Second part: Boca 0-1 Flu, live


The second half begins at Maracaná!


Match Statistics

Disputed balls where possession has been lost

Possession recoveries



Fluminense takes the lead

Fluminense wins after the first 45′ and he does so with a goal from his most effective footballer this season in the Libertadores. Germán Cano destroyed any type of story for Boca and after a great play on the right wing he sent the ball away with the first clear shot he had. The Argentine does not forgive any, and if he were younger he could earn a significant amount of money from Flu.

Diniz wanted his team’s proposal to be as always, brave and forward, with clear ideas. Boca retreated in the first minutes, and the dominance of the Brazilians was evident as they searched for a goal that never seemed close.

Boca, relying on counterattacks, tried to intimidate their opponents. Valentín Barco provided the spark for his team to test Fabio… but without much scoring ability. Xeneize was fortunate to avoid a possible red card after Valentini’s headbutt on Ganso during a corner kick. The play was reviewed, but the referee did not consult the VAR.

In this high-stakes final, both teams are trying to minimize errors. So far, Almiron has not been able to impose his tactics over his rivals. Spout’s goal gives Flu the lead as they head into halftime, inching closer to the coveted Libertadores Cup, which would be their first in history.



End of the first half!


Fabio denies Boca! Barco’s cross from the left went straight to Cavani’s head, but the Brazilian goalkeeper made a fantastic save to keep the ball out.


Two minutes added!


Boca shows defensive resilience. Almirón’s team has been struggling to break through, although they have shown glimpses of their attacking capabilities.


Fluminense Takes the Lead in the Final

Posted at: 21:42 CET, 11/04/2023

There is little room for doubt as Fluminense’s Germán Cano scores a crucial goal in the final. With a pass from Arias and Keno, Cano finds the back of the net, securing a clear lead for Fluminense.

Fluminense Leads Ahead in the Final

Posted at: 21:38 CET, 11/04/2023

Fluminense takes the lead in the final with a sensational goal by Germán Cano. The team is now in control of the game and has the upper hand against their opponents.

Nino Misses a Scoring Opportunity

Posted at: 21:37 CET, 11/04/2023

In a new corner kick by Marcelo, Nino fails to convert his header into a goal. The ball goes over the baseline, missing a chance for Fluminense to extend their lead.

Boca’s Dangerous Play Annulled

Posted at: 21:36 CET, 11/04/2023

Boca’s dangerous play is annulled due to an offside by Cavani. Despite the annulment, Xeneize had a double chance with Barco and Fabra to score, but one shot hit a rival and the other was stopped by Fabio.

Friction Between Players Disrupts the Game

Posted at: 21:35 CET, 11/04/2023

The pace of the game has slowed down, and disputes between players have taken center stage. Felipe Melo is the latest player to engage in a brief altercation, causing a pause in the game.

Controversial Play Reviewed but No Action Taken

Posted at: 21:32 CET, 11/04/2023

A play involving Valentini and Goose is reviewed due to a possible aggression, but the referee decides not to intervene. The game continues without any further consequences.

Physical Altercation After a Corner Kick

Posted at: 21:30 CET, 11/04/2023

After a corner kick, Goose and Valentini end up on the pitch following a physical altercation. The tension between the players is evident as the match intensifies.

Fluminense Takes Advantage of Boca’s Weak Pressing

Posted at: 21:29 CET, 11/04/2023

Boca fails to press effectively, allowing Fluminense to make successful passes and advance into the rival field. The Brazilian team takes advantage of the situation to gain control of the game.

Fluminense Maintains Possession to Control the Game

Posted at: 21:25 CET, 11/04/2023

Fluminense calms things down by keeping possession of the ball. The team aims to avoid giving Boca any opportunities to counterattack and maintains a strategic approach to control the game.

Cano’s Attempt from Distance Falls Short

Posted at: 21:23 CET, 11/04/2023

Cano tries his luck with a long-range shot after a combination with Arias, but his attempt fails to find the target. The left-footed strike goes wide to the right wing.

Boca Gains Momentum After Slow Start

Posted at: 21:22 CET, 11/04/2023

Boca’s performance improves as the game progresses, showing signs of threat after a slow start. The Argentine team is now finding their rhythm and posing a challenge to their rivals.

Cavani’s Missed Opportunity Balances the Game

Posted at: 21:20 CET, 11/04/2023

Cavani attempts a skillful pass to Valentine Boat, but his decision proves to be a mistake. The missed opportunity brings balance to the game as both teams strive for dominance.

Merentiel’s Impactful Play

Almirón’s team made a breakthrough as Merentiel executed a powerful shot that was saved by Fabio.


Flu’s Missed Opportunity

Sergio Romero denied Flu’s first chance with a well-timed save from a header.


Dangerous Foul by Cavani

Cavani’s strong challenge on Samuel Xavier provides Fluminense with a new opportunity from set pieces.


Fluminense’s Ball Possession

Fluminense dominates the ball possession, preventing their rivals from having it. Diniz’s team relies on short passes while the Argentine team prefers direct balls.


Boca’s Pressure Tactics

Jorge Almiron’s team constantly puts pressure on their opponents, attempting to disrupt their play. Boca Juniors have shown some signs of resistance.


Brazilian Dominance on the Left

Fluminense’s attacking moves are concentrated on the left side, utilizing passes to create opportunities for I said no to make runs towards the baseline.


Boca’s Lack of Possession

Boca Juniors struggles to gain possession as Fluminense maintains control of the ball, preventing any counterattacks.


Fluminense’s Strong Start

Fluminense begins the match with an aggressive approach, focusing on attacking through the wings. Advincula successfully defends against Boca Juniors’ attempts.


First Corner Kick

Marcelo’s corner kick creates the first dangerous situation, but Boca Juniors’ defense clears the ball. Set pieces could play a crucial role in today’s game.


The Start of the Libertadores Final

The highly anticipated final of the Libertadores tournament has begun!


Emotional Moment for Felipe Melo

Felipe Melo couldn’t hold back his tears during the Brazilian anthem. Soccer truly showcases the beauty and emotions of the sport. Let’s hope for an unforgettable Libertadores final!


The Hymns Are Playing

The national anthems of Argentina and Brazil are being played, setting the stage for an intense match.



So does Wilmar Roldán, the referee who will have to control what happens on the field today.



It is already known that you can look at it but not touch it… It is strange that someone would take that risk.


Spectacular what is being seen at the Maracaná stadium

One of those finals that have an incredible atmosphere, full of party between two historic clubs that want to be champions of South America.


Orchestra and Performances Set the Stage

It has been possible to see 30 musicians from the orchestra of Rocinha Chamber and 60 percussionists from the Portela samba school and performances by dancers to open this event. Now it is the turn of Yerba Brava, an Argentine group that also has a place in the final.


The Opening Ceremony Begins!


Music Sets the Mood at Maracaná

The fans wave their flags without the players on the field. The protagonists, all concentrated in the costumes.






Players Warm Up as Fans Fill the Stands

Somewhat cloudy skies in Rio de Janeiro, with the Maracanã grass in good shape. Today there is no room for nervousness, and being able to find the atmosphere in these minutes before going to the locker room can be important.

All the seats in the stands are being filled. Fans of both teams, party atmosphere. Today no one wants to be the losing team, but there will be a head and a tail for this Libertadores, as always.


Boca’s Dominance in Libertadores

Besides the 6-0 lead in the number of Libertadores wins that Boca has against Flu in this confrontation, Xeneize has shown to handle itself well in Brazilian territory to conquer this competition.

Today faces will be seen before an almost “first time” rival in these contexts, with only one disputed final. However, Argentines cannot be trusted.

A closed, tactical final is expected and where errors are sought to be minimized as much as possible. However, for Boca, winning in Brazil is not so unknown in order to lift the trophy.



Felipe Melo: The Experienced Center Back Aiming for His Third Libertadores

Felipe Melo has established himself as a specialist in finals and, despite his age, he is determined to win his third Libertadores title. Now playing as a center back, this tough and controversial player aims to provide his team with the necessary experience to avoid nervousness in crucial moments. With a large number of detractors, Melo leaves no one indifferent.

In the face of tough opponents like Merentiel and Cavani, Melo will face a challenging battle. However, he has proven on multiple occasions that he is capable of overcoming any situation and ensuring his own comfort surpasses that of his rivals. His presence on the field will be crucial for Diniz’s team.

Posted at: 20:20 CET, 11/04/2023

Sergio Romero: The Goalkeeper Bringing a Different Touch to the Final

Sergio Romero will be a key figure in the final, adding a different dimension with his wealth of experience. Often overshadowed by other players, Romero has rediscovered his form in Argentina, particularly at Boca Juniors. While not always a regular starter in the past, except perhaps during his time at Sampdoria and the National Team, Romero has become a hero in penalty shootouts. Boca’s final today would not be complete without him.

Posted at: 20:18 CET, 11/04/2023

Marcelo vs Valentín Barco: An Anticipated Duel

One of the most anticipated duels in the final will be between Marcelo and Valentín Barco. Although they will play in opposite positions, their clash represents the future of the Argentine and the past/present of the Brazilian. Barco, a versatile left back, has shown his ability to contribute in advanced areas and has added an extra dimension to Almirón’s team.

With his talent and style of play, Barco could potentially follow in Marcelo’s footsteps. While there are differences between the two, the Argentine demonstrates a similar passion and dedication to the game as the Fluminense player. Could Argentina have the next Marcelo?

Posted at: 20:14 CET, 11/04/2023

Goose: A Second Shot at the Libertadores Cup

After 12 years, Goose is aiming for his second Libertadores Cup. Although he couldn’t showcase his best football in Europe, he has found success in Brazil. Known for his technical quality, intelligence, and unique playing style, Goose was a key player alongside Neymar in a talented and youthful Santos team. Now, in a more experienced Fluminense side, he aims to be crowned champion alongside Marcelo.

Posted at: 20:11 CET, 11/04/2023

Cavani: A Chance for Redemption

Cavani’s journey has been filled with ups and downs, but he is determined to achieve success. After a disappointing spell at Valencia, plagued by injuries and struggles to adapt to Spain, the Uruguayan made his way to Boca Juniors. Despite not reaching his peak form, he now has a great opportunity to bring a coveted trophy to the Argentinian club.

Posted at: 20:06 CET, 11/04/2023

Diego Maradona: Insights on the Final and the 2030 World Cup

The legendary Diego Maradona shared his thoughts on the cup final and also discussed the organization of the 2030 World Cup in an interview with AS.

Posted at: 20:00 CET, 11/04/2023

Marcelo’s Return to Brazil: A Quest for Glory

Marcelo, a prominent figure in Real Madrid, has returned to Brazil with the goal of winning both the UCL and Copa Libertadores. While it won’t be his first title with the Rio club, he faces a tough test in the final. Fluminense’s journey in the Libertadores has had its ups and downs, including a controversial red card against Argentinos Juniors in the round of 16. Despite the setback, Marcelo’s presence will be crucial for his team.

Posted at: 19:56 CET, 11/04/2023

Fernando Diniz’s Brave Approach

Fluminense’s strategy for the upcoming match is no surprise. Felipe Melo, despite some physical concerns, will lead the defense line in their quest for the championship. At 40 years old, his presence was uncertain, but he has trained and is ready to contribute. The key player to watch out for is Marcelo, who aims to bring a unique touch to the team.

Fluminense’s strength lies in their midfield and forward line, where they possess both skill and attacking prowess. They have the icing on the cake in the form of Cano.

Posted at: 19:47 CET, 11/04/2023

Jorge Almirón’s Predictable Lineup

Boca Juniors will field a team that combines experience with young talents who have propelled the team forward in the Libertadores. Valentini will strengthen the defense, while Valentín Barco will provide creativity from an advanced position on the wing. Equi Fernández and Cristian Medina will play crucial roles in the midfield battle against the Brazilians.

Posted at: 19:46 CET, 11/04/2023

A Day for Star Performances

Today is the day for the big names to shine, and both teams have players capable of making a difference. The spotlight will be on Germán Cano, a seasoned Argentine striker and the tournament’s top scorer. Can he deliver once again for Fluminense?

In Boca Juniors, Chiquito Romero has been instrumental in their journey so far. They also have the striking duo of Cavani and Merentiel, who are hungry for goals. Another player to watch out for is PH Ganso, whose experience in winning the Libertadores could prove vital.

Posted at: 19:43 CET, 11/04/2023

Tensions and Excitement Before the Final

The festive atmosphere before the final has been marred by some incidents. Fans have engaged in fights near the stadium’s metro exits, prompting police intervention to prevent further altercations. The entry of spectators into the stadium is also a concern, with many fans passing through checkpoints while others are already inside supporting their teams.

The players of Boca Juniors and Fluminense have arrived at Maracaná, preparing themselves for one of the most significant games of their careers. It is undoubtedly the most important match of the season.

Posted at: 19:32 CET, 11/04/2023

A Final of Great Significance

One of the highlights before the game was Edinson Cavani’s press conference. The Uruguayan forward, who recently joined Boca Juniors, considers this match to be one of the most crucial events in his career.

“There has been a long journey to reach this point, and if I hadn’t taken that path, I might not have made it here. But I wouldn’t change much, except for the Copa América (2011) with Uruguay. I have given my all to win the Cup with Boca. I hope everything falls into place tomorrow,” Cavani expressed.

Cavani emphasized that he is focused on the present and sees this game as the most important one in his career. He believes that the various factors surrounding this match make it a defining moment for him.

Published at: 19:30 CET, 11/04/2023

The Main Club Tournament in America Faces Forced Change for Next Season

The main club tournament in America will undergo a forced change as it looks ahead to the upcoming season, set to begin in February. This change will have significant implications for the competition.

Posted at: 19:27 CET, 11/04/2023

Possible Fluminense XI:

The potential starting lineup for Fluminense includes Fabius; Samuel, Nino, Felipe Melo, Marcelo; Martinelli, Andre, Jhon Arias, Ganso, Keno; and Cano.

Posted at: 19:24 CET, 11/04/2023

Possible Mouth XI:

The potential starting lineup for Mouth consists of Sergio Romero; Luis Advíncula, Nicolás Figal, Nicolás Valentini, Frank Fabra; Cristian Medina, Pol Fernández, Equi Fernández, Valentín Barco; Miguel Merentiel and Edinson Cavani.

Posted at: 19:21 CET, 11/04/2023

Incidents Before the Final

During the queues of fans entering the stadium, there were areas with varying levels of organization. Some Boca fans complained about the lack of order, while others faced repression from the local police when trying to reach Maracaná.

Tear gas was used against the Xeneize fans, further escalating the tension, and there were reports of rubber bullets being fired at them.

The match, after a tense build-up, aims to be a celebration of football, with competitiveness, moments of brilliance from both teams, and a champion crowned at the end. The focus is on maintaining peace and respect throughout.

Posted at: 19:17 CET, 11/04/2023

Boca’s Absences

Jorge Almirón’s team will face two significant losses in this match. The first is Marcos Rojo, who is unavailable due to suspension. The second is Exequiel Zeballos, who suffered a torn cruciate ligament and will be out for an extended period.

Flu’s Absences

The main concern for Fluminense lies in their defense, as Nino and Felipe Melo have had physical issues. However, they are expected to be available for the final. Apart from that, Diniz’s team has not encountered any last-minute incidents affecting their ability to compete.

Posted at: 19:14 CET, 11/04/2023

A Final Filled with Struggles

Both teams have faced challenges throughout the knockout stage of the tournament, leading them to this final at Maracaná. Boca Juniors had a difficult path, failing to win any of their round of 16 matches until the semi-finals.

On the other hand, Fluminense showed resilience, enduring tough moments, but their true test came in the semi-finals when they came from behind to defeat Internacional.

Posted at: 19:11 CET, 11/04/2023

A Spectacular Atmosphere

The organizers aimed for the best possible entrance to the stadium, with tickets selling out quickly due to the overwhelming number of fans eager to attend. Maracaná is expected to be packed for this final, although many supporters will have to watch the game from outside due to limited seating.

The entrance to the stadium was accompanied by singing and enthusiastic support from fans, creating a festive atmosphere. The hope is that the same spirit of celebration will be reflected in the match between the 22 players chosen by Jorge Almirón and Fernando Diniz.

Posted at: 19:07 CET, 11/04/2023

Contrast Ending

The highly anticipated match at Maracaná today will showcase the experience of a club that has won the Libertadores against another seeking their first championship. The outcome of the match will be influenced by this factor.

Boca Juniors, with six Libertadores titles, holds a clear advantage in terms of experience. They have the opportunity to secure their seventh title and equal Independiente de Avellaneda as the most successful team in the tournament’s history. This is a golden opportunity for the Buenos Aires-based club.

On the other hand, Fluminense has only come close to glory in the competition once, back in 2008, but unfortunately lost in the final. Today, they aim to maintain the dominance of Brazilian football in the Libertadores and join the elite group of champions throughout history.

Posted at: 18:51 CET, 11/04/2023

The Joint Words by the Clubs

Jorge Ameal, the president of Boca, has urged fans to show respect towards their opponents, emphasizing that it is a soccer game and not a war. Bittencout, on the other hand, has gone a step further and called for friendship between the two sets of supporters, creating a peaceful atmosphere for the football festival at Maracaná. It is crucial that both clubs come together to foster this spirit of camaraderie.

Fluminense has also released an official statement condemning any form of violence, both verbal and physical, by their fans. They want the focus to be solely on the game and for everyone to enjoy this special moment in the club’s history. In a meeting with the leaders of the club’s organized fan groups, Fluminense has reached an agreement to immediately cease any conflicts with Boca Juniors fans.

Posted at: 18:43 CET, 11/04/2023

A Final with Tension

The week leading up to the final in Rio de Janeiro has been far from calm. Clashes between Fluminense and Boca fans have resulted in fights, robberies, and a significant police presence. However, despite the tense atmosphere, the authorities have decided to proceed with the match at Maracaná, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the spirit of the game.

Efforts have been made to address the potential violence surrounding the final, and the worst incident occurred on Copacabana beach on Thursday. The organizers have taken necessary measures to ensure the safety of all attendees and to prevent any further disturbances.

Posted at: 18:37 CET, 11/04/2023

Decision to Keep the Match Open to Fans

Following the incidents near the ‘Fan Zone’ in Copacabana, representatives from CONMEBOL, AFA, CBF, Boca, and Fluminense convened to discuss the possibility of playing the final behind closed doors. However, with a message of peace and unity, the presidents have decided to allow fans to attend the match at Maracaná, ensuring that the atmosphere reflects the magnitude of this encounter.

Posted at: 18:40 CET, 11/04/2023

Boca Juniors and Fluminense to Clash in Historic Copa Libertadores Final

Maracana Stadium Set to Witness Unprecedented Event

The final match between Boca Juniors and Fluminense in the Copa Libertadores promises to be a historic event. The magnitude of this encounter has captivated fans, with both positive and negative aspects. The impact has even affected the attendance of spectators at the stadium.

The overwhelming presence of Boca Juniors’ fans in Rio de Janeiro has been remarkable. It is an unprecedented mass movement to make the team, led by Jorge Almiron, feel at home. Similarly, Fluminense enjoys strong local support under the guidance of Fernando Diniz, who is eager to secure a title that has eluded him so far.

The Most Anticipated Club-Level Confrontation in South America

Copa Libertadores 2023 Final Takes Center Stage in Rio de Janeiro

Greetings to all! The day has finally arrived, and the highly anticipated Copa Libertadores 2023 final is set to take place in Rio de Janeiro. This clash is the most eagerly awaited competition in South America at the club level, a privilege reserved for only two exceptional teams.

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