps remaining. However, Alonso’s relentless determination and skill allowed him to quickly regain his position.

Posted at: 19:59 CET, 11/05/2023

Fernando Alonso continued to demonstrate his resilience, successfully defending his podium position against Checo Pérez. Despite the relentless pressure from the Aston Martin driver, Alonso showcased his exceptional driving skills and maintained his position.

Posted at: 19:58 CET, 11/05/2023

Alonso further extended his lead over Checo Pérez, gaining an additional two tenths of a second. The Asturian’s remarkable defensive skills were on full display as he continued to hold off his competitor, with only five laps remaining.

Posted at: 19:56 CET, 11/05/2023

With six laps remaining, Fernando Alonso was determined to secure a podium finish, a feat he had not achieved since the Netherlands GP. Alonso’s request for a tenth of a second advantage over Checo Pérez in the last turn highlighted his unwavering focus and determination.

Posted at: 19:55 CET, 11/05/2023

Checo Pérez continued to search for an opportunity to overtake Fernando Alonso, but the Aston Martin driver skillfully controlled the situation, denying Pérez any chance to pass.

Posted at: 19:53 CET, 11/05/2023

In the final lap, both Alonso and Pérez recorded impressive lap times of 1:16.4. Alonso’s ability to consistently match Pérez’s pace showcased his exceptional skills and determination to secure a podium finish.

Posted at: 19:52 CET, 11/05/2023

Alonso Defends Position Against Checo Pérez

Posted at: 19:51 CET, 11/05/2023

Checo Pérez briefly gains an advantage in the second sector, but Fernando Alonso recovers on the main straight with the help of DRS.

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Checo Pérez Closes in on Alonso

Posted at: 19:50 CET, 11/05/2023

Checo Pérez narrows the gap with Fernando Alonso, trailing by only four tenths with eleven laps remaining in the race.

Alonso Holds off Checo’s Attack

Posted at: 19:48 CET, 11/05/2023

Fernando Alonso successfully defends his position against Checo Pérez’s aggressive attempt to overtake. Alonso maintains his third position for now.

Close Battle Between Checo Pérez and Alonso

Posted at: 19:47 CET, 11/05/2023

Checo Pérez closes in on Fernando Alonso, with only four tenths separating them and eleven laps left in the race.

Mercedes Faces Setback with Russell’s Retirement

Posted at: 19:44 CET, 11/05/2023

Mercedes encounters trouble as George Russell is forced to retire while running in ninth place, marking the team’s sixth retirement in the Brazilian GP.

Verstappen Makes Second Pit Stop

Posted at: 19:44 CET, 11/05/2023

Max Verstappen completes his second pit stop and rejoins the race eleven seconds behind Lando Norris, who still needs to make another set of soft tire changes.

Alonso Fights to Extend Lead over Checo Pérez

Posted at: 19:42 CET, 11/05/2023

Fernando Alonso puts up a strong fight, increasing his lead over Checo Pérez by two tenths in the last lap. However, Checo can still activate DRS in the final lap.

Tense Battle Between Red Bull and Alonso

Posted at: 19:42 CET, 11/05/2023

Only four tenths separate the Red Bull driver from Fernando Alonso. They lost half a second to Checo Pérez in the previous lap, who set the fastest lap.

Checo Pérez Closes in on Alonso with DRS

Posted at: 19:40 CET, 11/05/2023

Checo Pérez activates DRS and closes the gap to Fernando Alonso to just 0.9 seconds. The Mexican driver has been gaining significant ground in this round.

Stroll Loses Time in Pit Stop

Posted at: 19:39 CET, 11/05/2023

Lance Stroll experiences a poor pit stop, losing over two seconds to Carlos Sainz. His advantage over the Madrid native is reduced to just 2.4 seconds.

Checo Pérez Closes in on Alonso with DRS

Posted at: 19:38 CET, 11/05/2023

Checo Pérez cuts the gap by six tenths and is now practically within the DRS zone of Fernando Alonso. The Mexican driver is only one second behind.

Sainz Attempts Distant Undercut

Posted at: 19:36 CET, 11/05/2023

Carlos Sainz also tries a distant undercut strategy. The Spaniard, who was 4.8 seconds behind Lance Stroll, switches to soft tires and returns to the track behind Tsunoda, who has yet to make a pit stop.

Fernando Alonso Struggles with Strategy

Posted on 11/05/2023 at 19:35 CET

Fernando Alonso employs a familiar strategy, but it costs him valuable time. The Spanish driver, using the soft tire, fails to improve his lap time of 1:15, falling behind Checo Pérez by four tenths.

Checo Pérez Continues to Push

Posted on 11/05/2023 at 19:34 CET

Checo Pérez delivers an impressive lap time of 1:14.9, gaining half a second on Fernando Alonso. Despite being 2.7 seconds behind, the Mexican driver refuses to give up and looks to make his second pit stop.

Aston Martin Team Responds Strongly

Posted on 11/05/2023 at 19:32 CET

The Aston Martin team replicates Red Bull’s successful ‘undercut’ strategy and provides Pérez with additional time. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton expresses frustration, suggesting that a different tire choice could have been more beneficial.

Fernando Alonso Takes the Lead

Posted on 11/05/2023 at 19:33 CET

Fernando Alonso strategically switches to the new soft tire, gaining a three-second advantage over Checo Pérez. Only Verstappen had a similar tire available, making Alonso’s move a significant advantage.

Red Bull Attempts the ‘Undercut’

Posted on 11/05/2023 at 19:30 CET

Checo Pérez enters the pit and switches to the medium tire, but comes out behind Yuki Tsunoda. Red Bull’s attempt to gain an advantage through the ‘undercut’ strategy falls short.

Fernando Alonso Extends His Lead

Posted on 11/05/2023 at 19:29 CET

Fernando Alonso maintains his lead over Checo Pérez, clocking a lap time of 1:15.9 compared to Pérez’s 1:16.3. The Spanish driver continues to distance himself from his Mexican rival.

Mercedes Faces Challenges at Interlagos

Posted on 11/05/2023 at 19:27 CET

Pierre Gasly overtakes George Russell and closes in on Lewis Hamilton, reducing the gap by two tenths. However, Gasly encounters issues with his brakes, adding to Mercedes’ troubles.

Fernando Alonso Sets Impressive Pace

Posted on 11/05/2023 at 19:27 CET

Fernando Alonso records a remarkable lap time of 1:15.7, extending his lead over Checo Pérez to six tenths. The two-time champion is advised to prolong his stint, considering the potential threat of Pérez’s ‘undercut’ strategy.

Lance Stroll Matches Alonso’s Pace

Posted on 11/05/2023 at 19:25 CET

Lance Stroll, using the medium tire, matches Fernando Alonso’s lap time, albeit by a mere tenth. Checo Pérez continues to close in on the Aston Martin drivers.

Fernando Alonso Increases His Lead

Posted on 11/05/2023 at 19:23 CET

Fernando Alonso gains four tenths on Checo Pérez, widening the gap to two seconds. Despite a lap time of 1:16.1, Alonso maintains his advantage over the Mexican driver.

Valtteri Bottas Forced to Retire

Posted on 11/05/2023 at 19:22 CET

Valtteri Bottas receives instructions to remove his car from the race, resulting in a disappointing outcome for Alfa Romeo. Guanyu Zhou had already retired a few laps earlier, compounding the team’s troubles.

Fernando Alonso Continues to Outperform Pérez

Posted on 11/05/2023 at 19:20 CET

Fernando Alonso gains another tenth on Checo Pérez, with Lance Stroll also matching the Mexican’s lap time. The medium tire proves effective for both Aston Martin drivers.

Verstappen and Lando Battle for Fastest Lap

Posted at: 19:21 CET, 11/05/2023

Max Verstappen and Lando Norris have both set impressive lap times of 1:14.9, while Fernando Alonso is lagging behind by another second. Sergio Pérez, on the other hand, has returned with a lap time of 1:16 and is 1.7 seconds behind Aston Martin.

Alonso Extends Lead with Faster Lap

Posted at: 19:20 CET, 11/05/2023

Fernando Alonso has increased his lead by setting a lap time of 1:15.7, gaining three tenths on Pérez who has fallen to times of 1:16.

Carlos Sainz Makes Impressive Overtake

Posted at: 19:23 CET, 11/05/2023

Carlos Sainz overtakes Lewis Hamilton in the second straight and moves up to sixth place. The Ferrari driver is showing superior speed compared to the Mercedes and is now targeting Lance Stroll, who is 4.5 seconds behind.

Lando Norris Closes the Gap

Posted at: 19:17 CET, 11/05/2023

Lando Norris sets a fast lap, cutting 0.3 seconds from Verstappen’s time. However, he is still trailing the Dutchman by just under five seconds. Meanwhile, Carlos Sainz is now able to use the DRS (Drag Reduction System) to gain an advantage over Lewis Hamilton.

Alonso Picks Up the Pace

Posted at: 19:16 CET, 11/05/2023

Fernando Alonso improves his lap time to 1:15.7, but gives up two tenths to Checo Pérez who is about to enter the DRS zone.

Carlos Sainz Continues to Impress

Posted at: 19:15 CET, 11/05/2023

Carlos Sainz overtakes George Russell and moves up to seventh place. The Madrid driver is showing great pace and is now targeting Lewis Hamilton, who is also struggling with tire issues.

Checo Pérez Closes in on Alonso

Posted at: 19:13 CET, 11/05/2023

Checo Pérez is quickly closing the gap to Fernando Alonso. The Asturian driver has been consistently lapping at 1:16, while the Mexican driver is now only 1.4 seconds behind. The podium position is in danger for Aston Martin.

Carlos Sainz Chases Mercedes Duo

Posted at: 19:12 CET, 11/05/2023

George Russell continues to battle his teammate, but Carlos Sainz is closing in at a gap of around 1.5 seconds. This intense rivalry between the Mercedes drivers is benefiting Sainz’s pursuit.

Alonso Faces Pressure from Pérez

Posted at: 19:11 CET, 11/05/2023

The gap between Fernando Alonso and Checo Pérez has fallen below two seconds. Alonso sets a lap time of 1:16.0, while Pérez and Lance Stroll are lapping at 1:15.

Carlos Sainz Closes in on Russell

Posted at: 19:10 CET, 11/05/2023

Carlos Sainz continues to reduce the gap to George Russell, who is closely following Lewis Hamilton. The Madrid native is now 2.4 seconds behind the Mercedes duo.

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Pérez Cuts Gap to Alonso

Posted at: 19:08 CET, 11/05/2023

Checo Pérez cuts another three tenths from Fernando Alonso’s lead and is now only 2.4 seconds behind. Lance Stroll is also showing faster pace than the Spaniard with the medium tires.

The Medium Tire Fails to Perform on Mercedes

Lance Stroll Surpasses Hamilton, while Carlos Sainz Sets His Sights on Russell

Posted at: 19:07 CET, 11/05/2023

Checo Pérez Closes in on Fernando Alonso

The Mexican Driver Narrows the Gap to the Aston Martin

Posted at: 19:06 CET, 11/05/2023

Carlos Sainz Makes a Pit Stop

The Madrid Native Loses Time Behind Tsunoda’s Alpha Tauri

Posted at: 19:05 CET, 11/05/2023

Fernando Alonso Switches to Medium Tires

The Asturian Driver Rejoins the Track Behind Tsunoda

He Holds a 3.7-Second Lead over Checo Pérez

Posted at: 19:03 CET, 11/05/2023

Lance Stroll Dominates George Russell

The Canadian Driver Outperforms the Mercedes Racer

Stroll’s Lap Time is 1.4 Seconds Faster

Posted at: 19:02 CET, 11/05/2023

Lance Stroll and Carlos Sainz Join the 1:16 Club

Both Drivers Achieve Impressive Lap Times

Max Verstappen and Norris Follow Closely

Posted at: 19:01 CET, 11/05/2023

Checo Pérez Overtakes Lewis Hamilton

The Mexican Driver Questions Mercedes’ Strategy

Posted at: 19:00 CET, 11/05/2023

Carlos Sainz Struggles to Pass Lance Stroll

The Madrid Native Trails Behind the Canadian Driver

Stroll’s Lead Over Alonso Increases to 12 Seconds

Posted at: 18:58 CET, 11/05/2023

Checo Pérez Successfully Overtakes Hamilton

The Mexican Driver Executes a Brilliant Move

Alonso Trails Pérez by 8.1 Seconds

Posted at: 18:57 CET, 11/05/2023

Hamilton Makes First Pit Stop

The Mercedes Driver Switches to Medium Tires

Hamilton Hopes for Better Performance

Posted at: 18:55 CET, 11/05/2023

Checo Pérez Climbs to Fourth Place

The Mexican Driver Leaves Hamilton Behind

Alonso Trails Pérez by 8.1 Seconds

Posted at: 18:54 CET, 11/05/2023

Hamilton Retains Checo Pérez as Alonso Extends Lead

Posted at: 18:53 CET 11/05/2023

Hamilton continues to maintain his lead over Checo Pérez, who is now eight seconds behind Fernando Alonso. Alonso is setting impressive lap times, closely followed by Lando Norris. Aston Martin is showing great race pace.

Verstappen, Norris, and Alonso Set Fastest Laps

Posted at: 18:51 CET 11/05/2023

Verstappen, Norris, and Alonso are the only drivers running in the low 1:16 range. George Russell, who is running in 1:17, is advised by his team to manage his position. Russell responds by questioning whether he should prioritize maintaining his position or competing for better results.

Checo Pérez Overtakes Russell, Targets Hamilton

Posted at: 18:48 CET 11/05/2023

Checo Pérez successfully overtakes Russell in turn 1 and defends his position in turn 4. He now sets his sights on overtaking Hamilton in the upcoming laps.

Alonso Sticks to “Plan A” as Verstappen and Norris Lead

Posted at: 18:47 CET 11/05/2023

Alonso receives confirmation from his team that they will continue with “plan A,” and he agrees. In the last lap, he closely follows the lap times of Verstappen and Norris.

Alonso Falls Behind Norris, Hamilton Leads DRS Train

Posted at: 18:46 CET 11/05/2023

Fernando Alonso falls more than two seconds behind Norris. However, he can take advantage of the DRS train formed by Hamilton and the two Mercedes cars. Checo Pérez attempts to overtake Russell but faces difficulties.

Alonso Trails Norris, Verstappen Falls Behind

Posted at: 18:45 CET 11/05/2023

Lando Norris sets a time of 1:16.0, surpassing Fernando Alonso by 0.4 seconds. Max Verstappen is now more than two seconds behind the leaders.

Alonso Closes Gap to Norris, Verstappen Gains Ground

Posted at: 18:44 CET 11/05/2023

Fernando Alonso continues to lap faster than Norris, reducing the gap between them. However, Verstappen also gains ground and is now 1.4 seconds behind Alonso.

Russell Requests Position Swap with Hamilton

Posted at: 18:43 CET 11/05/2023

Russell complains on the radio about the need to push hard in turns 11 and 12 to avoid being overtaken. He suggests swapping positions with Hamilton, who is leading a train of cars including Checo Pérez, Stroll, Sainz, and Gasly.

Verstappen Extends Lead, Alonso Closes Gap

Posted at: 18:41 CET 11/05/2023

Max Verstappen impressively gains nine tenths of a second on Norris in the last lap, moving out of the DRS zone. Fernando Alonso also narrows the gap to Norris, trailing by 1.4 seconds.

Norris Challenges Verstappen, Alonso Defends

Posted at: 18:40 CET 11/05/2023

Lando Norris attempts to overtake Max Verstappen in turns 1 and 4, but the three-time champion fiercely defends his position.

Norris Sets Fastest Lap, Closes in on Verstappen

Posted at: 18:39 CET 11/05/2023

Norris sets the fastest lap in the last lap with a time of 1:14.9, trailing Max Verstappen by only half a second. He is determined to secure his first win.

Alonso and Hamilton Lose DRS, Verstappen Leads

Posted at: 18:38 CET 11/05/2023

Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton lose the DRS advantage. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen maintains his lead, with Norris and Alonso trailing behind.

Verstappen Maintains Lead in Brazilian GP

Already Eight Tenths Ahead of Norris

Posted at: 18:38 CET, 11/05/2023

The Brazilian Grand Prix is well underway, with Max Verstappen maintaining his lead in the race. He is currently more than eight tenths ahead of Lando Norris, who remains in second place.

Action-Packed Race with Overtaking Attempts

Carlos Sainz’s Failed Overtake on Stroll

Posted at: 18:37 CET, 11/05/2023

The positions at the front of the race are stretched out, but there is plenty of action happening behind. Carlos Sainz attempted to overtake Stroll, but the Canadian driver defended his position successfully.

Verstappen Holds Leadership as Race Resumes

Alonso Overtakes Hamilton in Thrilling Move

Posted at: 18:39 CET, 11/05/2023

The Brazilian GP has resumed after a brief interruption, and Max Verstappen continues to hold the lead. In an exciting turn of events, Fernando Alonso managed to overtake Lewis Hamilton in Curve 3, reclaiming the third position.

Drivers Return to Track After Temporary Pause

Formation Lap Completed Before Restart

Posted at: 18:32 CET, 11/05/2023

Following a temporary pause, the drivers are back on the track. They completed a formation lap before returning to the starting grid to resume the race.

Alpha Tauri Driver Dodges Flying Wheel

Australian Driver’s Quick Reflexes Save the Day

Posted at: 18:28 CET, 11/05/2023

During the accident involving Albon and Magnussen, the Australian Alpha Tauri driver showcased impressive reflexes as he managed to dodge a wheel that had come off. His quick thinking prevented any further damage.

Piastri and Ricciardo Start from Pit Lane

Repaired Cars Force Late Start for Australian Drivers

Posted at: 18:26 CET, 11/05/2023

Oscar Piastri and Daniel Ricciardo had their cars repaired in the garage and will now have to start the race from the pit lane. This setback has caused a delay in their participation.

Sainz Frustrated with Clutch Problems

Madrid Native Expresses Displeasure over Radio

Posted at: 18:26 CET, 11/05/2023

Carlos Sainz, who has been struggling with clutch problems throughout the weekend, expressed his frustration over the radio. He hopes to resolve the issue before the next race in Maranello.

Poor Start for Aston Martins

Alonso Loses Position, Stroll Drops to Fifth

Posted at: 18:23 CET, 11/05/2023

The start of the race was challenging for the two Aston Martin drivers. Fernando Alonso, who effectively started in third place due to Leclerc’s accident, lost one position. Meanwhile, Stroll, who was in second place, dropped to fifth.

Race Resumes After Temporary Delay

Green Light to be Shown at 6:31 p.m.

Posted at: 18:22 CET, 11/05/2023

After a temporary delay, the race is set to resume at 6:31 p.m. peninsular time. The traffic light will turn green, signaling the continuation of the race.

Leclerc’s Unfortunate Pit-Lane Return

Monegasque Driver Unable to Start the Race

Posted at: 18:19 CET, 11/05/2023

Charles Leclerc faced disappointment as he attempted to return to the pit lane. Unfortunately, he was unable to start the race due to unforeseen circumstances.

Impact of the Accident from Another Perspective

Carbon Fiber Pieces Overreach Pit-Lane Fence

Posted at: 18:14 CET, 11/05/2023

Another viewpoint of the accident reveals the extent of the impact. Pieces of carbon fiber have surpassed the pit-lane fence, highlighting the intensity of the collision.

Albon and Magnussen’s Start-Line Collision

Ricciardo and Hulkenberg Also Affected

Posted at: 18:12 CET, 11/05/2023

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The start of the race witnessed a dramatic collision between Alexander Albon and Kevin Magnussen. The incident also had repercussions for Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg, who were caught up in the chaos.

Countdown to Race Restart Begins

Official Time Set for Green Light

Posted at: 18:09 CET, 11/05/2023

The countdown to the race restart has begun. The official time for the green light to be shown is 6:31 p.m., just ten minutes away.

Top 10 Finishers in Brazilian GP

Lando Norris secured an impressive third place finish in the Brazilian Grand Prix, showcasing his exceptional driving skills. Lewis Hamilton followed closely behind in fourth place, while Fernando Alonso claimed the fifth position. Lance Stroll and George Russell finished in sixth and seventh place respectively. Checo Pérez and Carlos Sainz secured the eighth and ninth positions, with Esteban Ocon and Yuki Tsunoda rounding off the top 10.

Posted at: 18:11 CET, 11/05/2023

McLaren Mechanics Prepare to Repair Norris’ Car

Amidst the race, Oscar Piastri was informed that it was unsafe to continue with his car. However, with the red flag signaling a temporary halt, the McLaren mechanics swiftly began repairing Lando Norris’ MCL60, demonstrating their efficiency and dedication.

Posted at: 18:09 CET, 11/05/2023

Red Flag Interrupts the Race

The race was temporarily suspended due to a red flag. The track suffered significant damage, with debris and carbon fiber scattered across the circuit. Safety measures were implemented to ensure the well-being of the drivers and to clear the track.

Posted at: 18:07 CET, 11/05/2023

Norris Makes an Impressive Start

Lando Norris made a remarkable start to the race, showcasing exceptional traction and speed. The McLaren driver quickly climbed up the ranks and secured the second position, trailing only behind Max Verstappen.

Posted at: 18:06 CET, 11/05/2023

Safety Car Deployed After Multiple Accidents

The race witnessed a series of accidents, resulting in the deployment of the safety car. Within the short distance between the formation lap and the first corner, three incidents occurred, with Alexander Albon’s Williams sustaining severe damage.

Posted at: 18:05 CET, 11/05/2023

Brazilian GP Begins with Dramatic Start

The Brazilian Grand Prix commenced with an electrifying start as the traffic light turned off. Alonso lost positions to Norris and Hamilton, while an unfortunate collision between Kevin Magnussen and Alexander Albon added to the chaos of the opening moments of the race.

Posted at: 18:04 CET, 11/05/2023

Leclerc’s Misfortune Continues

Charles Leclerc expressed his frustration over the radio, revealing that he had lost the hydraulic system in his car. The unlucky Monegasque driver questioned his string of bad luck, ultimately forcing him to retire from the race.

Posted at: 18:03 CET, 11/05/2023

Leclerc Crashes in Warm-Up Lap

Charles Leclerc’s race took a disastrous turn as he crashed into the wall during the warm-up lap at Curve 5. The incident marked a significant setback for the Monegasque driver, adding to his already challenging season.

Posted at: 18:20 CET, 11/05/2023

Training Lap Begins at José Carlos Pace Autodrome

The anticipation builds as the training lap commences at the José Carlos Pace Autodrome in Sao Paulo. The countdown to the race intensifies, setting the stage for an exhilarating competition.

Posted at: 18:01 CET, 11/05/2023

Tire Choices Revealed

The tire choices for the race have been unveiled, with most drivers opting for soft tires. However, Logan Sargeant stands out as he will be using the medium compound, potentially adopting a different strategy.

Posted at: 17:58 CET, 11/05/2023

Aston Martin’s Strong Starting Position

Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso secured the second row on the grid, marking Aston Martin’s joint-best starting position of the season. The team’s impressive performance sets the stage for an exciting race ahead.

Posted at: 17:53 CET, 11/05/2023

No Rain Expected for the Race

Despite earlier concerns, the radar indicates that the risk of rain during the race is completely negligible. However, strong winds continue to blow, albeit not as fiercely as in the previous days.

Posted at: 17:50 CET, 11/05/2023

Interlagos Circuit: Colder Temperatures Set the Stage

At the Interlagos circuit, the temperature has dropped significantly compared to yesterday. The mercury barely exceeds 20ºC, while the asphalt temperature hovers just above 48ºC.

Posted at: 17:46 CET, 11/05/2023

Pierre Gasly’s Power Unit Change

Pierre Gasly has made a power unit change in his Alpine. However, since he has opted for a previously used unit, he will not face any additional grid penalties.

Posted at: 17:42 CET, 11/05/2023

Trouble for George Russell!

The Mercedes mechanics are working tirelessly on the front wheel drum area of George Russell’s car, causing concern for the British driver.

Posted at: 17:42 CET, 11/05/2023

Penalties for George Russell, Esteban Ocon, and Pierre Gasly

George Russell, Esteban Ocon, and Pierre Gasly have all received two-position penalties on the grid. Russell and Ocon were penalized for extended pit-lane stops, while Gasly was penalized for not staying far enough to the left at the exit.

Posted at: 17:37 CET, 11/05/2023

Countdown to the Start of the Race

With less than half an hour remaining until the start of the race at the José Carlos Pace Autodrome, the grid is buzzing with activity and anticipation.

Posted at: 17:33 CET, 11/05/2023

Possible Strategies and the Power of the ‘Undercut’

A three-stop strategy is not ruled out for this race. The ‘undercut’ technique holds significant power at this circuit.

Posted at: 17:30 CET, 11/05/2023

Most Likely Strategies for the Brazilian GP

The most likely strategies for the Brazilian GP involve two pit stops, with the tire compounds being soft-medium-soft, which is expected to be the fastest combination.

Posted at: 17:26 CET, 11/05/2023

Tire Availability for Each Driver

Each driver has a specific number of tire sets available for the race. Fernando Alonso stands out with three new sets of medium tires, while Carlos Sainz does not have any unused soft tires.

Posted at: 17:24 CET, 11/05/2023

Installation Laps and Tire Choices

The drivers are currently completing their installation laps on the grid, with most of them opting for the soft tire compound, which is likely to be the preferred choice for the race start.

Posted at: 17:21 CET, 11/05/2023

Full Starting Grid for the Brazilian GP

The full starting grid for the Brazilian GP has been finalized, and the anticipation builds as the Interlagos traffic light is set to go out in approximately 40 minutes.

Posted at: 17:18 CET, 11/05/2023

Mercedes Struggles and Hamilton’s Disappointment

The Mercedes team faced difficulties during the race, experiencing unexpected degradation. Lewis Hamilton described yesterday’s pace as “the worst of the season.”

Posted at: 17:15 CET, 11/05/2023

SF-23 Cars Struggle with Temperature

Both SF-23 cars encountered challenges due to the high temperatures, affecting their race pace. The drivers had to manage the adverse conditions.

Posted at: 17:12 CET, 11/05/2023

Carlos Sainz Finishes Eighth in Brazilian Grand Prix

Carlos Sainz crossed the finish line in eighth place, securing a spot in the points zone. However, the race proved to be more challenging for Ferrari as they experienced unexpected degradation.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 17:11 CET, 11/05/2023

Aston Martin Aims for Strong Performance in Constructors’ World Championship

Aston Martin is highly confident about their chances in today’s race as they aim to score valuable points in the battle for the Constructors’ World Championship.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 17:52 CET, 11/05/2023

Fernando Alonso Climbs to Eleventh Position after Sprint Shootout Incident

Fernando Alonso managed to improve his position from 15th to eleventh after a collision with Esteban Ocon during the sprint shootout.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 17:06 CET, 11/05/2023

Max Verstappen Dominates Sprint Race, Claims Victory

Max Verstappen showcased his exceptional skills by securing victory in the sprint race, leaving Lando Norris and Checo Pérez behind.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 17:04 CET, 11/05/2023

Brazilian Grand Prix Marks the Twentieth Race of the Season

The Brazilian Grand Prix, the twentieth race of the season, takes place at the iconic Interlagos circuit.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 17:02 CET, 11/05/2023

Live Coverage of the Brazilian Formula 1 GP at Interlagos Circuit

Welcome to the live narration of the Brazilian Formula 1 GP, happening today at the Interlagos circuit on Sunday, November 4.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 5:00 PM CET, 11/05/2023


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