Barça and Panathinaikos meet on matchday six of the Euroleague.

From SPORT, we tell you live and direct everything that happens in the Barça-Panathinaikos of the Euroleague.

2+1 for Balcerowski! Panathinaikos tries to close the distance to make up and see if the flute sounds. 75-59

What an alley oop from Juancho! He sent the Spaniard down to score his first points of the game. 75-51

How good Joel Parra! He entered like Pedro through his house to score the layup at will. His first two points from him! 73-47

Barça 71 – 47 Panathinaikos | Euroleague

The last quarter begins now!

Barça 71 – 47 Panathinaikos | Euroleague

The third quarter ends at the Palau Blaugrana!

HA-BA-RI PAAAARKER! What a mate from the American! He is spectacular today, and has taken perfect advantage of Kalinic’s assistance. Top scorer of the game already with 14 points! 65-45

Paulí added again! 2 more points for the youth player, who already has 12. Close to his best mark in the Euroleague! 63-43

SATORANSKY TRIPLEEEEE! The Czech was spectacular with an impossible shot, with a hand in the face, which raised the distance to 20 points. And he already has 10! 61-41

Add 12 points to Parker, who today is offering one of his best versions since he joined the culé team. 56-37

Jabari Parker starts the second half with a goal and already has 10 points. How is the American! 47-33

Barça 45 – 33 Panathinaikos | Euroleague

The third quarter begins at the Palau Blaugrana!

These are the top scorers at halftime:

Barça | Paulí (10 points, 2 rebounds, 0 assists)

Panathinaikos | Grant (10 points, 0 rebounds, 0 assists)

These are the statistics of the game at half-time:

Barça 45 – 33 Panathinaikos

Shots of 2: 16/24 – 6/19

Shots of 3: 2/10 – 5/9

Free shots: 7/9 – 6/8

Rebounds: 24 – 9

Losses: 7 – 7

Barça 45 – 33 Panathinaikos | Euroleague

Half-part at the Palau Blaugrana!

Satoransky faked well and made Lessort fly to score under the rim. 45-31

Technique for Roger Grimau! By repetition it has had to be because something else has not been seen. If he weren’t a rookie on the bench it would be difficult for him to get whistled!

Keep going Jabari Parker! Another two more points after a great feint. Maximum advantage, +13! 43-30

Vesely scores again after many minutes to continue increasing the score. 41-30

This is why Jabari Parker has come! He left his pair and ended up scoring a basket past the rim. What a beast! 37-28

What a Jabari Parker basket! From coast to coast and leaving the ball in the hoop with great elegance. Wow! The game is going crazy! 35-28

And again Paulí! But how many are there? He rebounded Parker’s three-pointer and scored again. 33-25

But how is Paaaaaaaulí! Triple despite being well defended and already has 8 points today. Almost nothing! 31-22

2+1 for Oriol Paulí! He fouled Kyle Guy and scored. 27-22

ABRINEEEES! What a Wolverine mate! Tre-men-do what the Balearic Islands have jumped! 25-22

Willy scores past the hoop! At the moment the Blaugrana is more of a protagonist than his brother, who has not yet scored. 23-21

Barça 21 – 20 Panathinaikos | Euroleague

The second quarter begins at the Palau Blaugrana!

Barça 21 – 20 Panathinaikos | Euroleague

End of the first quarter at the Palau Blaugrana!

Paulí made it into a movie, going into the kitchen to score his first two points in this Euroleague. 21-17

What a Grigonis triple! What a hand the Lithuanian has… 19-17

Satoransky scores his 5th point, to stop the bleeding after Kyle Guy’s triple. 17-14

Brizuela made a mistake in the pass, in a counterattack and that led to a basket from Grant to get closer. 15-11

Kalinnnnic! First triple of the game and we scored it for Nikola. Barça up 6! 13-7

Pulling the Vesely car at the beginning of the game. And the Czech has 5 points! 9-7

The game is starting to get tougher after an electric start! Vesely now scores one of his two free throws. 7-5

Barça – Panathinaikos | Euroleague

Ball in the air… The game begins!

Starting quintets | Let’s go now with the lineups chosen by Grimau and Ataman for this Euroleague duel!

Barça | Abrines, Da Silva, Kalinic, Satoransky and Vesely

Panathinaikos | Grant, Guy, Juancho Hernangómez, Lessort and Mitoglou

The reunion | Reunion night for the Hernangómez brothers at the Palau!

The preview | Grimau: “If we want to achieve cool things, defense has to be a pillar”

The Barça coach, Roger Grimau, has appeared before the match against Panathinaikos, where they will seek the fifth European victory of the season

Grimau assured that if the Catalan team wants to “achieve cool things, defense has to be a pillar” as has happened so far this season, since the Catalans are the team that concedes the fewest points in the Euroleague (69.8) .

How do they get there? | The Barça team will try to change the dynamic after two consecutive defeats and return to the line they were setting in Europe before the Clásico against Real Madrid (65-64).

Grimau’s team has 4 wins in the Euroleague, against Anadolu Efes (91-74), Olympiacos (68-77), Partizan (83-92) and Bayern (98-59). Despite the defeat against the whites, the Balugrana remain undefeated at home this season.

Barça – Panathinaikos | Good afternoon! In just under half an hour, Barça hosts Panathinaikos at the Palau Blaugrana on Matchday 6 of the Euroleague.

The rival to beat is none other than Panathinaikos, which currently occupies 10th position in the table.

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