Four Matches Go to Extra Time

Azuaga 0-0 Cartagena

In a thrilling encounter, Azuaga and Cartagena battled it out but failed to find the back of the net, resulting in a goalless draw. The match went into extra time, adding to the excitement.

Badalona Futur 0-0 Cadiz

Badalona Futur and Cadiz also couldn’t break the deadlock in their match. Both teams fought hard, but the final score remained 0-0. The game went into extra time to determine the winner.

UCAM Murcia 0-0 Linares

UCAM Murcia and Linares gave their all on the field but couldn’t find the breakthrough. The match ended in a goalless draw, leading to extra time to decide the victor.

Teams Qualified for 2nd Round Draw

The following teams have secured their place in the second round after impressive performances:

  • Lugones 0-6 Vallecano Ray
  • Barbastro 1-0 Ponferradina
  • Compostela 0-1 Tenerife
  • Llerenense 0-2 Leganés
  • Navalcarnero 0-1 Alcorcón
  • Naxara 1-2 Melilla
  • Sports Penya 1-5 Valladolid

Náxara 1-2 Melilla

In an intense match, Náxara managed to score a goal, but Melilla had the chance to extend their lead with a penalty. However, Vinicius Tanque missed the opportunity. The game is now evenly poised with both teams fighting for victory.

Penya Deportiva 1-5 Valladolid

Penya Deportiva’s fans erupted in celebration as their team scored a goal, bringing honor to their name. James was the hero who found the back of the net for the home side.

Penya Deportiva 0-5 Valladolid

Valladolid dominated the match and scored a goal to extend their lead. Quintana, making his debut, headed the ball into the net from a corner kick taken by Iván Sánchez.

Peña Deportiva 0-4 Valladolid

Valladolid continued their goal-scoring spree with Meseguer stealing the show by scoring a hat-trick. The fans witnessed a festival of goals from the visiting team.

Peña Deportiva 0-3 Valladolid

Valladolid further solidified their lead with a double from Meseguer, decisively tipping the tie in favor of the pucelanos.

Llerenense 0-2 Leganés

Leganés, the current leader of the Second Division, increased their advantage in the match against Llerenense. Lalo scored the crucial goal, putting his team in a commanding position.

Náxara 0-2 Melilla

Melilla extended their lead in the match against Náxara at La Salera. Dani García was the scorer of the goal, further strengthening Juan Sabas’s team.

Peña Deportiva 0-2 Valladolid

Valladolid found the back of the net once again, this time through a corner kick taken by Malsa. Seral failed to clear the ball, and Of the sickle was quick to capitalize, scoring the second goal for his team.

Barbastro 2nd RFEF) Surpasses Ponferradina (1st RFEF)

In an impressive display, Barbastro, a team from the 2nd RFEF, defeated Ponferradina from the 1st RFEF. The only goal of the match was scored by Table, securing Barbastro’s victory.

Half-Time Scores

The matches that started at 12:00 p.m. have reached half-time with the following scores:

  • Lugones 0-3 Vallecano Ray
  • Azuaga 0-0 Cartagena
  • Badalona Futur 0-0 Cadiz
  • Barbastro 1-0 Ponferradina
  • Compostela 0-1 Tenerife
  • Llerenense 0-1 Leganés
  • Navalcarnero 0-1 Alcorcón
  • Naxara 0-1 Melilla
  • Sports Club 0-1 Valladolid
  • San Roque de Lepe 0-0 Girona
  • UCAM Murcia 0-0 Linares

Barbastro 1-0 Ponferradina

Barbastro opened the scoring in their match against Ponferradina. Adrià de Mesa found the back of the net, sending the home crowd into a frenzy.

Navalcarnero 0-1 Alcorcón

Alcorcón took the lead against Navalcarnero after a shot hit Artola’s crossbar and Javier Lara, the captain, capitalized on the rebound to make it 0-1.

Peña Deportiva 0-1 Valladolid

Valladolid broke the deadlock with a well-executed play. Cedric initiated the transition, Anuar provided the assist from the left, and Meseguer scored with his first touch to give his team the lead.

Compostela 0-1 Tenerife

Tenerife found the back of the net with a goal from Angel, who rose above the defenders to head the ball into the net. This marked the first goal of the Copa del Rey for the blue and white team.

Llerenense 0-1 Leganés

Leganés, the current leader of the Second Division, took control of the match with a goal from Nyom.

Naxara 0-1 Melilla

Melilla took the lead against Naxara with a fantastic goal against the team managed by José Antonio González.

Llerenense (2nd RFEF) vs. Leganés (2nd)

The match between Llerenense and Leganés concludes the 12:00 p.m. fixtures. Here is the lineup presented by Luismi Alvarez for Llerenense.

Naxara (2nd RFEF)-Melilla (1st RFEF)

Josean García, the coach of the Rioja team, has selected the following eleven players.

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Navalcarnero (2nd RFEF)-Alcorcón (2nd)

The only clash between teams from the same Autonomous Community. José Portillo’s Navalcarnero starts the game with the following eleven.

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Llerenense (2nd RFEF)-Leganés (2nd)

The current leader of LaLiga Hypermotion, Llerenense, plays in Don Benito with the following eleven presented by Borja Jiménez.

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Compostela (2nd RFEF)-Tenerife (2nd)

Michel Alonso’s Compostela will start the clash at Vero Boquete with the following eleven.

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Azuaga (3rd RFEF)-Cartagena (2nd)

Julián Calero, coach of Efesé, puts the following eleven into play.

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UCAM Murcia (2nd RFEF)-Linares (1st RFEF)

We already know the eleven players chosen by Linares’ coach, Oscar Fernández.

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Penya Deportiva (2nd RFEF)-Valladolid (2nd)

Alberto Gallego, the coach of the Balearic team, has opted for these eleven players.

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Naxara (2nd RFEF)-Melilla (1st RFEF)

Juan Sabas, the coach of the Melilla team, presents the following eleven players.

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Navalcarnero (2nd RFEF)-Alcorcón (2nd)

We continue with the lineups. Fran Fernández, the pottery technician, opts for this alignment.

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Barbastro (2nd RFEF)-Ponferradina (1st RFEF)

Iñigo Vélez, the coach of the Bercian team, has chosen the following eleven players.

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Barbastro (2nd RFEF)-Ponferradina (1st RFEF)

The local coach, Dani Martínez, puts the following eleven players into play.

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Compostela (2nd RFEF)-Tenerife (2nd)

We already know the Tenerife eleven presented by Asier Garitano.

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The La Salera field, where Naxara plays, is one of the most unique in Spain. They are hosting UD Melilla this morning.

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Peña Deportiva (2nd RFEF)-Valladolid (2nd)

We already know the lineup of Valladolid, chosen by Paulo Pezzolano.

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Of the matches starting at 12:00 p.m., only Llerenense has not received approval from the Federation to play on their field. They will host Leganés in the town of Don Benito.

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Among the matches held yesterday, it is worth highlighting that Castellon qualified in extra time after winning 2-3 against Príncipe Felipe de Cáceres. Almeria won in Talavera (0-2); UD Las Palmas was superior to Manacor (0-3); Salvi S

Exciting Football Matches Today

Ña Deportiva-Valladolid (12.00 hours)

Football enthusiasts are in for a treat today as the highly anticipated match between Ña Deportiva and Valladolid kicks off at 12.00 hours. Fans can expect an intense battle on the field as both teams are determined to secure a victory. With skilled players and strategic tactics, this match promises to be a thrilling spectacle.

UCAM Murcia-Linares (12.00 hours)

Another exciting football match taking place today is the clash between UCAM Murcia and Linares, scheduled for 12.00 hours. Football fans can look forward to witnessing a display of talent and teamwork as these two teams go head-to-head. The players will leave no stone unturned in their quest for glory, making this match a must-watch for any football enthusiast.

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