Exciting Second Half of Lazio – Atlético de Champions Unfolds

Atlético Holds Strong Against Lazio’s Determined Attacks

In a thrilling match, Atlético continues to defend their goal against Lazio’s relentless attempts. The tension rises as both teams give their all until the final whistle.

Luis Alberto’s Powerful Shot Misses the Mark

Luis Alberto takes a shot from outside the penalty area, narrowly missing the crossbar. The crowd holds their breath as the ball sails past the goal.

Yellow Cards for Patric and Immobile

Patric and Immobile receive yellow cards for their aggressive play. The referee takes control of the match, ensuring fair play and discipline on the field.

Riquelme’s Impactful Performance Boosts Atlético

Riquelme makes a remarkable play, earning Atlético a free kick. His skill and determination provide the team with a much-needed advantage.

Defender’s Deflection Saves Lazio from Conceding

Riquelme takes a shot, but a defender manages to deflect it, resulting in a corner kick. Atlético showcases their attacking prowess, putting pressure on Lazio’s defense.

Lazio Locks Down Atlético’s Fatigued Squad

Lazio tightens their defense, putting Atlético under immense pressure. The Spanish team fights hard to resist Lazio’s relentless attacks.

Luis Alberto’s Shot Safely Caught by Oblak

Luis Alberto takes another shot, but Oblak confidently catches the ball in his hands. Atlético’s goalkeeper showcases his exceptional skills, ensuring the team’s safety.

Substitution: Riquelme Replaces Lino

Atlético makes a strategic substitution, bringing in Riquelme for Lino. The team aims to strengthen their midfield and maintain control of the game.

Giménez’s Timely Intervention Prevents Immobile’s Threat

Giménez demonstrates his defensive prowess by intercepting Immobile’s attempt to control the ball in the penalty area. His quick thinking saves Atlético from a dangerous situation.

Changes in Lazio’s Lineup: Cataldi and Pedro Enter

Lazio makes substitutions, introducing Cataldi and Pedro for Vecino and Zaccagni. The Italian team seeks to inject fresh energy into their attacking plays.

Substitution: Correa Replaces Witsel for Atlético

Atlético makes another substitution, bringing in Correa for Witsel. The team aims to maintain their momentum and secure a victory.

Patric’s Promising Play Foiled by Hermoso’s Block

Patric executes an impressive play, but Hermoso blocks his shot, denying Lazio a potential goal. The intensity of the match continues to captivate the spectators.

Oblak’s Heroic Save Preserves Atlético’s Lead

Oblak showcases his exceptional goalkeeping skills, making a crucial save to deny Lazio a goal. His remarkable performance ensures Atlético’s advantage remains intact.

Provedel’s Heroic Save Keeps Atlético in the Game

Posted at: 22:32 CEST, 09/19/2023

During a match against Lazio, Atlético Madrid’s goalkeeper, Provedel, made an incredible save to deny Zaccagni’s powerful shot. Provedel’s quick reflexes and agility allowed him to raise his hand and deflect the ball, preventing a goal and keeping Atlético in the game.

Another Impressive Block by Provedel

Posted at: 22:31 CEST, 09/19/2023

Provedel continued to showcase his exceptional goalkeeping skills by making a crucial block against Lino’s shot in the penalty area. The goalkeeper positioned himself perfectly and stretched his body to deny Lino’s attempt, ensuring Atlético’s defense remained solid.

Lino’s Shot Foiled by Isaksen’s Body

Posted at: 22:29 CEST, 09/19/2023

Lino, determined to score, unleashed a powerful shot towards the goal. However, Isaksen’s body came in the way, deflecting the ball and preventing Lino from finding the back of the net. Isaksen’s defensive contribution proved crucial in maintaining Atlético’s lead.

Marusic’s Strike Blocked by Llorente

Posted at: 22:29 CEST, 09/19/2023

Marusic attempted a long-range shot from outside the penalty area, but Atlético’s midfielder, Llorente, bravely positioned himself to block the strike. The deflection altered the trajectory of the ball, allowing Atlético to regain possession and continue their offensive play.

Witsel Suffers Injury, Adding to Atlético’s Woes

Posted at: 22:28 CEST, 09/19/2023

Atlético faced more challenges as Witsel went down on the ground, requiring immediate medical attention. The team’s medical staff rushed onto the field to assist Witsel, further complicating Atlético’s situation in that position.

Samuel Lino Receives a Yellow Card

Posted at: 22:27 CEST, 09/19/2023

Samuel Lino, from Lazio, received a yellow card from the referee due to a foul committed during the match. The card serves as a warning for Lino to be cautious in his future tackles and challenges.

Provedel Denies Morata’s Header with an Acrobatic Save

Posted at: 22:27 CEST, 09/19/2023

Atlético’s striker, Morata, came close to scoring with a powerful header after a precise cross from Griezmann. However, Provedel showcased his exceptional goalkeeping skills once again, diving to make a remarkable save and deflecting the ball off the near post.

Unlucky Morata Hits the Post with a Strong Shot

Posted at: 22:26 CEST, 09/19/2023

Morata unleashed a fierce shot from inside the penalty area, aiming for the back of the net. Unfortunately for Morata and Atlético, the ball struck the post after deflecting off a defender, denying them a goal by mere inches.

Witsel’s Deflection Saves Atlético from Conceding

Posted at: 22:25 CEST, 09/19/2023

Isaksen initiated a threatening attack for Lazio, attempting to create an opportunity for Luis Alberto. However, Witsel’s timely deflection redirected the ball towards Atlético’s goalkeeper, Oblak, preventing a potential goal and maintaining Atlético’s defensive stability.

Changes in Lazio’s Lineup

Posted at: 22:22 CEST, 09/19/2023

Lazio made substitutions during the match, with Kamada and Felipe Anderson leaving the field and Guendouzi and Isaksen entering the game. The tactical changes aimed to bring fresh energy and new dynamics to Lazio’s gameplay.

Lino Loses Balance, Fails to Deliver Accurate Cross

Posted at: 22:21 CEST, 09/19/2023

While attempting to deliver a cross from the baseline, Lino lost his balance and couldn’t execute the pass accurately. The missed opportunity hindered Lazio’s attacking potential and provided Atlético with a defensive advantage.

Atlético de Madrid Finds Momentum in the Game

Posted at: 22:21 CEST, 09/19/2023

Atlético de Madrid started to gain momentum and showcased their best performance of the game. The team displayed impressive combinations and fluid passing, putting pressure on Lazio’s defense and creating scoring opportunities.

Savic and Llorente Foil Zaccagni’s Attempt

Posted at: 22:20 CEST, 09/19/2023

Through a collaborative effort, Savic and Llorente successfully dispossessed Zaccagni as he tried to penetrate Atlético’s penalty area. The defensive duo’s quick reaction and coordination prevented a potential threat and maintained Atlético’s defensive solidity.

Llorente’s Cross Cleared by Romagnoli

Posted at: 22:19 CEST, 09/19/2023

Llorente delivered a precise cross from the right flank, aiming to create a scoring opportunity for Atlético. However, Romagnoli, Lazio’s defender, cleared the ball at the near post, denying Atlético a chance to take the lead.

Another Dangerous Arrival from Lazio

Atletico Madrid’s goalkeeper, Oblak, manages to save a dangerous shot from Lazio after a rebound, intensifying the match.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 22:18 CEST 09/19/2023

Missed Penalty by Griezmann

Griezmann shoots high from the penalty spot, failing to convert after Llorente’s drop shot.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 22:18 CEST 09/19/2023

Brilliant Save by Oblak

Oblak makes an incredible save after a mistake by Atletico Madrid’s defense, denying Immobile a goal in the box.

Source: as.com

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Posted at: 22:16 CEST 09/19/2023

Near Miss by the Opponent

The opponent takes a distant shot that goes over the crossbar, narrowly missing the target.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 22:15 CEST 09/19/2023

Intense Second Half Start

The second half begins with a high tempo, and Atletico Madrid dominates possession.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 22:14 CEST 09/19/2023

Offside Drama for Lazio

Immobile is caught offside after a commotion in the box during a corner kick, resulting in a missed shot for Lazio.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 22:12 CEST 09/19/2023

Giménez’s Deflection Saves the Day

Giménez deflects a well-directed header from Immobile, preventing a goal and forcing a corner kick.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 22:11 CEST 09/19/2023

Savic’s Desperate Clearance

Savic clears the ball as best as he can when Immobile attempts a shot after Kamada’s pass in the box.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 22:11 CEST 09/19/2023

Witsel’s Powerful Shot

Witsel takes a shot from outside the area, but Provedel makes a diving save to deny him a goal.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 22:10 CEST 09/19/2023

Marusic’s Timely Intervention

Marusic prevents Griezmann from finding Nahuel in space in the box with a well-timed toe poke.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 22:09 CEST 09/19/2023

Tactical Change for Atletico Madrid

Witsel moves to a central position in the field after the substitution, with Giménez taking his place as a center back.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 22:08 CEST 09/19/2023

Quote of the Match

“Barrios came out with a bad face. He was very comfortable leading the baton, but let’s see now without Koke, without De Paul, without him… and the derby is coming”

Half-Time Substitution for Atletico Madrid

Barrios is substituted off and Giménez comes on, indicating a possible physical issue for the scorer.

Source: as.com

Posted at: 22:06 CEST 09/19/2023


as.comPosted at: 22:05 CEST 09/19/2023

The players return to the field of play! The game is about to resume!

as.comPosted at: 22:03 CEST 09/19/2023

The statistics of the game at half-time

The statistics of the game at half-time:

  • Disputed balls where possession has been lost
  • Possession recoveries

as.comPosted at: 21:59 CEST 09/19/2023

Neighborhoods mark and rule in Rome

The red and white youth player, with some luck, allows Atlético to leave with an advantage to rest in Rome. Barrios achieved the momentary goal and also distributed and stole against a dangerous Lazio.

After an even start, all the warnings were carried out by the local players. Kamada, Romagnoli or Zaccagni had timid attempts, until Luis Alberto had the first with a volley from the front.

Right after that scare came both of Barrios. Molina left her behind and in the front Barrios hit him first, with the help of Kamada in the form of a detour, to beat Provedel.

Atlético had little ball and Lazio kept trying with the setback of Pellegrini’s injury.

as.comPosted at: 21:59 CEST 09/19/2023


as.comPosted at: 21:49 CEST 09/19/2023

Neighbor shot from far away

Neighbor shot from far away who runs into Barrios on the front.

as.comPosted at: 21:49 CEST 09/19/2023

Lino puts it on the penalty spot after two dribbles

Lino puts it on the penalty spot after two dribbles but Patric clears when Llorente was waiting.

as.comPosted at: 21:48 CEST 09/19/2023


as.comPosted at: 21:47 CEST 09/19/2023

The ball doesn’t last long for Atlético

The ball doesn’t last long for Atlético although Lazio is not managing to generate clear danger either.

as.comPosted at: 21:47 CEST 09/19/2023

Zaccagini arrives at the baseline after leaving Molina

Zaccagini arrives at the baseline after leaving Molina but then Barrios takes the ball to avoid any shot.

as.comPosted at: 21:46 CEST 09/19/2023

Barrios’ goal, narrated in SER

as.comPosted at: 21:44 CEST 09/19/2023

Now it is Immobile that falls on the front

Now it is Immobile that falls on the front and again the referee considers that there is nothing.

as.comPosted at: 21:43 CEST 09/19/2023


Lazzari’s Cross Easily Caught by Oblak

Atletico Madrid’s goalkeeper, Jan Oblak, effortlessly catches a cross from Lazzari on the right side of the field. The ball poses no threat as Oblak secures it at the near post.

Posted at: 21:42 CEST, 09/19/2023

Lazzari’s Attempt Foiled by Hermoso and Lino

Lazzari tries to penetrate the penalty area, but he encounters strong defensive resistance from Hermoso and Lino. They successfully prevent Lazzari from advancing further.

Posted at: 21:41 CEST, 09/19/2023

Zaccagni’s Fall Goes Unnoticed by the Referee

Zaccagni falls inside the penalty area after a challenge from Molina. However, the referee does not acknowledge the incident and decides not to award a foul.

Posted at: 21:40 CEST, 09/19/2023

Lazio Makes a Substitution

Lazio makes a substitution due to an injury. Pellegirni is forced to leave the field, and Lazzari replaces him as a replacement.

Posted at: 21:39 CEST, 09/19/2023

Sarri Receives a Yellow Card for Protesting

Sarri, the coach of Lazio, receives a yellow card from the referee for his protests during the match.

Posted at: 21:39 CEST, 09/19/2023

Luis Alberto’s Attempt Thwarted by Lino

Luis Alberto of Lazio tries to make a run on the left wing, but Lino, the defender from Atletico Madrid, quickly reacts and applies pressure to prevent the attack.

Posted at: 21:38 CEST, 09/19/2023

Pellegrini Unable to Continue, Lazio Resumes with 10 Players

Pellegrini of Lazio sustains an injury and is unable to continue playing. Lazio is forced to resume the match with only 10 players on the field.

Posted at: 21:38 CEST, 09/19/2023

Pellegrini Injured After Foul in the Center of the Field

Pellegrini falls to the ground in pain after being fouled in the center of the field. It remains uncertain whether he will be able to continue playing.

Posted at: 21:36 CEST, 09/19/2023

Witsel Clears the Ball Inside the Penalty Area

Imperial Witsel makes a crucial clearance inside the penalty area just as Kamada from Lazio was preparing to take a shot.

Posted at: 21:35 CEST, 09/19/2023

Barrios Scores, Atletico Madrid Takes the Lead

Barrios, a young player from Atletico Madrid, scores a goal, giving his team the lead. The shot deflects off Kamada, causing Provedel, the Lazio goalkeeper, to lose his balance.

Posted at: 21:33 CEST, 09/19/2023

Neighborhoods Celebrate as Atletico Madrid Takes the Lead

Atletico de Madrid scores a goal, sending the crowd into a frenzy. The goal is scored by Luis Alberto, who unleashes a powerful volley that narrowly misses the post.

Posted at: 21:31 CEST, 09/19/2023

Luis Alberto’s Cross Cleared by Atletico Madrid

Luis Alberto delivers a cross to the penalty spot, but Kamada’s header fails to find its target as Atletico Madrid’s defense clears the danger.

Posted at: 21:29 CEST, 09/19/2023

Griezmann Receives a Yellow Card

Griezmann, a player from Atletico Madrid, receives a yellow card from the referee for an infringement during the match.

Posted at: 21:29 CEST, 09/19/2023

Corner Cleared by Oblak

Atletico Madrid’s goalkeeper, Jan Oblak, successfully clears a corner kick from a free kick taken by Zaccagni.

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Posted at: 21:28 CEST, 09/19/2023

Lazio Clears the Ball

Lino attempts a cross from the left side, but Lazio’s defense manages to head the ball away. Atletico Madrid’s performance has shown some improvement.

Posted at: 21:27 CEST, 09/19/2023

Pellegrini’s Timely Intervention

Pellegrini makes a crucial interception to prevent Saul from breaking through after receiving a pass from Llorente.

Posted at: 21:25 CEST, 09/19/2023

Oblak’s Clearing Punch

Oblak confidently punches away a corner kick after Morata fails to control the ball.

Posted at: 21:23 CEST, 09/19/2023

Simeone Receives a Yellow Card

Diego Simeone, Atletico Madrid’s coach, receives a yellow card for protesting a decision.

Posted at: 21:23 CEST, 09/19/2023

Controversial Non-Penalty Decision

“Anderson doesn’t jump or protest, that’s why he didn’t see yellow, but there was no penalty”

Posted at: 21:21 CEST, 09/19/2023

Griezmann’s Missed Opportunity

Griezmann starts well, dribbling past Patric, but slips in the penalty area while attempting to finish the play.

Posted at: 21:20 CEST, 09/19/2023

Romagnoli’s Deflected Header

Romagnoli’s header at the near post is deflected. The defender puts in a strong effort after a corner kick.

Posted at: 21:19 CEST, 09/19/2023

No Penalty for Felipe Anderson

Felipe Anderson falls in the penalty area after dribbling past Lino, but the referee decides there was no foul. The Brazilian player doesn’t protest much either.

Posted at: 21:19 CEST, 09/19/2023

Lazio Maintains Possession

Lazio continues to dominate possession. Kamada is fouled by Saul in the center of the field.

Posted at: 21:17 CEST, 09/19/2023

Zaccagni’s Failed Cross

Zaccagni attempts a cross, but sends the ball directly out of play. He appeals for a corner kick.

Posted at: 21:16 CEST, 09/19/2023

Kamada’s Low Shot

Kamada takes a shot from the front, but Oblak makes a low save.

Posted at: 21:14 CEST, 09/19/2023

Immobile’s Missed Opportunity

Immobile controls the ball behind the defense but fails to take a shot due to the presence of Witsel and Oblak’s quick reaction.

Posted at: 21:13 CEST, 09/19/2023

Molina’s Long Pass

Molina sends a long pass in search of Llorente up top.

Posted at: 21:12 CEST, 09/19/2023

Immobile Misses Scoring Opportunity

Posted at: 21:12 CEST 09/19/2023

During the match, Immobile fails to connect with the ball in the area after receiving a pass from Pellegrini.

Lazio Takes Control of the Ball

Posted at: 21:11 CEST 09/19/2023

Lazio now has more possession and attempts to take the initiative by stringing passes together, while Atlético patiently waits for their chance.

Morata Clears Header

Posted at: 21:09 CEST 09/19/2023

After a free kick is sent into the Lazio area, Morata successfully clears the ball with a header.

Molina Commits Foul, Lazio Gets a Chance

Posted at: 21:08 CEST 09/19/2023

Molina brings down Zaccagni on the wing, resulting in a free kick for Lazio in a promising position.

Lino Creates Opportunity for Lazio

Posted at: 21:07 CEST 09/19/2023

Lino makes a forward run on the left side, reaches the area, and crosses the ball, but it deflects off a defender and goes to the goalkeeper.

Corner Cleared by Romagnoli

Posted at: 21:05 CEST 09/19/2023

Romagnoli successfully clears a corner kick delivered by Nahuel Molina from the right side.

Llorente’s Shot Blocked by Defender

Posted at: 21:04 CEST 09/19/2023

Marcos Llorente takes a shot from the front, but it hits a defender and goes out for a throw-in.

Lazio Starts with Possession

Posted at: 21:04 CEST 09/19/2023

Lazio had the first possession of the match but failed to create any danger. Now it’s Atlético’s turn to attack.

The Match Begins!

Posted at: 21:02 CEST 09/19/2023

The highly anticipated match between Lazio and Atlético kicks off.

Minute of Silence for the Victims

Posted at: 21:01 CEST 09/19/2023

A minute of silence is observed to honor the victims in Morocco and Libya.

The Champions Anthem Resounds

Posted at: 20:57 CEST 09/19/2023

As the players step onto the field, the Champions Anthem fills the stadium.

Atlético Lineup

Posted at: 20:52 CEST 09/19/2023

Here is the starting eleven for Atlético in this match.

Lazio Lineup

Posted at: 20:52 CEST 09/19/2023

Here is the starting eleven for Lazio in this match.

Coach Speaks After Defeat in Valencia

Reunion with Former Fans Imminent

The technician addressed the media at the Olympic Stadium in Rome following the team’s loss in Valencia. He shared his thoughts before reuniting with his former fans.

Posted at: 20:51 CEST, 09/19/2023

Players Finish Warm-Up at Rome Olympic Green

Heading to Locker Room Before Kickoff

The players completed their warm-up exercises on the Rome Olympic green and will soon retire to the locker room before the opening whistle.

Posted at: 20:46 CEST, 09/19/2023

Lazio Coach’s Thoughts Before Facing Atleti

Praise for “El Cholo” and His Style of Play

The Lazio coach expressed his thoughts on facing Atleti, acknowledging “El Cholo’s” unique style of play and his success in Spain and Europe.

Posted at: 20:42 CEST, 09/19/2023

Morata Analyzes Atlético’s Champions League Debut

Looking to Move on from Valencia Setback

Álvaro Morata, from Atlético, shares his thoughts on his team’s debut in the Champions League against Lazio, expressing his desire to forget the setback in Valencia.

Posted at: 20:35 CEST, 09/19/2023

Simeone’s Return to Lazio

Tension and Success During His Time at the Club

Diego Pablo Simeone faces Lazio, a club where he played between 1999 and 2003, winning four titles but also experiencing tension with Verón. Despite this, he holds great respect for the club.

Posted at: 20:30 CEST, 09/19/2023

Álvaro Morata: The Key Player for Lazio

Impressive Stats Highlight His Impact

Álvaro Morata is the central figure for Lazio, with remarkable numbers: 49 goals and 69 assists in 267 games. In the current season, he has already scored two consecutive goals.

Posted at: 20:25 CEST, 09/19/2023

Atlético President Speaks Before Match in Rome

Enrique Cerezo Shares His Thoughts

Enrique Cerezo, president of Atlético, addresses the media from Rome before the Champions League match against Lazio, discussing the team’s preparations and expectations.

Posted at: 20:18 CEST, 09/19/2023

Atlético Starts Strong in Rome

Victory in the Youth League

Atlético begins their visit to Rome on a positive note, securing a victory in the Youth League. The team faced Lazio, winning 0-2 with a double from Adrián Niño.

Posted at: 20:12 CEST, 09/19/2023

Club’s Disappointment After Defeat to Juve

Luis Alberto Shines Amidst the Setback

The club expresses their frustration following the defeat against Juve, but finds solace in the impressive performance of Luis Alberto.

Posted at: 20:05 CEST, 09/19/2023

Lazio’s Substitutes for the Match

Sepe, Casale, Hysaj, and More

Lazio’s substitutes for the match include Sepe, Casale, Hysaj, Lazzari, Cataldi, Gila, Renzetti, Guendouzi, Rovella, Pedro, Isaksen, and Castellanos.

Posted at: 20:02 CEST, 09/19/2023

Simeone Introduces Changes for Champions League

Three Variants Compared to Mestalla Match

The Atlético coach implements three changes in the lineup for the Champions League match. Saúl also makes an appearance. Check out Simeone’s complete eleven.

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Posted at: 20:52 CEST, 09/19/2023

Thomas Lemar Suffers Serious Injury at Mestalla

Thomas Lemar suffered a severe injury during the match at Mestalla, which forced him to leave the field on a stretcher, visibly in pain.

Posted at: 19:59 CEST 09/19/2023

Eleven Confirmed for Lazio Match

Sarri’s initial lineup for the match includes Provedel; Pellegrini, Romagnoli, Patric, Marusic; Vecino, Kamada, Luis Alberto; Zaccagni, Felipe Anderson, and Immobile.

The Italians have made three changes, with Pellegrini and Patric replacing Hysaj and Casale in defense, and Neighbor replacing Cataldi in midfield.

Posted at: 20:01 CEST 09/19/2023

Atlético de Madrid Substitutes

The substitutes for Atlético de Madrid are Grbic, Gomis, Azpilicueta, Kostis, Galán, Giménez, Cala, Guerrero, Riquelme, Correa, and El Jebari.

Posted at: 19:55 CEST 09/19/2023

Atlético’s Good Record at the Roman Fiefdom

Atlético de Madrid has a positive record in their four previous visits to the Roman fiefdom, having not suffered a single defeat.

Posted at: 19:53 CEST 09/19/2023

Atlético’s Starting Eleven for the Match

Simeone has chosen the following starting eleven for the match: Oblak; Nahuel, Savic, Witsel, Hermoso, Lino; Barrios, Saúl, Llorente; Morata and Griezmann.

There are three changes from their previous match at Mestalla. Nahuel Molina replaces Lemar on the right flank, Linen is chosen for the left flank, and Saul replaces the injured Lemar in midfield.

Posted at: 20:07 CEST 09/19/2023

Atlético Faces Crucial Week in Champions League and La Liga

Atlético de Madrid faces a crucial week with their Champions League opener against Lazio and a league match against Madrid, which will determine if their performance at Mestalla was an accident or a trend.

Posted at: 19:45 CEST 09/19/2023

635 Atlético Fans Travel to Rome

A total of 635 Atlético fans have purchased tickets to support the team in Rome. These tickets, priced at 50 euros, offer an affordable option for the fans.

Posted at: 19:37 CEST 09/19/2023

Atlético Locker Room Prepared for the Match

The Atlético de Madrid kits are already arranged in the visiting locker room, awaiting the arrival of the team and fans.

Posted at: 19:35 CEST 09/19/2023

Match Scene Ready at the Olympic of Rome

Everything is set at the Olympic of Rome for the arrival of the teams and fans, with more than an hour and a half remaining before the start of the game.

Posted at: 19:24 CEST 09/19/2023

Lemar’s Injury Adds to Atlético’s Absences

The injury to Lemar further compounds Atlético de Madrid’s absences, with Koke and De Paul already sidelined. The team has struggled without their captain, winning only two out of ten games, and the absence of the in-form Argentine midfielder is a significant blow.

Posted at: 19:11 CEST 09/19/2023

Group E in the Champions League

Atlético de Madrid and Lazio will face each other in the opening match of Group E, which also includes Glasgow Celtic.

Posted at: 19:45 CEST 09/19/2023

Champions League Group E: Lazio vs Atlético Madrid

Group Stage Matchday 1

Two of Europe’s top football clubs, Lazio and Atlético Madrid, are set to face each other tonight in a highly anticipated Champions League clash. Both teams have a strong chance of progressing to the next round, but only two out of the four teams in Group E will make it.

Group E P.T. P.J. P.G. PE PP
1 ATM 0 0 0 0
2 CLT 0 0 0 0
3 FEY 0 0 0 0
4 LAZ 0 0 0 0

When and how to watch Lazio – Atlético live on television and how to follow Lazio online

As the first match of the group stage, Lazio vs Atlético will be broadcasted live on television. You can also follow the game online through various platforms.

Atlético Madrid’s Preparations for the Match

Atlético Madrid trained at the Olympic Stadium in Rome ahead of their Champions League clash against Lazio. Despite several key players being unavailable due to injuries, the team is determined to secure a victory.

Simeone’s Debut in the Champions League

Diego Simeone, the head coach of Atlético Madrid, will make his debut in the Champions League in Rome. However, he faces a major dilemma in selecting his starting eleven, particularly in the left lane.

Preview of the Match

Here are the highlights of the Lazio vs Atlético match, analyzed by Patricia Cazón. Atlético aims to avoid a repeat of last year’s disappointing performance in the Champions League. However, they will have to overcome the challenge with six key players missing.

Recent Performances of Atlético Madrid

Atlético Madrid started their season with a victory against Granada, followed by a draw against Betis and a dominant 7-0 win against Rayo Vallecano. However, their last match ended in a 3-0 defeat against Valencia.

Recent Performances of Lazio

Lazio recently secured a victory against Napoli, one of the top teams in the league. However, they have suffered three defeats in the past month, losing to Lecce, Genoa, and Juventus.

Match Referees

Main Referee: Slavko Vincic (Slovenia)

VAR Referee: Nejc Kajtazovic (Slovenia)

Atlético Madrid’s Injury Concerns

Atlético Madrid will be without Reinildo, Lemar, Söyüncü, Koke, De Paul, and Memphis due to injuries. The team will have to rely on their remaining squad members to deliver a strong performance.

The Preview of Atlético

Atlético enters the start of the Champions League at a critical juncture. The resounding defeat at Mestalla could have two possible outcomes. On the positive side, it could serve as motivation for the red and white team to redeem themselves and forget the setback by performing well in the Champions League, even in a challenging stadium. On the negative side, it could have a detrimental effect on their mental state or indicate underlying issues. Despite the injuries plaguing Simeone’s team, they should not hinder their determination to give their all in a season where advancing to the second round seems more attainable.

Ace to Follow: Griezmann

Griezmann, who has yet to make a significant impact at the start of the season, has a great opportunity to lead the red and white team in the Champions League.

Posted at: 19:01 CEST, 09/19/2023

Lazio’s Preview

Lazio returns to the Champions League after finishing as runners-up in the Italian league, a remarkable achievement. However, their European campaign has been lackluster so far, failing to make a significant impact. Furthermore, their start to the season has been less than encouraging, with three losses and only one win against Naples. While they show some defensive vulnerability, their attacking potential is noteworthy, and their passionate fans always create a hostile environment for opposing teams.

Ace to Follow: Luis Alberto

Luis Alberto, who has often been overshadowed in Spain, continues to shine as an outstanding player in Italy, displaying flashes of exceptional quality.

Posted at: 19:00 CEST, 09/19/2023

Welcome to the Olympic Stadium in Rome! The Story of Lazio – Atlético Begins

This is where the first match of the Champions League group stage between Lazio and Atlético takes place today, September 19, at 9:00 p.m.

Posted at: 19:00 CEST, 09/19/2023


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