Can Rosès: A Remarkable Performance by Rubí in Copa del Rey


This has been all since Can Rosès. Thank you very much for your attention. Now you can read the chronicle in this link.

Rubí’s Impressive Journey in Copa del Rey


Well, Rubí’s experience in the Copa del Rey has reached this point. A team from the Spanish sixth category that has stood up to a Primera and that has had them on the ropes in the last five minutes of the game thanks to Marc Rodríguez’s goal. Finally, the double from youth player Adu Ares saved Valverde from the cup disaster.

Athletic Triumphs with Difficulty


END OF THE MATCH! Triumph for Athletic with many more difficulties than expected. Great game by Rubí who has not lost face in the clash at any time. Valverde’s men finished, they asked for the time and Marc Rodríguez almost achieved the epic in the last breath.

Marc Rodríguez’s Close Call


MARC RODRÍGUEZ HAS HAD IT! Corner and Rafa Leva joins.

Valverde’s Struggle


Valverde is having a tough time…

Last Minute Free Kick


Last minute… Rafa Leva dares to take a free kick.

Yellow Card for Monsó


Yellow for Monsó! He released his elbow…

Athletic’s Missed Opportunity


Athletic’s third is almost here. Once again Berenguer provided a deadly pass, but did not find a finisher.

Mulero’s Close Call


Mulerooooo had it! Aguirrezabala caught it in the same squad…

Extra Time


5 minutes added!

Last Minute of Regulation Time


We enter the last minute of regulation time. Let’s see how much the referee adds…

An Exciting Match at Can Rosès



Rubí Closes the Gap


1-2! RUBY GOOOOOAL! GOAL BY MARC RODRÍGUEZ! A very poorly defended lateral center was taken advantage of by the Catalan player to close the gap.

Yellow Card for Sergio Mulero


Yellow for Sergio Mulero for a foul on Muniain.

Changes in Athletic


Another double change in Athletic. Adu Ares and Raúl García leave and Villalibre and Sancet enter.

Rubí Running Out of Chances


Back to the barrier. Peris’ team is running out of chances and time.

Rubí’s Close Call


Ball goes to the barrier, but on the rebound he gets the Rubí a new lack, now even closer. Raúl García hit Monsó in his attempt to clear.

Dangerous Foul in Favor of Rubí


Very dangerous foul in favor of Rubí, by the hands of Vivian.

Álex Ruiz’s Attempt


Álex Ruiz tries it and almost surprises the Basque team’s goalkeeper Aguirrezabala.

Changes in Rubí


Double change in Rubí. Muñi and Pau Albelda leave and Abde and Marc Rodríguez enter.

Another Change in Valverde’s Team


Another change from Valverde. The debutant Eguiluz leaves and Vivian enters.

Dangerous Foul for Valverde’s Men


Dangerous foul now for Valverde’s men. Good move now from Berenguer, who is already outplaying his opponent.

Rubí’s Set Piece


Rubí had a set piece. An action very poorly defended by the lions.

Changes in Athletic


Double change also in Athletic. Vesga and Unai Gómez leave and Ruiz de Galarreta and Dani García enter.

Changes in Rubí


Double change in Rubí. Picón and Muela left and Manu Rodríguez and Monsó entered.

Rubí’s Missed Opportunity


Well, Muñi had it! The clearest one, he left Aguirrezabala and saved the Peru furniture on the goal line. Corner for Rubí.

Berenguer’s Assist


Another play on the left wing, Berenguer centers very alone and the youth player First Half Ends with No Changes

There have been no changes on either team.


Peris’s team has come out bravely. He attempts another shot for his Muñi band.


The Second Half Starts! We’ll see if Ruby can resist…


End of the First Half! For now, the surprise comes at Can Rosés. Valverde’s men cannot defeat the Catalan team.


They looked for Raúl García at the far post, but his header was easily caught by Rafa Leva, once again proving to be the real hero of the game.


Foul in favor of Athletic and it’s a dangerous one. The last one of the first half.


Now Berenguer is out of the game, who also attempted a shot with scissors.

Four. Five’

The first forty-five minutes are over. Two minutes will be added.


Muniain tries it from the front, but his shot goes wide.


Álex Ruiz managed to finish, but his header went high.


Corner in favor of Rubí! The crowd is getting excited…


Now Athletic has tried a counterattack, but Adu Ares was unbalanced in his shot and it went wide.


The EU Rubí fans are surprisingly calm. They are about to tie a Primera team in the first forty-five minutes. Only occasionally can you hear a timid “yes we can.”


Athletic is now suffocating the Catalan team, who cannot even get out of their own area in the final stages of the game. Peris’ team is resisting as best they can.


At the moment, three players are the main protagonists. For the locals, Rafa Leva and Muñi; and Adu Ares for the visitors.


Rafa Leva apologizes to Raúl García because in his last outing he could have injured the Basque team’s attacker in the back.


Yellow card for Morell! It’s the second one for the Catalan team.


The first half hour of the game is over and Valverde doesn’t seem to have a clear view. In the press conference before the match, he didn’t even want to talk about his elimination in 2003 against Gimnástica de Torrelavega.


New Picón’s expulsion has been played! Someone needs to call his attention now as he already has a yellow card. He entered the field very aggressively with his elbow first. Once again, they have spared him a red card.


Raúl García makes another attempt, but Rafa Leva catches it without any problems.


Peris’ team is now defending with a 1-5-4-1 formation. They are pushing themselves to the limit on every play.


Raul Garcia tries an acrobatic scissors kick, but once again, he is stopped by the wall of the Catalan team.


Rafa Leva makes his third save! This time, it was Adu Ares, Athletic’s most incisive player so far.


The ball belongs to Athletic, but the Catalan team is increasingly comfortable without it. Valverde is urging his team to move faster, but Peris’ men are covering the spaces inside very well for now.


Rubí is becoming more comfortable and has lost their fear of the tie after Rafa Leva’s double save.


Second warning from Rubí! Muñi had a chance! This time, the shot on the 11th was closer to the post but with less force.


First dangerous attack from Rubí! Just as we were saying… a quick recovery and counterattack. Adri Recort’s shot goes wide.


The local team has entrenched themselves in their field with a 1-5-3-2 formation and is trying to surprise the Basque team on the counterattack. They have already stolen a couple of dangerous balls in the midfield.


The young Jordi Peris, coach of EU Rubí, does not stop correcting his team.


Rafa Leva now asks for medical assistance. It seems that he hurt himself when he fell, and just in case, the substitute goalkeeper of UE Rubí begins to warm up. Although he could have used his experience to stop the barrage of Bilbao chances.


ADU ARES MISSES THE FIRST CHANCE! His volley goes high inside the area.


Rubí stretches their lines and… (continues)

Athletic Club Pressures Aguirrezabala for Early Exit

Athletic Club has started the game with a strong focus on the opposite field. In just two minutes, they have already created two clear scoring opportunities.

Rafa Leva Shines as the Hero of the Match

Rafa Leva, the 42-year-old goalkeeper, has once again proven his skills. He made a couple of incredible saves, just like he did in the previous round, and was instrumental in the penalty shootout.

Picón Makes an Impressive Entry

Picón’s entry into the game was remarkable. Despite a harsh tackle on Unai García, he managed to avoid a red card and continue playing.

The Copa del Rey Begins at Can Rosés

The Copa del Rey journey for both teams has officially started. The question now is how long the hope of Can Rosés will last.

Teams Greet Each Other on the Field

Both teams have stepped onto the artificial grass of Can Rosés and are exchanging greetings before the match begins.

UE Rubí’s Last Participation in Copa del Rey

In the newspaper archive, we find that the last time UE Rubí participated in the Copa del Rey was in the 1994-95 season. The team was coached by Joaquín Hernández, who is the father of the current Barcelona coach, Xavi Hernandez.

UE Rubí’s Journey to the Copa del Rey

Before the start of the match, let’s take a look at how UE Rubí earned their place in this tournament. They were the best second-placed team in the Primera Catalana last season, which led to their promotion to the Elite League. In the previous phase, they secured their spot in the first round by winning on penalties against Rotlet Molinar.

Warm-Up Begins at Can Rosés

The players are now warming up on the field as the stands of Can Rosés fill up with excited fans.

UE Rubí Announces Their Starting Lineup

UE Rubí has revealed their starting lineup for the match. Rafa Leva, Aitor Torres, Morell, Tenorio, Picón, Recort, Masip, Muela, Albelda, Muñi, and Álex Ruiz will be on the field.

Athletic Club’s Starting Eleven

Ernesto Valverde has chosen Agirrezabala, Prados, Nolaskoain, Egiluz, Lekue, Vesga, Unai Gómez, Adu Ares, Muniain, Berenguer, and Raúl García as the starting lineup for Athletic Club.

Athletic Club’s Impressive Record in Single-Game Ties

In the past two decades, Athletic Club has played over 20 single-game ties. The last time Valverde was eliminated in the first round was in October 2003 against Gimnástica de Torrelavega, during his first season as a coach in the elite.

Valverde’s Warning to His Team

Ernesto Valverde has emphasized the importance of not underestimating their opponents in the pre-match press conference. He acknowledges that these qualifying rounds are the most dangerous for a coach, as the higher category team faces a motivated rival in a different stadium. He urges his team to approach the game with respect and preparation.

Stay Updated

If you want to stay updated on the latest developments of the match between Athletic Club and UE Rubí, keep an eye on our website for live updates.

Red and White Team Heads to Can Rosés for Cup Day

The red and white team left the hotel with great determination as they made their way to Can Rosés. They are fully aware of the high stakes involved in today’s match, where they have little to gain and a lot to lose.

Preparations at Can Rosés

Everything is set at Can Rosés as two additional stands have been arranged to accommodate approximately 4,300 spectators. The atmosphere is expected to be festive, and the players’ jerseys are already prepared in the changing rooms.

Youth Squad Member Makes Debut

A notable inclusion in Valverde’s team list is the presence of Hugo Rincón, a young right-back from Bilbao Athletic who will be making his debut in the first-team call-up.

Injury Concerns for Williams Brothers

The medical report from the Basque entity reveals that one of the Williams brothers is experiencing an overload on the rectus femoris of his right leg, while also suffering from nonspecific low back pain. Their availability for the upcoming league match against Villarreal is in doubt.

Significant Absences for the Basque Team

The Basque team arrives in Catalonia with several key players missing due to injuries. In addition to Yuri, Yeray, and Ander Herrera, Nico Williams and Paredes have also been ruled out at the last minute. The Bilbao squad for the match includes Unai Simón, Julen Agirrezabala, Dani Vivian, Mikel Vesga, Alex Berenguer, Oihan Sancet, Iñaki Williams, Iker Muniain, Gorka Guruzeta, Dani García, Iñigo Lekue, Iñigo Ruiz de Galarreta, Oscar de Marcos, Imanol García de Albeniz, Asier Villalibre, Raúl García, Peru Nolaskoain, Beñat Prados, Unai Egiluz, Adu Ares, Unai Gómez, and Hugo Rincón.

Underdogs Ready to Face Athletic Club

Despite the significant gap in their respective divisions, the team led by Jordi Peris is determined to put up a fight against Ernesto Valverde’s men in this second round of the KO tournament.

A Memorable Cup Night for UE Rubí

Good afternoon! We are here at the Municipal of Can Rosés to bring you all the updates from this thrilling cup match between UE Rubí and Athletic Club. This is a historic moment for the Catalan team as they face a First Division opponent, creating a night that their fans will cherish forever.

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